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What are the best alternatives to Twitch to watch streaming videos? 2022 list

What are the best alternatives to Twitch to watch streaming videos? 2020 list

When we are newbies in the world of gamers, we are always looking for the right pages to become professional players . Nowadays playing has gone from being a simple distraction to a profession.

This profession allows us to create a huge reputation in the world , creating fame for us and thus also earn income from a partnership with the page . If you are interested in ranking, here today we will explain what platform to use to grow.

Although, if after you are using Twitch you think you need a platform a little more free of so many contents , we leave you a list of 10 alternatives , so that it is Easier to find tricks and videos that will train you as a complete expert.

What is Twitch and how does this video and streaming platform work?

It is a platform that has been faced with different changes , where it offers the live video streaming service. Its current owner is Amazon, and every day it provides more benefits so that its users feel comfortable with it.

Twitch is one of the most famous streaming platforms and this is because it is a kind of social network where video games are broadcast live. Account, with more than 10 million daily visits, (considered a fairly high figure), but these visits are not always of the spectators, because also are of those people who play and compete daily.

It’s a very entertaining site, not only because it allows us to see those other people’s plays, or our plays, also because has a chat that tells where thousands of people connect at any time .

This platform has helped many people to become an expert player , because it allows us to see the best plays , share tricks, and other things that will transform us and so we will leave of being a rookie player. But not only is this, game companies and developers rely on the comments of their audience left on platforms like this, to improve their video games, and thus offer an improved version .

In a way the large number of users who use this platform turn out to be somewhat disadvantageous, and it is because if you are one of those newbies that you want a community for a specific game, there will be a little hard to find, because of its crowd . For this reason, there is a small percentage of users who migrate to other alternatives.

How does it work?

We already know what is Twitch , but to better understand this platform we will explain how it works.

This platform allows us to see the streams without having to be registered , and we can do it through its official website, or also through the official applications that allow us to watch your videos from any device.

But despite this, it is advisable to create an account , so that we can add a list of the channels that we like the most and which we will track and thus participate in your chat room.

List of the best Twitch alternative platforms for watching videos and making videos your video games

Already known all of the above, you will look for some alternatives to learn from some more thorough moves without having to navigate as much information as you would in the case of Twitch:


This, is a pretty flashy platform . There many transmissions are shared, for fans of the games, and those who upload their plays, by receiving enough visits, and having a partnership with Google Adsense, you can monetize its contents .

It also has a list of comments that allows the public to interact with each other . Although there is also the “Live” mode that allows users to interact with their audience and these with each other.

This has become more than a simple distraction , because many work seriously in publishing their content offering in the description a list of tricks and things that can be use to level up in games.


InstaGib es una plataforma que nos permite publicar o transmitir nuestras experiencias de los juegos por medio de vídeos. Para poder utilizarlo no necesitamos instalar ningún paquete de software para hacer la transmisión de nuestros contenidos, además que cuenta con su propio lanzador patentado.

It is a platform that allows us to enjoy its services without paying anything , although the free has a limit, because there are some functions that must be paid. For example, if we don’t have a VIP account , we may have some bandwidth limitations.

For those who want a place with a moderate audience , this turns out to be an excellent site. Every day he grows more in popularity, being a good teacher for those novice players.


SmashCast tv

Anybody can become a partner through this platform , where they allow all users to generate income through their transmissions. In order for the earnings to be withdrawn they must have a verified PayPal account and be over 18 years of age, and if you are not yet of age you can use SmashCast with the consent of the parents >.

This platform has a set of tools that help us with all our transmissions. Its multiple features allow us to compare each of the contents, as well as it offers us a multiple chat room and donation trackers that allow us as players to obtain income.


Mixer or Mixer, is a free service platform that offers us a free transmission of content, for people who love games. This, offers us peculiarities that allows us to transmit up to four contents at once, and such features make it a platform similar to Xbox Live or PlayStation Live.

It is considered as a good alternative to Twitch because your chat room is completely similar to hers. We will always find thousands and thousands of dynamic users through Mixer.


In case Vimeo no is a platform for games , it only offers us a service to host videos with the advantage of being able to share them. More than an alternative to Twitch is an alternative to YouTube , but we put it on this list, because it has channels completely focused on video games.

We can enjoy the hosting service with a free account , but this limits us some functions, and to be able to fully enjoy it we will need to upgrade to a paid account >. The free mode allows us to share up to 500 MB of weekly content.

With this platform we can easily sell our content or even launch a service where users must subscribe. Many people take this site as a job, thanks to the great monetizations it can generate for us.


This is a platform very similar to Vimeo that allows us to distribute content of videos worldwide. Its contents can be seen live or also on demand, where the administrations of the channels are completely autonomous.

Like all those mentioned above, allows us to create a user as a partner , which gives us the ability to monetize each of our contents . Most users consider it as a good chance to earn income and earn a good reputation as gamers.


It is a platform that has a very striking website , in itself it is very organized with all its contents. This, most of all it offers is selling games , although users can also interact with each other to exchange their tricks.


Origin is a site that, like SteamPowered, offers very good video games , but must be paid to enjoy them. Nor can we access or upload content as users, we are only allowed to be a spectator of the games.


Metacafe is a site where we can find game videos , many of the contents are uploaded by the users of the platform. It has a huge number of spectator people.

There, not only can you find game videos , we can also see many other things. Among its last update, people who were generating income with this page stopped doing so because this function was removed from the web.



The latter actually is not a platform for games or to see other people’s plays, simply is a place where users can upload videogame graphics that are created and can be modified or discovered by game creators and thus use them within their platforms or programs.

With Twitch and this list of alternatives you will stop dreaming of being able to make money playing and you will become a professional, although you may not generate monetary income at the beginning , so we recommend that you take this as a job and take the time to make it your largest source of income.

Just as you can make money playing, some of these platforms allow you to get a monetization by publishing the videos of your games , or only by publishing those tricks that you think that not everyone knows, that serves as attraction to the public.