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What are the best alternatives to Skype to make free video calls? 2022 list

What are the best alternatives to Skype to make free video calls? 2020 list

While it is true, for a long time video calls have become the main communication mechanism for most people . First of all because they are multiplatform and so, it is possible to do them from any computer, mobile phone or Tablet and also, provide great comfort to users to communicate with their family and friends from anywhere . Also taking into account that, they do not require many tools to run, because just having an Internet-connected device , a microphone headset to ensure absolute privacy and have free Voice Over IP or VoIP software ; You can make a video call.

VoIP programs refer to a set of resources that make it possible for the voice signal to travel over the Internet using the IP protocol . One of the best known is Skype that for many years, raised a revolution of this type in the online market to make calls and video calls to any city in the world and in a simple and economical way However, today there are many more applications that enable video transmission between partners and provide excellent tools to its users.

Therefore, you need to know all the alternatives to Skype or rather, the best to have other solutions at hand and of course, try other platforms that may seem more beneficial that the aforementioned , best fit your requirements and ultimately offer you what you have been looking for to establish optimal video conversations with whoever you want.

What is it, what is the Microsoft Skype program for and how it works ?

¿Qué es, para que sirve y cómo funciona el programa Skype de Microsoft?

Skype is considered an ingenious program to establish communications between people around the world , as it allows you to make calls, video calls, send instant messages and Share any type of file (photos, videos, audios, documents, etc.) with other users, without even importing the place where each one is located .

For excellent support, this program developed by Microsoft can be downloaded and installed on any device and completely free of charge , so it works perfectly on all operating systems used in the actuality.

For its part, the program works as a very complete communication channel because it not only allows you to communicate with other Skype users but also makes it possible to make calls to other people who don’t use this application .

In view of it, you can call conventional phones directly from anywhere in the world , just by having credit in your account and for that, it offers you monthly fees that you can cancel or annually, depending on the country of destination.

All this, from the use of the Internet protocol of voice over IP type that presents the ability to convert voice signals into digital packets to be sent over the network, instantly. Given that it is a private code.

Fortunately, creating a Skype account is very simple . Depending on the operating system you use, you should look for the app in the indicated application store and download it to finally, register with your email or phone number , set a password and that’s it. Also presents a simple mechanism to find friends and start chatting with them .


To further detail Skype services, it is necessary to take into account all the benefits offered to its users and in fact, we have specified the most important advantages of the Microsoft program:

  • It is a completely free service for all that only integrates a payment plan to offer you other mechanisms that are not mandatory to cancel.
  • The prices offered to perform Calls to conventional phones are extremely economical and accessible , as well as varied.
  • It allows you to establish calls and video calls with any inhabitant of the world , since in addition if used by millions of consumers, it provides functions to communicate with people who are not even registered in the software.
  • It makes it easy for you to make group calls containing up to 24 participants at the same time .
  • It is a service that shows great simplicity and speed to install and use .
  • It works perfectly in various operating systems , among which are: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Pocket Out.
  • Tra Low, without any inconvenience, with all firewalls, NAT and router .
  • For business use, it is effective because provides good customer service in several ways and this allows to increase the credibility, trust and reputation of your business .
  • Enables the creation of your own telephone number , with the so that they can call you as if you had one in the United States.


Like all online services, Skype also has a number of disadvantages that are considered as disadvantages or limitations and of course, it is good to know them. The most notable are:

  • It is mandatory to pay if you want : call landline, enter your voicemail, send data to a fax and text message, place an answering machine, among other services.
  • On many occasions, emits low microphone quality and thus provides poor sound resolution . It also has a bad video or webcam resolution , so video calls can be of poor quality, sometimes.
  • If you don’t download the program from its official website or From a reliable app store, you can get a virus very easily .
  • The software has problems when you don’t have a proper Internet connection .
  • By taking up a lot of RAM in computers, the platform can slow down a lot .

List of the 20 best tools and software alternative to Skype

As we already mentioned, with the rise of online calls and video calls, there have been endless programs and tools that work very similar to the recognized Skype . Which, provide other functions to its users and have relieved a great assistance to each of them, over time.

Therefore, we have prepared for you, a list of the 20 best alternatives to Skype , so that you choose among all, the one that best suits your tastes or needs.

WhatsApp Messenger


By excellence, this application has been the most used messaging network for many years by millions of users worldwide . Which, for a long time, installed excellent tools to make voice calls and video calls between users , regardless of location.

Which makes it an ideal alternative to Skype, taking into account that also allows the sending of messages, audios and various files (multimedia, documents, etc.) in all your chats . Given the great use of this app, there is no problem to ensure calls and video calls, given that many people have updated WhatsApp .

Among other features, offers you several details about each of the messages you send , you can place featured messages if you prefer, disable several functions for personalization to your liking and if that were not enough, it is possible to use it from any device, that is, on computers, terminals and Tablets.



Another option to be able to make good quality video calls is Tango that also allows to make fully accessible national and international calls to any number in the United States, Mexico, Canada and India >; With extremely low rates. Additionally, manages to establish communications through groups (as well as WhatsApp) that do not have any limitation of participants.

Among other Tango functions, we find that can only be downloaded and installed through Google Play Store and App Store , which means that it is compatible with any Android and iOS device. A novelty of this app is that during the video call it allows you to add filters and stickers, and if that were not enough, have fun with online games while the video call goes by . You can also send common messages, share photos, videos and your location with Tango.



Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS X , this is one of the most similar applications to Skype. First of all because allows you to make free calls and video calls, as well as establish chats with other ooVoo users and share all types of files through the platform .

Taking into account that it is cross-platform, it is considered an excellent solution for any user and emits full quality in their video calls , in which up to a total of eight participants can be added from any place in the world .

For its part, it includes the option of recording video calls in the same app , which is not seen in any program and even Skype is not possible. The sound and image quality is very good and in reference to the desktop version, it makes it easy to watch videos on YouTube with your partners .

Now, the cons of this platform is that does not present encryption in conversations , it greatly limits the participation of users in calls and video calls and also, is low broadcast , so many people you know may not be registered with ooVoo.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

This is a service developed by Google to share instant messaging and certainly, was specified in order to compete with the famous WhatsApp . Therefore, it has similar features to both Skype and WhatsApp, either make videoconferences (only accept 10 partners), send all kinds of files , keep chats with other users and has an option to invite all the people you want and are not registered on the platform .

In addition to this, the application is cross-platform and accepts Android devices, iOS, as well as a web app that can be used by any browser. This is an ideal mechanism to communicate with people who do not wish to install the program on their equipment . However, over the years since its creation, Google Hangouts has lost some value because of its few updates or innovations.

Google Duo

Google Duo

It is an app that works since 2016 and exhibits the ability to emit high quality video calls , regardless of whether you are connected through the Wi-Fi network. Fi or with mobile data. As for its interface, is very simple because you simply have to select a contact, press a button to proceed to the video call and that’s it.

In addition, gives you the ability to send video messages , in case the other user is not available at the time for a videoconference and also supports free voice calls >.

Among other features, Google Duo is available only on Android and iOS devices and works very quickly because it does not have so many tools. Now, in reference to its disadvantages, this app does not support group video calls so far ; which has been criticized by a large number of users.



Of Japanese origin, this app has been well recognized by its services to call and message for free . Therefore, it admits video calls and best of all, they can be group and include up to 200 friends at the same time .

In addition to this, it provides the best quality for calls and video calls, where it is possible to add effects and filters to customize the issue . It also gives the facility of sharing images, videos and various content in each chat and it is considered that works as a small social network that only contains your own contacts .

Line ensures all types of encrypted communication from the end-to-end method and this makes it an excellent platform to share any type of private information. In addition, it presents tools to create surveys quickly and with them, organize appointments with other users, also has stickers such as Skype and Online, you can share voice messages and your location, whenever you want . Finally, add a function that allows you to synchronize your computer and mobile phone to adapt everything you want at your own pace.

Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger

It is a free app that works very similar to Skype , because through it you can share text messages, images and make international calls totally free through quick voice call or with a video chat . The best thing is that it emits high quality on these calls with both 3G and 4G connectivity and includes a program specially designed for Windows .

For its part, Viber Messenger accepts group chats with up to 250 people , displays a variety of emoji icons and stickers , is easy to operate, ensures encrypted communications automatically , provides all its services instantly, gives you the option to authenticate your contacts manually , allows deleting messages once they have been sent, has hidden chat feature , allows you to play and share your location at any time.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

As another alternative, we recommend this app that is mostly known as “ Messenger ” and it is a messaging service of the social network Facebook only for mobile devices . Thus, it gives you the ability to interact at any time with your friends through a call or video chat that you can use to talk to a person or connect with a complete group of users . It also allows you to include filters if you want and everything for free.

In short, Facebook Messenger works like Skype and most of the recommended applications for sharing photos and videos, sending voice messages and even money in a safe and simple way, adding your debit card or account PayPal, but this is only supported if you are in the United States, France or the United Kingdom . On the other hand, you can also share your location with just a few touches and play with other users.



It is an application that supports most operating systems, except Linux . It has several chat modes that make it one of the most complete alternatives, either because allows you to send messages to other users with text, images, audios, videos, share the location in real time and establish group conversations with up to 500 members in total .

In reference to video calls, are of high quality regardless of the location of other people and at the same time, up to 9 partners can be connected . Among other features, we highlight that it has a function called “ Time Capsule ” that is a kind of published story and that simply lasts 24 hours.

Also offers miniprograms that do not require additional installation and do not negatively influence the storage of your mobile, in addition to displaying popular articles for you to discover all kinds of interesting content without leaving the app . Finally, it has services of totally secure online purchase, booking of taxis and medical appointments .



It refers to an instant messaging service that became very popular since the 90s but currently, it does not show as much fame as in those times, because has a unremarkable number of users .

However, it is considered a similar alternative to the Skype interface that is supported by Windows, Android and iOS devices . One of its best features is that has a default end-to-end encryption for all calls and video chats .

In addition, ICQ allows the transfer of voice messages with speech to text function , it has tools for you to create your own stickers easily, has animated 3D masks for all tastes , has chat synchronization with all devices and broadcasts live chats with totally unlimited channels and participants .

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger

It is a Yahoo Messenger service that facilitates the transfer of files through computers and terminals (when linking with Yahoo Mail), very easily and also, is free >. Thus, it is a communication mechanism very similar to the famous Skype and therefore, it is necessary to highlight that it allows video calls to be made between two profiles (it is a great limitation), this being the main function and practically the most important of Yahoo Messenger.

In addition, the application shows extensive functionality, allows to delete chat messages once sent and to use it, it is not mandatory to download the app because it can be used from any web browser. Also, present applications for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android . But, unfortunately, has no data protection and has been branded as an inconvenient place to store personal information.