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What are the best alternatives to Netflix to watch free and paid series and movies? 2022 list

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Nowadays, movies and series are estimated as one of the most important digital contents of the moment and in effect, the platforms that reproduce them in streaming, now they are an extremely essential element of the daily life of billions of people, especially for those who consider themselves inveterate movie buffs or series buffs. In this way, Internet users have replaced the common video stores, the well-known movie channels on TV and even visits to the cinema, for making use of these platforms.

While it is true, one of the most recognized and most used by most people in the world, is Netflix. Thanks to its optimal functions, They have been in charge of putting aside the consumption of pirate websites or illegally downloading content on the Internet, to be able to enjoy the best movies or series of any kind. Nevertheless, it is important to know other alternatives to the renowned Netflix.

Thus, you will ask yourself why it is valuable to have other platforms at hand that transmit movies or series in streaming and to this we can answer that thanks to the great boom in this practice, other options have come to light that show truly beneficial tools to their users and in addition to this, there are some that are free and thus fit the requirements of many people. Like some payment platforms that look better than others, for other users. Thus, We will present you later a section with the best alternatives to Netflix today.

What is it, what is it for and how does Netflix work?

What is it, what is it for and how does Netflix work?

Netflix, Inc.

Netflix, Inc.

Netflix, Inc.

With more than 60 million users and available in approximately 190 countries, Netflix is ​​a streaming service or a monthly online television service that allows all its users to enjoy a wide variety of series, movies and documentaries of any type and from any device.

Thanks to the fact that it has already created various applications that allow you to view all its content anywhere and whenever you want. As, It has a web page to access through a PC from any operating system, it also offers an app for Android devices and a program directly designed for Smart TVs.

In this sense, since 2007, gives you the ease of selecting what you want from a huge catalog of content that suits all tastes, all the people who use it. For it, the platform has a free trialin which its duration and availability are determined according to the region where the users are located.

For later, choose the Netflix membership which is a month-to-month subscriptionwhich begins precisely on the subscription date.

In fact, there are several plans and they are:

  • Basic plan: It is a plan aimed at an SD screen, so it can only be used on one device at a time.
  • standard plan: This is a plan with two HD screens, that is, the content of the platform can be viewed on two devices at the same time.
  • Premium Plan: Supports four HD/Ultra HD 4K displays. Which means you can watch it in high definition and ultra high definition, on up to four screens at once.
  • dvd plan: This is only available to customers in the United States.

So basically, if you’re a new Netflix member, you can use the platform for free during the first month or depending on the area where you reside. Later, if you wish to continue using the platform, it is necessary that you acquire one of the plans mentioned above and thus, you will be billed once a month precisely on the subscription date.

stop with this, enjoy everything you want in an unlimited way and without having to watch advertising, which was quite annoying on other websites to view series or movies. Also, after choosing the membership plan that best suits your needs and of course, your pocket; you must proceed to create a Netflix account with your email and password.

For now, enter a payment method and thus ensure that once your free trial period is over, you do not miss anything that the platform publishes legally.


Given that it is one of the most used streaming platforms at the moment, logically exhibits a wide variety of advantages that all its users can easily benefit from.

Here are the most relevant:

  • It allows you to watch countless movies, series and other content from the comfort of your home.
  • If you are a movie lover, you can save you movie expenses and from wherever you want, enjoy all the premieres that interest you.
  • You don’t have to depend on the broadcast schedule of a movie, series or soap opera to see it.
  • gives you the ease of rewind, fast forward or pause the content, whenever you want. Just like you’ve done on a DVD.
  • The content that Netflix shows, is constantly updated and thus, it guarantees a complete variety.
  • offers you the option select the language of the subtitles and even that of the audio.
  • You do not have to download any files on your computer, television or mobile. This is excellent so as not to occupy the memory capacity of each of these devices or run security risks.
  • If there are children in your home, the platform contains a section that only shows children’s and appropriate content for them.
  • In one day, allows you to watch complete marathons of your favorite telenovela or series. That is to say that when you finish chapter number 1, you can immediately continue with number 2 and so on.
  • What all information is stored in your account and not on the device you use, you can start watching a series, movie or documentary from your computer and then continue from your mobile.
  • Do not engage in illegal actions or risk that the content displayed contains defects. As is commonly the case with the purchase of pirated DVDs or the illegal downloading of content on any website.
  • does not contain ads and this makes the platform more enjoyable.
  • Netflix it is totally easy to use and handleso your users should not be experts in any of this.
  • Now, allows to download the content and thus, be able to see it without an Internet connection.


Even though it exhibits so many benefits, the Netflix platform also adds certain disadvantages that you need to know and understand.

