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What are the best alternatives to Google Play Store to download and install thousands of applications on Android? 2022 list

What are the best alternatives to Google Play Store to download and install thousands of applications on Android? 2020 list

Currently the Google Play Store is one of the most famous worldwide despite being born under the name of Android Market . This has known how to make the public fall in love and has become part of the daily life of users of this generation who are looking for the best applications and tools to make their mobile their personal temples and improve their experience as users .

Play Store, not only is a store famous and coveted by common users, but it is also much sought after by entrepreneurs, since being in the results of it, automatically generates downloads and fame in seconds Although not all applications meet the requirements to be shown in their catalogs, as this requires a lot for the welfare of the client.

Despite being an excellent store, which already comes as a default application for most Android devices, it also has a detail, and are the restrictions. That’s why we bring today a list of the 10 alternatives to this fabulous store that will help you a lot .

What is it, what is it for and how does Google Play Store work? ?

Google Play is one of the most famous stores for downloading applications , for devices with Android operating systems. This shows in your result list all programs approved by the Google company.

He was born with a different name, but over the years he has achieved great fame among netizens around the world, offering the public a wide range of products of all kinds, where movies can be found, books, games, tools and other programs that are very useful .

In Google Play, you can find applications for free and other paid ones. Many of the companies struggle to appear in the catalogs of this, since doing so guarantees a large number of downloads. From the business point of view, it serves to be able to gain fame to your product in a fast way, since in Google Play there is a great traffic of users, who use it every day guaranteeing great visibility .

Here are some of the advantages of using Play Store:

  • You can download applications , for free (and pay) which, thanks to its platform, is updated automatically.
  • Something that can be considered as fantastic, is that at the time of making a purchase and the user wants to cancel the purchase , or return it the operation is returned within 2 hours and the refund can be requested.
  • It is a store that gives guarantee of reliability, safety and reliability, so all purchases made there can be done in a confident way, since this in its security protocol always benefits the client.
  • Offers a wide variety of products and applications in its catalogs, where you can find movies, applications, books and more.
  • This application is compatible on most computers, such as Smartphone, Tablet and others.
  • All applications that are downloaded They argue from there, they are virus and spam free , thanks to their strict security and antivirus protocol.
  • Thanks to content manipulation, parents can configure the searches to prohibit access or search results that have adult content.
  • In the comments, you can read the experience of other users who use or use the application which will help you choose whether to download it or not.

This is one of the best applications to download programs and applications , suitable for all audiences. With easy handling and good design. It can be said that the only disadvantage is that having this application executed in the background, you download the cell phone very quickly, and this causes you to spend most of the day connected to the charger so that the phone does not turn off.

On the other hand there is also the fact that not all applications are verified , which causes some problems to some users who download them and instead of improving what they do is worsen their experience in front of the mobile.

But beyond that, this is a store that is undoubtedly worth having always downloaded. In fact, many applications cannot be executed if you don’t have a profile in the Play Store , so even if you don’t want to, you will always have to have it installed and updated.

List of the top 10 Apps Market alternative to the Play Store free and paid

Although Google Play has already prepared a large number of applications and games ready to download on your mobile, this may present restrictions on some devices . The failures or obstacles, can be generated by some permission details for some countries or also by the version of Android that is installed, and in some cases by the costs.

For this reason, we bring to you a list of 10 alternative application stores , which you can use to download your applications. Most of these are without any payment method, but you can find ones that require payment.

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore

This is a program promoted by Amazon , although it has fewer applications and games than Google Play. We recommend it because of the fact that in it you can find better offers in regards to paid applications, in fact you can earn bonuses in some games if you download them from the Amazon catalog.

One of the biggest advantages that this has for you is the fact that each of the applications are 100% verified, something that does not happen in the Play Store. So you can be sure that you will not download something that ends up ruining your experience in the future . On the other hand, there’s the fact that updates are done automatically, but only when you’re connected to a WiFi network to save your mobile data to the fullest.



