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What are the best alternatives to Google to search and find anything on the Internet? 2022 list

What are the best alternatives to Google to search and find anything on the Internet? 2020 list

To execute any action on the Internet, the most essential are the web search engines that give you the ability to find everything you want in just seconds . In this sense, it is no secret to anyone that Google is the solution most used by digital users and even more so because at present, any activity you do on the Internet depends directly on some Google service, since be it the use of YouTube, the use of email by Gmail , the download of various applications, etc. Since has more than 100 products that have been coupled to your day to day without even realizing it .

In addition to this, the Google service provides excellent features to all its users that even have the ability to synchronize some applications with others and thus, simplify the organization of all your information However, apart from this service, there are also other alternatives that you should not overlook and ultimately, it is good to take them into account in order to prevent all your online activity from focusing and always depending on Google services Which present tools that give you more control of your searches.

That is why, we have decided to make a complete section in reference to the best alternatives to Google that exist today , so that with this, you have the competence to choose among other options and especially , the one that suits your tastes, needs or requirements, according to the activities that you constantly carry out on the Internet , either through your computer, Smartphone or Tablet.

What is it, what is the purpose and how does the Google search engine work?

¿Qué es, para qué sirve y cómo funciona el buscador de Google?

By excellence, Google is the standard search engine that allows you to make any query via the Internet and thus, it is estimated as the largest search engine worldwide and therefore, it is the most used.

Given that according to official data, it has been known that receives more than 200 million queries every day and this is supported by more than 8,000 million web pages which hosts in its database so complete and optimized. In this sense, the search engine serves to quickly find any information you want regardless of your location , because it gives you data that it collects worldwide.

As we mentioned, each result provided by the well-known search engine, originates from its huge database where, at all times, it stores all the websites that exist in the online world. Also, to find new pages and enter them in your information, in order to show them later to your users, uses a process known as indexing .

Which, you can do it thanks to a powerful tool that is identified as “ Googlebot ” and using all links, travels through the web moving page by page. With which, manages to collect the newly created websites and at the same time, makes sure of any modification made to any page already hosted in its database .


After this, all web pages gathered by Google, undergo an indexing by the same search engine . Which means that classifies each of these around the information it contains and so, you can select the most relevant based on a search carried out by any user.

This can basically be summed up in that the Google service integrates a complete index of keywords or keywords , so that through them find the set of specific pages that a person needs to visit to locate the data that you require at the time and in that way, finally the search engine shows all the websites related to the search and organized from the most important to the one that contains less information of interest .


To handle more relevant information regarding the Google search services , it is necessary to take into account all the advantages that this provides day after day to its users and at any time . Here are the most notable:

  • Being the most famous and used web browser on the Internet, guarantees you the best tools to obtain the most valuable information , whatever the search topic.
  • It has access to an index of more than 128.168 million web pages, so ensures a complete variety and strength .
  • It has a search option advanced that provides a more optimized service.
  • It allows you to create a personalized home page with your same search engine .
  • The search engine can issue files totally specific, thanks to its sections of: images, videos, maps, preferences, tools and more .
  • It uses various web spiders whose function is to collect and sort the information in more detail .
  • Contains a button to go directly to the first web page found , which ratify a faster search process.
  • Offers a translator with multiple language options .


Now, it is appropriate to point out the disadvantages or disadvantages that the great Google search shows . Because like everything in the digital world and in life, each service has points against it and in this case, we highlight the following:

  • For some search engine errors, can display many spam sites at the top of the list of websites displayed .
  • Automatically, the search engine collects a remarkable amount of personal information from all users and, consequently, violates their privacy .
  • Users do not really perform searches « live »but in copies of the pages stored in their indexes.
  • In most cases, personal websites never appear in the beginning of the results .
  • The bookmarks are not dynamic and indeed, the way in which a user can organize their bookmarks can be slow and tedious .
  • The search engine deletes without any notice all open tabs in case you accidentally close the browser window.
  • You can d Set up high consumption of RAM on any computer.

List of the 15 best alternative search engines to Google

Once indicated that it is important to have other options when searching for information on the web and also to manage all your data in this regard, without relying directly on Google; We have made for you a summary based on 15 alternative Internet search engines to Google that have excellent features .

Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! Search

To start, we recommend this solution that is one of the most recognized and allows to access international searches of up to 38 languages ​​. Which, by default, comes integrated with the also popular Mozilla Firefox.

Among its advantages, we find that this search engine has optimized tools for you to organize everything in folders and thus ensure a better spam and virus filter control > in your team. It also has RSS reader that provides keyboard shortcuts and has the possibility of deang and drop.

As if that were not enough, it guarantees more privacy for the data of its users , since it commits less to them compared to Google’s privacy policies.

Additionally, the browser is integrated with Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Finance and Flickr, also Yahoo Local and Yahoo Weather which shows all users, the business hours of multiple businesses and also the weather forecast.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

This is another recognized alternative with very good peculiarities, firstly because is cross-platform and thanks to this, there are versions of Mozilla Firefox for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

It also has a function that allows the session restoration in order to avoid the loss of information in downloads, forms and important data. Thus, like Google, allows tabbed browsing simultaneously and in each one the data is displayed independently.