Therefore, below we show you the most notable drawbacks of this streaming platform:

  • In principle, your dependence on the internet is the most significant disadvantage. Since there is no way you can access Netflix offline.
  • For most (if not all) users, the platform causes immediate addictionwhich can cause serious consequences in the lives of its users.
  • The selection depends on your location. Which means that the content of the platform varies around the city where you live.
  • Sometimes the new content is not immediately available. That is to say that, if it is a TV program, the last episode will not be available at the same time.
  • Sometimes it can be seen that the library is out of datesince in the case of some series, they take their time to renew them.
  • As for Latin America, the Netflix service is not overcrowded Until now.

List of the 10 best alternative platforms to Netflix to watch movies, series and documentaries

As we indicated at the beginning, it is good to know and point out some alternative platforms to Netflixso that you have other services at hand to watch your favorite movies and series.

Therefore, below we present you in detail, some platforms with great features to replace Netflixif you wish:

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

To start, we recommend this amazon prime add-on that just like Netflix, offers a free trial period of one month to its users. So afterwards, they must pay up to 36 euros during the year (or 4.99 per month).

Thus, it is a streaming content service that is compatible with Android and iOS devices and Smart TV models (Samsung and LG). which offers its users content dubbed and subtitled in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and Italian.

It also has the possibility of downloading all the series and movies you want on any of your devices, for another time, being able to enjoy them offline without having an Internet connection. In comparison with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video does not show such an extensive catalog as the first platform, however, it promises content for all tastes and even for the smallest of the house.

Among other things, this platform offers constant discounts and exclusive sales for Prime users. Like allows access to Prime Photos (a private cloud with free unlimited storage for photos).



It is a recognized source of online movies, series and shorts that is in full swing today around independent cinema to entertain its users and keep them abreast of the best festival films.

Taking into account that, integrates more than 10,000 titles in its catalog and for this reason, it is able to position itself as one of the best alternatives to Netflix. which, too is a Premium subscription option that requires a monthly fee of 7.99 euros. But if you want to use the Monthly Plus subscriptionthe cost to pay is 14.99 euros per month.

Thus, the Monthly Plus subscription allows access to Premium titles that on the platform, have been sectioned with a diamond icon. Among other peculiarities, the Filmin interface simplifies a high degree of customizationin terms of recommending movies and series, according to your tastes.

Taking into account that when entering your section “Collections”, allows you to get all kinds of content organized by preferences. In addition to this, it has the possibility of watch in original version with subtitles or dub the audio.



If you are a lover of cinema and especially of Spanish cinema; Filmotech is the ideal solution for you, in order to perfectly replace the Netflix platform. Since, it is considered the best and largest online catalog in relation to all kinds of native films from Spain, as well as from the United States and the European continent.

In principle, this streaming cinema platform was created and designed to provide a great legal and high-quality alternative to legal downloading and viewing in the Internet world.

In reference to their price packages, Filmotech shows very competitive costs in the market that provides two access modes. The first is about a flat rate for an affordable fee of 6.95 euros per monthto enjoy thousands of tapes that, apart from everything, have little commercial distribution and can hardly be found on other online platforms.

On the other hand, the second mode of access, it is a locker service that provides the equivalent of a digital rental with a limitation of 48 hours where you can find even the latest news.

HBO Spain

HBO Spain

It is a platform designed for the whole family to enjoy streaming content and thus stands out as another alternative to Netflix that, in addition to that, is one of its most important competitors. If you access HBO Spainyou will be able to watch series of all kinds and of great renown such as Game of Thrones, for example.

Taking into account that also shows productions of the same companythanks to the fact that it gives you the ease of accessing the original content of the producer and for greater variety, also adds movies and series from third-party providers. One of its best features is that provides parental control, so that the little ones see the content that belongs to them. Which is configured through the section “Kids” Y asks you to enter a PINfor thus block the access of minors to specific content.

Added to this, all users can register up to five devices to enjoy multimedia content but only two of them can enter at the same time. HBO Spain it’s compatible with Smartphones and Tablets, Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, Play Station, Vodafone TV, Chromecastetc.

And even when a device isn’t compatible, you have the simplicity of see the content played in SD. On the other hand, it is not necessary to pay the first month of trial and subscription does not require permanence.

Especially in Spain, one of Netflix’s most powerful competitors is which consists of an advanced digital video club that allows you to rent movies completely online or if you prefer, it gives you the alternative of buying them. Even the most important releases of the moment can be obtained in such a way with That is why apart from everything, it is estimated as a perfect option for those who love the world of cinema.

Regarding its interface, this website shows a highly intuitive platform that allows you to find, very easily, highly interesting sections and even categories such as “Popular at the box office”, “summer deals” either “important premieres”, where they include content for all the tastes of the family.