It is a much requested store apart from Google Play, since it mainly offers all kinds of applications, free and paid. It currently has more than 600,000 applications in its catalogs among which stand out above all the games. Like the previous one, this basin with special discounts for certain payment tools, especially for gamers .

Updates of each app are done automatically without having to program them and will always be done when you are connected to a WiFi network. In addition, each user can make reviews to give their opinion so that those who have not yet downloaded anything know if it is worth doing.


Es una buena aplicación que te permite descargar todos los APK de cualquier aplicación. Este está en el top de las más populares ya que te permite descargar programas de forma legal. Hace poco fue actualizada para ofrecer al público un sistema que permite que las APK se actualicen de una manera rápida y sencilla.

With this you can install all kinds of applications regardless of any restrictions . The most interesting thing about this is that all the apps are totally free, which gives you the opportunity to download the ones that are paid in the Play Store without paying anything.

Many people think that downloading in APK mode can be dangerous and certainly it is because you are installing applications that go through unknown third parties, but in the case of Uptodown you should not worry since they are responsible for verifying that each application is free of malicious files that may affect the privacy of your mobile .


Despite not being an application, this could not be ignored, since it is one of the most popular online repositories , which allows you to download applications quickly and easily. This is a community created by Android Policy , which upload the app’s APKs on its platform, without having to rely on Google Play.

As in the previous case, you can rest assured that every tool or game you download is 100% verified and free of viruses that could damage your device .

In this store you can get each and every one of the Play Store or Apple Store applications completely free. Not for nothing was chosen in 2018 as the best website to download apps for Android. Perhaps the only problem with it is that you cannot see the opinions of the other users or at least not all of them, since you do not need to be registered .


An online site that allows you to download any type of app through its APK. It has an approximate 4500 applications in its catalog , which is not much but without a doubt you can find some good options that are paid in the Play Store.

Another detail is that it is completely in English , so if you are looking for something in Spanish this is not the best place you can choose. However, everything is perfectly verified, so you can be sure that the APKs you find on it are not infected with anything that jeopardizes the information you have on your mobile.

Without a doubt, a mid-range option that you can use are problems since being a web portal will not occupy any storage space and once installed the tools will be linked to the Play Store as if you had them downloaded from there .

Apk Pure

This is an application, which does not have a very wide range of content, but it does have good products. Here you can find from APK of applications for games, as well as tools of great importance. These can be updated automatically, just by having an internet connection .

The APKPure is not very heavy, so is recommended among users with low capacity memory . You can find two versions of it; the Beta and the Stable. If you see the design, it has a similarity to Google Play, which allows users there to adapt quickly to it.



This is a very famous store, available from its online platform, which allows you to download all the applications you want, as well as having a very friendly download speed. It has a large catalog almost as extensive as Google Play, with the difference that in this everything is free and in APK format .

Being completely online, the download speed depends on its servers, which stand out for being extremely fast compared to other stores. In addition, you can be sure that everything is perfectly verified. This guarantees that nothing you download is infected with viruses or malware .


Despite its low reputation, is a very attractive application when we talk about downloading app , since it allows you to download it quickly. When searching, among its predictive functions, it gives pleasant results. Like Google Play, it allows you to download any kind of stuff like movies, documentaries, tones, wallpapers and more.

Although we have to say that this app, or rather its developers, is not very aware so that what you download from it will not always be updated. That is why you should link the applications directly to the Play Store so that they are always updated and do not have problems with its operation.

Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung Galaxy Apps

For a while now Samsung has been offering its users a wide range of its services compatible with all the devices of this company. This store is one of them, and in fact it is factory installed in all Japanese brand smartphones .

Although it is not very recognized, it should be noted that in it you can find virtually the same applications as in the Play Store , ensuring that they will always be updated automatically when a new version of them comes out.


Actualmente usada por más de 100 millones de usuarios. Esta app ofrece los mejores servicios en descarga de juegos y servicios más populares de tu localidad. Al igual que Google Play Store cuenta con un excelente protocolo de seguridad impecable que te garantiza confianza en cada una de sus descargas.