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What are the best alternatives to WeTransfer to send large files over the Internet? 2022 list

What are the best alternatives to WeTransfer to send large files over the Internet? 2020 list

For a long time, cloud storage has become one of the most used tools by Internet users , thanks to the excellent handling, simplicity and comfort they provide to everyone. Taking into account that in addition to this, are perfect mechanisms to store any type of information without taking up space on the hard disk of the computer or in the memory of a mobile device . In short, they allow access to all data and documents through a network and from anywhere.

In this sense, one of the cloud-based and globally recognized computer file transfer services, is WeTransfer which, in addition to being free, is simple to use. However, on many occasions it may have certain limitations and in view of this, it is essential to have other alternatives at hand that facilitate the sending of large-scale information over the Internet .

Thus, we have decided to let you know the best options that exist on the web and show excellent operation, simplicity, speed and many other benefits that will surely help you a lot . This being also a good tactic to not always rely on the same service and explore new solutions that guarantee a remarkable support.

What is it, what is it for and how does WeTransfer work? ?

¿Qué es, para qué sirve y cómo funciona WeTransfer?

We can say that WeTransfer is an application or rather an online platform that has been developed with the aim of allowing different types of files to be transferred to other users on the Internet , so it is ratified that is cloud based .

Which means that it is used to share any type of data or information in a fast, easy, effective and secure way to a certain number of people to whom you need to send it and just by using email as a transfer.

In this sense, it has gained an important reputation as a service similar to that offered by the famous Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud , for example. But, of course, it presents aspects that distinguish it from other mechanisms.

Now, in reference to its operation , it is quite simple to use only a good Internet connection and from there, send selected items to one or more people , since in its entirety, supports a maximum of 20 recipients just by using your email address, as mentioned.

And before proceeding to such execution, what you must do is enter your web page , upload the files you want to transfer to finally, proceed to send them to Recipients you want. As if it would be a common email.

Once people receive and open your documents, the same tool will send you an email to ensure they have done it and otherwise, WeTransfer also issues a notice if they have not accessed it .


To delve deeper into this online tool, it is necessary to highlight the benefits and advantages that assures all its users:

  • It doesn’t ask for you, much less forces you to create an account in order to use it . Just as it is not necessary for the recipient (s) to have a WeTransfer account to receive the information.
  • Through it, you can share any digital element , regardless of whether It’s big and heavy.
  • It gives you the ease of sending up to a total of 2GB , thanks to its capacity.
  • It’s easy to use because does not require the execution of several steps to proceed to share documents .
  • It is effective, since it fulfills its task in a few minutes .
  • Although it is not mandatory, the online tool offers the possibility of creating a personal account , if this seems more attractive. What gives notion of their excellent assistance.
  • It is used by designers, printers, creatives, photographers and publishers .
  • For entrepreneurs it is a very service valuable because allows you to advertise your business on wallpapers .
  • All this offers does it for free .


But as nothing can be perfect, the cloud storage service under study, also exhibits some disadvantages and / or limitations to its users that it is relevant to know .

Here are the most significant:

  • Already mentioned, can only transfer data to a total of 20 recipients . Which is certainly a great limitation of the service.
  • If you exceed the 2 GB that you can send, you must proceed to pay a fee , that is, it will force you to use its PRO version or better known as your paid version. This does not look beneficial for many users.
  • In many cases, it has been pointed out by being one of the most insecure sites to send files in the cloud .
  • It is not recommended to include passwords, bank cards, important documents or family photographs .
  • Content uploaded on the platform is automatically deleted after a few days .

List of the 12 best tools and programs alternative to WeTransfer

With the great boom in the transfer of files and information of interest through the cloud , many programs and tools have emerged that, as well as WeTransfer , are also dedicated to this and promise excellent service to each of its users.

Therefore, here is a list of 12 optimal alternatives to use:

Google Drive

Google Drive

To start, logically it is appropriate to mention and recommend the Google Drive services that, par excellence, has been Google’s solution in the cloud to save files easily and free of charge. But, in addition, this service of the famous computer company, has monthly plans to certify advanced features to its users , which offers discounts for purchases up to one year and facilitates a total of 30 terabytes of memory .

Now, focusing on its free service, it is good to highlight that Google Drive allows you to use up to 15 GB of space and thus avoid saturating your computer’s memory or hard drive.

Additionally, is cross-platform because it supports Windows, Mac, Linux and Android; It also has an encryption that guarantees the security and protection of all data shared there, supports any type of file , issues powerful search, can be run offline , It has document scanning for Android and has storage for Chromebook .



With more than 500 million users , this is another of the most recognized solutions for saving and sending various types of documents in the cloud. Thus, is also a completely free service that, to increase the storage limit and offer other tools, has a paid version that charges for each month that passes.

