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What are the best alternative social networks to Facebook with greater privacy and security? 2022 list

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Currently Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world, with more users registered on its platform, It has more than 20 languages ​​and technical support 24 hours a day. However, this social network is not going through the best of times and due to this it has led many of its users to search other alternatives with which they can replace this platform.

All this has been caused by the different inconveniences that have been presenting lately with a large number of users of the platform. who have ensured that the privacy and security of the site is being very passive and this has caused a theft of data from its users, as well as violations of their data. This type of inconvenience has led a large number of its users to start looking for different alternatives to this site.

Many of its members have begun delete their accounts and in turn search for other social networks that meet the same parameters as Facebook. It is very possible that you do not know any of this type, taking into account that among the other most popular social networks we find Twitter, Instagram, Google + (closes soon), among other. But, the reality is different, and there are currently different platforms that can fulfill the same activities as this social network and which we will present to you later.

What is it, what is it for and how does Facebook work?

What is it, what is it for and how does Facebook work?

Facebook It has become the network with the most registered users and this is due to its good performance and its great variety in all the content you offer on your platform, thus managing to attract public of all ages. One of its main characteristics is that it allows connect people no matter how far away they are.

This has been a means used by most of its members to connect with friends and family long distance, as well as meet people from other countries. All this has been possible to do in one place thanks to this page.

Its main function is to allow each of its members to be aware of all the news that happens within the platform, either your friends’ posts, relevant news, sales groups, staying connected with celebrities, among many others. But its most important functionality is that it allows you to find friends and meet new people.

With this tool you have the possibility to share your moods, photos, videos, music, news, make sales or any other activity you can imagine here you can do it totally free. As for its use, it is very easy, you simply need create an account on their official page with your personal data, username and password. In this way, you can start enjoying each of its services.


Like any social account, it offers you a series of advantages that are what lead you to register with it, thus offering a set of benefits when becoming one of its users, Among the main advantages of this page we can find the following:

  • You have the chance to be connected all the time with your friends, family and co-workers through online chat.
  • It allows you to be informed of what is happening in your country, or in any part of the world, since it offers you the possibility of link different news accounts in your profile.
  • Using the system as a means to cShare files, audio, multimedia content or make video calls.
  • In it you can start sell any type of product or offer any type of service.
  • Find childhood friends or meet new people.
  • Create surveys on any topic you want.

These are some of the many advantages that you will be able to find within this social network considered one of the best in the world.


Like all good things, it has its downside and that is that a company as big as this cannot be completely perfect, that is why we present you here the main disadvantages that you can find here.

  • There are a lot of fake profiles, which can steal or extort. One way to control this is not adding unknown people.
  • Being tagged in posts you don’t want to show. This is something that is very difficult to control. Therefore, you can cause great inconvenience.
  • Get addicted to the social network, since it usually has functions such as games that can attract your attention for many hours.
  • Other drawbacks and perhaps the biggest drawback is its Privacy & Security, this being something that is highly visible and available to everyone. This becoming one of the main reasons why many people have made the decision to leave said platform.
  • Especially these last few years when security problems with its users have increasedmany of them suffering identity theft and data breaches. This is because in recent years they have been experiencing many variations in its privacy and security policies. However, these have not left people very satisfied since they are considered to be very weak against any type of attack, thus creating an environment of mistrust.

List of the 10 best social networks and alternative apps to Facebook that you surely did not know

Due to all these problems that have been arising with Facebook in recent yearspeople have started looking new alternatives with which they can fulfill the same activities but receiving in return a greater privacy and security in all your data and publications.

It is very possible that when you want to find another page with which you can carry out the same functions, you think that they do not exist. This happens because basically The most recognized social networks worldwide are Instagram, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Snapchat, among other.

However, the reality is different, and it is that throughout all these years a large number of platforms have been created that can carry the same functions as FB. But many of them have not been able to achieve the desired success, some failing in the attempt.

But, here we are going to show you what they are the 10 best social networks and Apps that you can use as an alternative, receiving in exchange a greater security and privacy.



This is one of social networks that is currently growingand perhaps one of the most popular has been grabbing. Vero has become a species between what is Instagram and Facebook. Therefore, it becomes a very good alternative to replace the one that has long been considered the best.

However, Vero is not yet available for PCs. Until now, you can only get it available in Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. Thus becoming a very interesting application for users. It can be said that perhaps one of its main disadvantages is not yet having a platform for computers, but this can be corrected later with its growth.

As for the most important privacy and security, Vero does not collect any type of personal information beyond what is necessary. Therefore, it will not become such a problem.



It is unlike Vero if it has a social platform for computers, and has been created since 2010. However, it has not yet achieved all the popularity necessary to be among the first in the market. Is a open source social network and that resembles what it is Facebook.

In it, its members will be able to post statuses, share multimedia files, comment on entries, photos, videos, tags or hashtags are also used to classify each of the publications and attract more visits to them and also has an online chat included. Therefore, he has nothing to envy Face.

Perhaps one of its main drawbacks all these years and for which it has not managed to position itself among the top positions in the market may be due to its complexity in operation.

