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What are the best alternatives to Google Chromecast at cheap prices? 2022 list

What are the best alternatives to Google Chromecast at cheap prices? 2020 list

Currently Chromecast is one of the most used devices worldwide, and one of the devices launched by Google that allows you to turn any television into a Smart TV Which allows to broadcast on television the content you are watching on your Smartphone in a very simple way.

In order to use this type of device you need a device with HDMI or HDMI adapters, in order to enjoy all the benefits and advantages offered by such devices as the Google Chromecast , which was launched a few years ago and has revolutionized the market.

However, when we talk about price, Chromecast usually has high costs in almost all countries compared to other similar products, that has been causing that not all users can obtain it, being for many an apparatus almost impossible to obtain. Because of this , here are other alternatives to this type of product and that will help you perform the same function and at a much cheaper price.

What is it, what’s it for and how does Chromecast work?

Chromecast de Google

This streaming device created by Google allows you to connect television through an HDMI port with mobile phones or computers, with the aim of transmitting programs, movies, TV series , games or any streaming content from the television screen , simply by using a small device.

Nowadays this device launched by Google can be configured with the majority of electronic devices on the market, these can be computers with Windows or MacOS, Android devices or iPhone , it is also compatible with Chromebooks. In this way, this device does not need any specific command to be able to handle it, simply from the computer or mobile, in a very simple and fast way.

Thanks to its excellent performance today it has become one of the best-selling Google products on the market, taking into account its high price. However, here we present what are its main advantages and disadvantages which you must be very clear before acquiring it.


This product has been characterized in the market for its good performance, which means that offers excellent advantages to its users. That is why here we present some of its benefits when you buy it and use it to be able to transmit the content of our mobile phones or computers to the TV.

Among its main advantages we can find the following:

  • Unlike other streamers available on the market, Chromecast doesn’t take up much space. This will allow you to easily load it from side to side.
  • It is very easy to use , you just have to connect it to the HDMI input of the TV and connect it to an external power source so that it can work.
  • As soon as to the playback of YouTube videos on television can be said to be the best on the market, thus allowing rapid playback either from the Smartphone or computer.
  • This device does not require understanding or turning it off, since that has been programmed to be on every day.


However, this device also has its cons, and that is that as any device is not perfect. That is why we also want to show you what its main disadvantages are when using it , which are very important to take into account when purchasing or wanting to compare it with other alternatives.

Among its main highlights are the following:

  • It has a high cost compared to other products of this type available in the market.
  • It does not allow the sending of multimedia files from the mobile phone to Chromecast. That is, you cannot share either the videos recorded on your mobile or the photos taken on it.
  • You frequently lose the connection. However, it is important to clarify that this will depend a lot on the type of user connection. That is, if you have a good signal this should not be a problem, but if you do not have a good connection then the loss of signal will be one of the biggest inconveniences.

List of the 10 best devices similar or alternative to Google Chromecast

Today there are many alternatives available in the market regarding this Google transmission device. Which seeks to be replaced by another especially for its price, taking into account that there are others that we They will help bring the same services and for a much cheaper cost.

Currently the Chromecast in Spain is priced between 30 and 40 euros , while its Ultra version can reach up to 80 euros .

So, here we present a list of 10 devices that you can use as an alternative and which will offer you very similar functions and for a much smaller investment at the time of acquiring them.


Miracast Measy A2View

Miracast Measy A2View

Miracast has become in recent years one of the best alternatives to Chromecast. If you are looking for something other than this device transfer but that fulfills the same functions then this is one of your best choices.

With Miracast Measy you can also play through streaming any type of content you’re watching on your Android or iOS device , as well as on the computer. And among its main advantages we can find that it allows to watch YouTube or Netflix content in 4K, thus offering very good quality.

As for its appearance it is very similar to Chromecast, it is very small, so you can also transport it from one place to another very easily and has great speed when playing the content on the Smart TV.



When we look for an alternative to a program or device we always want to achieve something equal or better, in this case we present Leelbox, a more sophisticated and advanced equipment than the Google device. And the Android Box, today have become really interesting gadgets in the technological world and they work as a multimedia center and go much further than just transfer mobile, tablet or PC content to a TV .

This device has an Android 8.1 operating system, and will allow you to install applications. As well as including up to two memory cards, it has two USB ports, HDMI , among many other tools. Without a doubt Leelbox is a very good tool to replace the Google device and be able to watch your series, movies or streaming content on your TV.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

Without a doubt when we talk about Amazon hardware , we refer to another of the best options to replace or replace Chromecast. And in 2019, the Amazon Fire Tv has begun to be in great demand compared to previous years, where with it they can have a mini computer that you can connect to your TV’s HDMI .