But, the free version of Dropbox allows you to use up to 2 GB of storage and you can access the platform through any device, thanks to being compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and even BlackBerry .

Among other features of the service, we inform you that you can synchronize your different devices and devices , in order to work with the same versions of files in all of them. In addition to this, it presents the option to share information with users privately or if you prefer, in a completely public way. Finally, you can create and share photo galleries with Dropbox .



It is also pointed out as one of the best alternatives to the renowned WeTransfer service , first of all because it is a free platform and also because it allows you to download and transfer all types of files .

That is, photographs, videos, files, books, music, among others. Also, 4Shared is compatible with Windows computers and has mobile apps that have been specially developed for Android and Windows Phone . Taking into account that it is estimated as a fairly complete service, by not exhibiting any kind of limitation on data transfer .

For its part, has a total of 5 GB of free storage for each of its users and gives the facility to share any information with other people who are not even registered in your platform.

Also provides password file protection , which guarantees absolute security and with this mechanism, you have the competence to create photo galleries and play videos and music without the requirement of download the files before .



It is estimated as a fairly safe alternative , compared to the assistance that WeTransfer has provided over time. Through its free version, offers a total of 5 GB of storage and in addition to that, it has payment plans that allow increasing this capacity to a total of 10 Terabytes.

Among the benefits it promises, it is distinguished that Sync has the ability to synchronize your desktop data and is capable of supporting storage of any type of files and sharing any data or information with Users you want. Even today has developed a mobile application that ensures greater comfort to people and thus, to use the tool from anywhere.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere

It is a purely effective cloud service that is even estimated as a more optimal option than WeTransfer. In view of the fact that it allows the transfer of large-scale files, thanks to providing up to 10 GB of storage and free of charge to platform users . Which, exceeds the amount that GB normally support free online platforms.

On the other hand, a disadvantage has been found and that is that through the download link, can only be used for about 48 hours and when you make constant use of the mechanism, arise several commercials that can be very annoying .

Among other things, has a paid version that is economical , since you only have to cancel 6 USD monthly and with that, you acquire 1 Terabyte of storage without restrictions and with Encryption included.



Since 2013, this cloud service allows you to transfer and share photos, videos, music and files of all kinds , including personal documents in an extremely easy way.

Therefore, we recommend using TransferNow that simply asks you to register on your platform to use a total of 4 GB of storage whenever you want.

In addition, it supports several languages ​​that you can change by simply displaying a small menu located in the upper right corner and selecting the one you want.

On the other hand, with most services of this type, adds a Premium version that has a price of 8.50 euros but still has a certain limitation, since simply Support 20 GB to save the files you want . However, it has other functions that are worth canceling that fee.



Although it shows a very simple interface, ensures a completely fast and effective large file delivery service . To start handling it, what you have to do is click on the letter S that is displayed there, and then you have to choose the file you want to share from Smash .

With this, the platform will request the recipient and the message to send to finally, share it in seconds . In addition, it gives you the ability to add a custom URL , if you require it.

It should be noted that is a free service and thus, it has tools to add a password and keep all your data safe. The best thing about Smash is that has no size limitations on the documents to be sent but unfortunately, its free version simply lasts a total of seven days (as proof).

Jumbo Mail

Jumbo Mail

Among other alternatives to WeTransfer, we highlight Jumbo Mail that for free, provides up to 5 GB of storage in its web service to all users but only keeps the files on their servers for a week, that is Once this time is over, everything stored will be deleted without prior notice.

However, has a PRO version with which you can use up to 20 GB of storage for each document and a general support in the cloud of 250 GB , paying only 120 USD every year .

The process of transferring this solution is very simple . Because, once any type of file is sent, recipients receive access to it in just seconds and can download them from the download page. In addition, it issues the power to manage everything you share , thanks to its powerful management tools .



This is a service created and developed in Spain that makes it possible to transfer files of a remarkable size and this makes it an excellent solution. Thus, is an absolutely free cloud mechanism where you can make use of a maximum of 5 GB of storage and send to a total of 20 recipients , only. p>

It also has tools that give it speed, by specifying the competence to enter 50 files for each transfer of documents , thus simplifying the same process. Highlighting other features of Ydray, we indicate that does not require any registration , so it can be a completely secure and certified option.

However, like other solutions, only gives you seven days to keep the files on their servers , since after that, all the information will be deleted. Finally, facilitates business plans that allow you to share a multitude of files and these are not so expensive.



Surely, it’s a service known to you but maybe not quite. Well, we affirm that is a good alternative to store in the cloud and among its advantages, we find that maintains a direct integration with Microsoft programs as used as Word, Excel and PowePoint.

In reference to its free version, supports up to 5 GB of storage and adds folder synchronization and integration with the storage space that your own PC contains. In addition to this, OneDrive allows you to achieve great mobile experiences on iOS and Android for its simplicity to handle the service.