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What are the best alternatives to Steam to buy and play online on PC? 2022 list

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Many of us already know the wonder of the platform Steam. But there is still a minority that is barely hearing this name, if you are part of that minority this post is for you. Here we tell you from what it is, what are its advantages and disadvantages.

Although if you consider that you should look for other alternativeshere we also have that answer. We show you 10 alternatives, of all kinds, although you may already know one of the ones we name here.

The human being needs to be distracted and have fun and what more fun than new technology, if you have not yet taken the step or do not know how Steam works, or how are their alternative pages, because you still do not know that it is pure fun.

What is the Steam platform and what is it for?


Steam is a page, which has a platform that allows us to see video game and play them from any computer. It was promoted by Valve in September 2003 as a digital distribution platform.. There we can find any game, from those that are editable, third dimension and second dimension.

This, since its launch has included a large number of games, which has reached an average of more than 3000 video games. There are many people who are already part of this community, having today more than 75 million of active accounts:


  • Anyone can be a part of Steam, since it is completely free to register.
  • We can play anything, since it has a Huge range of video games.
  • If we want to play in multiplayer mode, this platform allows us to do so.
  • It is compatible in Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  • can be played in FPS, RPG, MMORPG and many others…
  • We can find games that are not available in our country yet.
  • It can be played on computers, without having to connect any console or other device.


  • Not all games are free.
  • We must have our own or trusted computer since no refunds are made because each purchased game must be played on a single PC.
  • Although we can also name it as an advantage, it is named as a disadvantage, because if you have a short PC memory, you will be will collapse since the games Steam They are always constantly updating.

List of the best platforms to buy and play on PC alternatives to STEAM

Although we can also find many other options on the internet that allow us to play online, although obviously each page has something that makes it unique and therefore differentiates it from the others.

Here we will show a small list of those web pages that offer us a platform with video games:


this website, It’s a video game distribution issued by the Polish company CD Projekt companywhich is why it is considered one of the advantages of this platform. There we can find a great list of classic video gamessince the oldest to the present, although in his gallery we will see a greater content of old games.

All the video game that inhabit this page are completely DRM-free so we won’t have to install any client to download or have to run the video games, just as we don’t need to spend all day connected to the Internet or to the account G.O.G.since we can play without this.

Like Steam we can enjoy promotions and events every week, and whenever there is a game release or when they need to draw attention to a game, they let them free for a few days. Let’s not forget the famous contestswhose high rating gives us a reward.

We can find on its pages links to forums, IRC channel (unofficial) and group on the same Steamin these communities users propose new games and the GOG company evaluates whether to launch the game or not.

green man gaming

This is another beautiful web, which offers us a huge list of games that are compatible for Windows and Mac. We can enjoy good offers and a coupon system that always suffers from some modifications, but these are made with the intention of improving the user experience. What is not very nice is his refund Policy, since it is much stricter than Steam and any other website.

We can find a feature that differentiates it from some platforms of video gameis that we can sell the games that we have previously purchased, and thus we obtain credit in our user account, which we can use to make new purchases.


GamersGate is a website that offers us video game, of all kinds, like triple AAA, classics and independents, many of these are free DRM. Count with one reward system very interesting, since it has its own cryptocurrency of the page called Blue Coins. They eventually offer some promotions with huge discounts on big games. So if you want to take advantage of a promotion, you must be aware of the page.

humble bundle

Very likely you have already heard the name of this web page, due to which is very visited. In it we can find free and compatible commercial and independent games for Windows, Mac and Linux, all at a super low cost, although this depends on the package that we are looking for as buyers. All the contents of this platform are organized by Saga, Developer and Genre.

All income goes to the creators of the portal, the company and people who develop it (developers) and some charitieslike the Red Cross. This can be used as a plugin for Steam as it offers very addictive games for little money.

one play

OnePlay It has a comfortable and simple interface as well as Websiteoffers keys to major distributors and direct downloads through of P2P. The great advantage that we can find on this website, unlike other stores, is that we have the possibility to rent games.

We can download games after a rental payment for a limited time that meets a small period (30 days), although the selection for this is quite limited, but very interesting. Thanks to its excellent platform we can play without an internet connection and on a maximum of two machines.