However, being a product of Amazon has its own operating system, therefore, they will not be able to access any Android App, something that may result As a disadvantage for many users. But, in the same way in Fire TV you will find your own Apps store where applications such as Plex or Movistar plus stand out.

With this device you can watch Netflix content, streaming, movie, series, play different games , among many other functions , simply by connecting it to your HDMI input TV.

Apple TV

Apple TV

Another device you can find on the market is Apple TV, a great tool to convert your normal TV into a SmartTV . However, being an Apple product, it should be mentioned that it is a bit limited, something similar to what happens with iOS mobile devices.

Apple Tv stands out for presenting applications such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video, and you’ll find Siri and access to the store of App Store , where you can download the applications you want,

Another advantage is that allows you to connect the device through AirPlay to be able to transmit the contents of your iPhone or iPad on your TV screen. Best of all, it has a storage capacity of 64 GB , a very good quality controller to enjoy video games. Without a doubt a very good alternative, but as long as you have a n iPhone .

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku in recent years has been positioning itself as one of the best manufacturers, today has about 1200 streaming channels of different media internationally. However, its price is very close to Chromecast , but without a doubt it is still a very good alternative.

In terms of size it is very similar to the Google device, therefore, very easy to transport and in terms of its functions it is also usually very similar. But, if we look for one of its main differences is that Roku can be managed through a remote control.

Among other advantages is that apart from allow sending videos from the Smartphone, also has its Android Apps store , where you can install those that create more useful to your needs.

Elegiant EZCast

Elegiant EZCast

This is another product that has been launched to the market with the aim of positioning itself as one of the best alternatives to the Google device , and so far, it seems that Elegiant EZCast is not doing anything wrong, at least we can see in the amount of positive comments it receives on Amazon . Elegiant has support for Android, Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, macOS and ChromeOS.

As for its handling it is very simple to use, you will simply need the application of EZCast, it supports AirPlay, Miracast and DNLA, with it you can start visualizing in the screen of your TV any multimedia content of your Smartphone or computer, whether photos, videos, audios, play YouTube videos or streaming content. And in relation to its size it is also usually quite small so it will not be a problem to transport it from one place to another.

EZCast M2

EZCast M2

This is another of the devices that have gone on the market looking to position themselves in the top positions, thanks to its excellent services they have led it to become a very good option to replace Chromecast. As to its design we can say that it is almost identical to the Google device.

But its great difference can be found at the time of connecting to the TV for file transfer, since EZCast M2 does not use a WiFi network to be able to work. In this case, use WiFi-Direct technology to be able to pass the content directly from your Smartphone.

One of its main features is that it gives you the possibility of mirroring or duplicating the screen of your computer, Tablet or Android or iOS mobile device . In order to use it, it will be necessary to have the EZCast application and also supports the streaming technologies Miracast, DLNA and AirPlay in order to maximize all its compatibility.



This is another alternative that we find today in the technology market, and that AnyCast has become one of the best tools to be a great alternative to Chromecast if what we want is to save some money. Currently AnyCast is among the cheapest devices on the market to play content in streaming to TV , either using the mobile device or Tablet.

And being much cheaper than the rest, does not mean that its functions are well below the rest, but quite the opposite, it has very good quality functions to play the multimedia files of your mobile on the big screen.

Without a doubt, its economical price makes it one of the best alternatives to replace Chromecast and get basically the same results.

VicTsing HDMI Wi-Fi

VicTsing HDMI Wi-Fi

VicTsing is another of the equipment that you can find in the market at a lower price than Chromecast and it has also become a very good alternative for transfer multimedia files, streaming content, series, videos from Vimeo or YouTube from your mobile to your TV, turning it into a Smart TV.

This product gives you the possibility of receiving transmission from Apple, Android, AirPlay, Miracast, devices in a very easy and fast way. It has very good comments and currently has 3 stars on Amazon . If you are looking for an alternative to the Google streaming team for a much cheaper price then VicTsing is a very good option.

MiraScreen Wi-Fi Receiver

MiraScreen Wi-Fi Receptor

Finally, we bring you to MiraScreen Wi-Fi Receiver as other alternatives that you can use by Chromecast, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money for your transfers files and content to the TV. With this device you have the possibility to carry out reproductions of streaming content, series, movies, YouTube videos , among many others. In addition, supports the retransmission of Full HD content over the Wi-Fi network.

A device that performs really good and attractive features that will help you get the most out of your mobile device. However, the only problem that could be mentioned is that you also need a WiFi network for its operation, it will depend on the quality of the connection.