In short, Mozilla Firefox contains pop-up blocker , search suggestions, integrated spell checker , search integrated with Google, Yahoo !, eBay, Wikipedia engines , among others.

Also, has RSS feeds that allows you to directly read RSS news headlines without installing additional software, ensures automatic updates, antiphising protection , spy protection , cleaning personal information , add-ons, themes and plugins to view all types of multimedia content .

Brave Browser

Brave Browser

From this browser, various benefits for users are revealed and of course, it is estimated as one of the best alternatives to Google, although it is little known today.

First, we can say that Brave Browser guarantees good performance and usability , being open source and based on Chromium. In this way, is a fast and light way to search for any information and thus, it is considered as one of the best mobile options.

In addition, it provides good compatibility with Windows, Android and iOS. Its interface exhibits a very good design and has a certain similarity with that of Safari .

Among other features and possibly the best, it should be noted that respects the privacy of all its users by automatically blocking ads and not accepting third-party payments to filter advertising.

It also protects fingerprints, is able to block Javascript execution and helps improve data and battery consumption of mobile phones. However, does not support Linux , does not issue spelling corrections in Spanish and has a limited number of extensions .



After the Google search engine, this is perhaps the most used because reveals a total of 19.7% of the traffic , while the first one gathers a 67% of the traffic . Which, in some cases, obtains and exhibits direct results from Yahoo! Search.

In this sense, Bing adds functionalities such as the translation of texts into other languages ​​ and has the ability to carry out grammar checks in the same essays. In addition, you have options to divide the results to your liking and include search products .

For its part, one of the most striking aspects of this search engine is its home page that shows users beautiful backgrounds with people, animals and sites from multiple places around the world. Which, can be modified daily for further customization .

On the other hand, it is a search engine with plugins, has sublinks, centers the most significant data and contains services such as Bing Finances or Bing Events . Finally, is cross-platform when integrating with Windows, iOS, Android , etc.



This is the fourth most used search engine in the world and the one with the most leadership in Russia, but even so, is also available in English . Which is the least used version compared to the Russian version.

It can be considered one of the most similar alternatives to the renowned Google because provides the facility to search images, videos, directions and maps in just seconds . Additionally, it shows a web metrics measurement service that certainly works like Google Analytics does .

Added to this, Yandex has an automatic translation tool and other news about financial markets that allow you to know in real time, the value of currencies. On the other hand, it presents a B2B assistance such as Google Apps, facilitates the search of movies and videos , personalize your news via Feed , among other services.



For users who prefer not to sacrifice their privacy with every search they perform on the Internet , DuckDuckGo is the ideal solution because does not use previous search results , but the one that is done in real time and through this tactic, keeps personal data protected by means of a proxy .

Then, it is one of the favorite web browsers by various users. Among other things, this browser uses different sources for results , be it Bing, Yahoo! Search and Yandex; minus Google engines .

Among more features with respect to the security it guarantees, DuckDuckGo does not save any type of search history to offer fully customized results . In short, it allows you to configure your appearance to your liking through several themes, is a free software project , use bangs to tell you to perform specific searches on certain websites.

It also supports multiple languages ​​, it has shortcuts in case you don’t have a mouse and you want to find the information faster, allows you to know the weather forecasts, search images, music, recipes, addresses , etc.



It is also a perfect alternative for those who want to secure their personal information and information . In view of the fact that the privacy of all users is their main objective and, in effect, it does not save any type of personal data ( or cookies or results of temporary searches ).

Like Google, this engine gives you the simplicity of easily searching for images and videos , using in about 20 languages; which looks very effective for those who are learning a new language.

You have the possibility of storing a series of options as a bookmark and in case you want to use a tool with which those options are deleted after 90 days of not opening the browser web , it is also possible and extremely easy.

Among other search engine alternatives, it is widely used today because reveals more than 6 million searches daily ; which means that your database is having a very noticeable boom. In addition to this, IxQuick implements its same content rating and scoring system , making it simple since each link is scored around the number of times search engines display a link.

In it, it is also possible to customize the interface and configure it to your liking , be it the theme, the colors, the font size, the result number per page, the language, between other parameters.

Tor browser

Tor browser

With support for multiple languages ​​, this search engine is focused on the privacy of personal information of each of its users . Since it is in anonymity and privacy on the Internet, in order to promote freedom in this medium and manage to avoid censorship and different electronic restrictions .

Thus, its origin is in a military mechanism and since then, it has been widely used. In this sense, it grants complete security when surfing the Internet and even when downloading music, videos, images or sending emails. This, thanks to the data being sent in the form of packages .

On the other hand, it has certain parameters for the customization of the platform, allowing you to choose the language to use and other aspects of interest. Also, has support for several operating systems . However, it may be that navigating through Tor is somewhat slower than usual .

This search engine is considered one of the main search engines worldwide . Which, previously was only a community of questions and answers but for further development, became a search engine that additionally, shows answers to certain specific questions .

It has a host of functions and tools that ensure good attendance, starting because covers a wide variety of topics among which technology, politics, science, education, business, geography, literature stand out , arts and many others.