In reference to its price, you can subscribe with only a price of 7 euros per month with “Wuaki Selection”, where you can find thousands of movies, series and even children’s content. This platform is multi-devicewhich means that you can watch movies and series from your computer, Android or iOS device, Smart TV, Chromecast, and consoles.

Sky TV

Sky TV

Perhaps, this is the most familiar option of all that just like Netflix, offers a free month as a trial period to all its users. which, arrived in Spain around the year 2017 and if no commitment of permanence, accept monthly payments of 10 euros as a single rate.

Taking into account that with that same price, it admits simultaneous playback on up to three different devices. However, Sky TV does not allow the download of its contents and therefore, does not support offline playback.

Among other features of the platform, It has a variety of 3,600 hours of content between movies and series of all kindswith complete reproductions from 20th Century Fox, NBCU, Paramount and Sony Pictures.

Additionally, delivers children’s content directly from some world-renowned TV channels and in the case of adult content, just add a total of 12 channels which corresponds to the usual package of payment channels that include telephone operators such as Vodafone, Orange and Movistar in Spain. On the other hand, the platform supposes a tiny improvement in the offer of channels but only for users who have free DTT.



Is about a new television offer from the famous company Movistar worldwidewhich allows you to connect through any device, wherever you want and at any time, in order to access a catalog that contains more than 5,000 titles of movies, series, soap operas, documentaries and also children’s programs for the children of the house.

Which makes it an excellent alternative to Netflix and for a long time, has taken an important fame in the environment of streaming services of the moment. In this sense, Movistar+ in the first place is based on a basic option that offers about 80 channels of all kinds and this for only 20 euros during each month that passes.

However, from this option the same users can form other types of packages to add series channels for only 5 euros monthlyanother one that costs 9 euros also per month to add additional movie channels and one especially for sports and bullfighting channels, for which they must be canceled a total of 20 euros each month. But in short, it includes other packages such as Premium, Premium Extra and Premium Total alternatives that you can check directly from its website.



It is a platform especially for streaming cinema that it is considered one of the newest alternatives to Netflix. Which initially reached the United States, France and the United Kingdom, to after a few years be available in Spain.

Its main objective has been to fill a large gap between the more specialized and general services of series and movies in streaming. That way, holds a price of 5.99 euros each month either 59.90 annuallyin order to end up paying only 4.99 per month.

In reference to the languages ​​it provides, all content is available in original version and with subtitles and even some films can also be obtained dubbed.

On the other hand, offline viewing so far not available but on this platform you can enjoy up to 200 titles approximatelyof different styles that although it does not recommend them in a personalized way, you can still get the most to fit what you want.

Among other things, Filmstruck is very striking for its extra content, such as certain original interviews with the directors of the films. In addition, it encompasses great content from European cinema, as well as from Asia and the United States, in particular.



This, fortunately, It is a completely free alternative in streaming to enjoy multiple types of content, just like you do on Netflix. Flooxer has been developed by the famous digital video platform Atresmedia and it works in a similar way to that of the YouTube social network.

In this way, it intends excellent support to broadcast hits globally, such as the first season of Paquita Salas or Looser. Taking into account that integrates a remarkable variety of formatsamong which it is necessary to distinguish the sections of humor, action, fiction, celebrities, lifestyle, motor, cinema, television, music, sports, cooking, travel and even a section with children’s content.

Which means that is adapted for all the tastes of its users. Among other relevant aspects, Flooxer has high quality videos with the precise objective of giving greater visibility and enhancing the quality of the production of the creators of the native digital world.

In addition, it has been established as the freshest and most youthful streaming service that exists today and its operation is quite simple.



To conclude, we recommend you enter and make use of this platform that offers more than 40,000 titles especially in Europewith what is considered to have the largest catalog of the continent in 4KHDR.

As for the languages ​​it provides, Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese and Dutch can be highlighted. Now, to specify its price, we indicate that the operation refers to the purchase or rental of movies individually and without the prior requirement of subscribing to it.

However, it does provide a subscription service called “Rakuten Wuaki” that It has a monthly price of 6.99 euros. On the other hand, it doesn’t offer a free trial like Netflix, it just lets you rent or buy a cheap movie (prices start from 2 euros).

In addition to this, it should be noted that allows offline viewing and this attracts millions of users every day, bearing in mind that in addition to this, it also recommend custom mode titles and well, depending on what each user consumes on the platform.

Added to this, experts indicate that so far, Rakuten TV seeks to position itself as the best platform to put aside visits to movie theaters and transform the experience of watching movies or series at home, as a more attractive option. Lastly, Rakuten TV is compatible with Android phones and tablets, iOS devices, game consoles, Smart TVs, Google Chromecast and can be accessed through its official website.