This is not to say that it is an extremely difficult page to use, but rather that be open source and decentralized, there are many servers, all of them different, thus complicating the stay a little for each of the people, being able to create doubts about its operation or simply leaving it aside to look for something simpler and just as interesting.

Currently Diaspora has more than 50,000 active members and has no advertising, and in terms of its security and privacy it is very good.



This has been one of the last to go on the market but, despite this, it is considered as a much more mature social network than Vero herself. In the case of Mastodon, has a great resemblance to Twitter. However, it does not stop becoming a good alternative to replace Face.

Like Diaspora, it is open source and decentralized. Therefore, it can also be installed on as many servers as desired. This can be somewhat beneficial but at the same time not, as it creates a little more complexity in its use.

But, the advantage of being a free code is that you have much more privacy since there is no company behind our data. In such a way that this is a good alternative when you want to use something completely safe and reliable. Like Vero, you can control the privacy of your posts, you yourself can decide who can see them and who can’t.



This website very similar to Facebook It is mainly oriented to the educational sector, ideal for all the children in the house who can start using it with the help of their parents. This platform has main function to allow communication between students and teachers.

In terms of its platform, it is very similar to Facebook, therefore, children and teachers can pretend to be using one of the most well-known sites in the world, but in order to achieve good results. Within edmodo you can find a online chat, group chats, uploading educational content, it also provides support for online class roster, school report and exam taking through the site.

A more dedicated site for youth and teachers that they can carry a teaching through the site in an easy and simple way.



This App has become one of the most attractive tools in recent years. As for its functions, it has a bit of everything and is open source and is mainly oriented to provide privacy and security to each of its users. In terms of their tools, they are very similar to that of Facebook’s social networkk, has profiles, users in time lines, sending messages, message box, among many others.

Among its most important characteristics we find that it is open source, has encrypted messages and zero censorship policyall this makes it an excellent option for people, especially those who are looking for an alternative to Facebook.



This is a website that will basically help you carry out all the activities that you can carry out in social networks such as Facebookhere you can interact through a online community where you can interact and have endless good experiences.

One of the main advantages of the FB social network is its ability to allow users to communicate regardless of their location. But, Nextdoor also gives you the opportunity to do this.

In addition, it is a very secure website that takes great care of the privacy of its users. It is undoubtedly one very good alternative to be able to replace Facebook and not notice many differences.



Signal will not be able to replace the largest social network of all time butit will be useful for those people who only use the network to stay communications with your friends, family or meet people.

This application is considered one of the safest in messaging today, its main function is to provide the greatest privacy and security to each of its members. This will be a way to stay connected without having to put your personal data at risk.

It also has different options and services which can be very useful. This is ideal for those who want to continue in contact with your friends but without the need to continue using Face



MeWe is characterized by currently presenting a of the best interfaces of online sites with these characteristics and it has been created mainly to satisfy the needs of the users, thus providing excellent functions in its portal.

We can say that MeWe covers almost all aspects of Facebook and one of its main objectives is take care of the privacy of each of the users. This being the main reason why users have wanted to stop using the famous FB social network.

This site has advertising, something that can go against the tastes of most users, since on many occasions it is usually in bad taste. However, just like Facebookthrough this site you can also generate profits, precisely by making use of advertising. MeWe is a very easy site to use and with which you can have a good time.



Ello was founded in 2012, which has been trying for several years position yourself at the top of the market but, he still does not have all the luck necessary for that. It was created mainly to become the first alternative to Facebook.

This does not present any type of advertising turning this into an advantage for almost all users, neither sends user data to third parties for advertising purposes. It currently has more than 4 million registered users. Despite all the years that you have since its launch, it is still a small community but they have managed to keep standing.

One of the advantages of It is that all users can carry out transactions within the platform, either through sales of some type of product or service. A good alternative for everyone those who, in addition to having a good time in a digital platformthey can also take advantage of it for their business.

Regarding its resemblance to Diaspora, is that it does not force its users to register with your real data, as if Facebook does it, reason that has also made it enter into controversy in recent years. today to This can be entered by anyone taking into account that in its beginnings it could only be entered through an invitation.



Friendica is considered as the main rival of Diasporais also a free and decentralized social network, based on a network of open standard servers, that is, free code. It has been specially created to become a alternative to networks like Twitter or Facebook.

As far as its configuration and handling is concerned, it is very accessible, it allows you to install a own server for greater security, as well as access public serversso that you do not have to carry your own installation.

This server like Diaspora was born in 2010created by Mike McGirvin a former Netscape employee. Your goal with Friendica is being able to protect the security of each of its users preventing these from being scammed or stolen by cybercriminals. In it you can also register with a false identity for greater security.

Since its creation it has been considered as one of many alternatives to replace Facebook. However, just like Diaspora have not managed to be among the most important social networks in the marketbut like the biggest ones it offers you truly incredible tools.

With Friendica you can share contacts with Twitter, Git Social, Diaspora and with the same Face. Without a doubt, it is still a good option for all those users who want a change of scenery looking for more secure sites.

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