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What are the best alternatives to Windows Movie Maker to edit free videos? 2022 list

What are the best alternatives to Windows Movie Maker to edit free videos? 2020 list

At present, one of the tasks with greater concurrence in the online world is the video editing that have various uses, from those family or friends, to those used to promote brands or different content on the Internet to fulfill a commercial and professional purpose. Previously, the program that was most used to modify this type of content on computers, was Windows Movie Maker that after its launch with Windows Millenium , won Remarkable popularity with the Windows XP update in 2002 .

However, for some time was discontinued by Microsoft , which is why all Windows users were left without an important tool to edit videos for free . Which, in addition to being extremely useful, allowed to make videos and cinematographic projects from home with functions such as adding text and sound that gave it a quite original touch . Given this, many people are in an exhaustive search to again have other options that integrate the facilities of Windows Movie Maker ; search that is not considered a simple task because of the enormous flow of information that exists today on the web.

That is why, through this post we want to provide you with interesting information about the existing alternatives for editing videos that are similar to the aforementioned program . Taking into account your specific requirements, you can choose any of the options presented below and start generating high quality content for free .

Why does the Windows Movie Maker program no longer exist? When did it disappear?

Windows Movie Maker

While it is true, this program was a clip editor that was developed and maintained by Microsoft that fortunately, since 2002 became a complete video editor , reaching its greatest popularity and maximum potential in the version of Windows 7.

As it was a fully qualified tool and the best option as a video editor , especially for those users of the operating system who did not have enough knowledge to use more advanced software . That is, it was considered as the best mechanism for home users and thus, it allowed to obtain magnificent results .

However, since January 10, 2017 , the same Windows stopped supporting and offering the download of said program. Which was an application package known as “ Windows Essentials 2012 ” that also provided tools such as MSN Messenger, Writer, Mail , among others.

But since these apps were no longer necessary and were not used as they did long ago , they decided to eliminate the downloads from their servers and prevent all the aforementioned programs from being downloaded and installed , including Windows Movie Maker .

In this sense, if until today there are computers that have programs belonging to the Windows Essentials 2012 package installed, they could use it but the computers would be at great risk , due to the end of support date . Therefore, it looks better to look for other alternatives that integrate functions such as the famous Windows clip editor and are free, which we present below.

Lists of the best alternative programs and equivalent to the missing Windows Movie Maker

As we have emphasized throughout the text, our main objective is to give you accurate information in reference to the alternative programs and equivalent to the missing Windows Movie Marker .

This, in order for you to achieve simple video editing , fast and quality again, through your Windows computer and in the comfort of your home. Below is a list of 10 options you have at hand:

VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor

This editor program is estimated as the best free selection , thanks to its really advanced features that allow you to obtain excellent clip results. Taking into account that even offers more tools compared to many of the payment programs that exist today .

Thus, it refers to a non-linear video editor that gives the facility to move , cut and edit any element present in the content > and also, add text, images and the audio you prefer. It also provides multiple varieties of correction parameters , transitions , effects and filters .

Additionally, has an integrated desktop capture tool with sound , different export possibilities and a series of Wizards or very useful electronic manuals that allow you to familiarize yourself with all the functions of the software.

As for its user interface, it is extremely attractive and simple to use. On the other hand, experts have pointed out that some of its functions are hidden and this gives the program negative points .



This is a screen training program that has a video editor and can be estimated as the simplest Movie Maker alternative of all listings. Since, its interface is completely simple to use and more than all the video recorder , being thus, a software that anyone who wants to can easily use and learn to handle it in “ a two for three ”.

Therefore, we recommend using this editor , if you do not have any experience depending on the modifications of clips and want to start experimenting.

In this sense, its operation simply consists of pressing a button and start recording the screen . Therefore, it can be the ideal tool for video game lovers who want to share and publish their triumphs.

It is important to note that is a free program for Windows , compatible with Windows XP, SP3, Vista and versions 7 and 8 of the operating system. Referring to the disadvantages that it can present, we find that does not allow importing other videos and only exports to the YouTube platform .



It is another perfect program for beginners that handles video editing quickly and efficiently . Thus, it presents tasks as easy as retouching or editing the clips, so it complies with a linear and immediate edition of any video . Given this, it exhibits few functions but that work very well, one of them is the ability to edit large files, even greater than 4 GB .

As for its interface, users need to familiarize themselves with it to use perfectly, the filters it offers for videos and contrast settings through the plugins interface . Like, third-party filters for sharpness , because it is open source software.

In addition to this, VirtualDub is only available in a language that is English . However, has an integrated capture mechanism that makes it easy to record movies with a webcam, TV card or other video source. It also accepts files in AVI and MPEG format, but only edited content in AVI format can be saved.



This software presents a remarkable similarity with Windows Movie Maker around the playlist buttons and the timeline it displays . As for its operation, it is very simple because you only have to include the file to be edited in the playlist and you can start with the work.

In addition to this, these files can be grouped in the timeline, just as it was carried out in the program discontinued by Windows. Even allows you to add filters and transitions to clips , through the filters button.

For its part, Shotcut is an absolutely opensource mechanism , that is, open source and only has a free version that offers all the functions with the What does the program count? Among other features, you can find advanced options such as the possibility of making the modification with the help of «chroma key» , in order to embed effects in green backgrounds. Like add watermarks and filters of any color and tone .

VideoLAN Movie Creator – VLMC

VideoLAN Movie Creator

For more options, we recommend using VideoLAN Movie Creator which, in addition to being a free program, is compatible with several operating systems , among which are: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. In this sense, has advanced features that allow all users to edit videos by broadcasting great results and even create full movies through photos or a set of clips .

Also, accepts various types of video format , so it is considered virtually compatible with all kinds of content. In this way, you can find the perfect solution if you have tried to include certain clip formats that are not compatible with other softwares, thanks to the ability of VideoLAN. Now, referring to its disadvantages, the most notable is that does not have access to extra online content without additional software and added to this, the start times are not innovative.

VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor

First of all, presents excellent tools to import your videos and edit them perfectly , add audio files and photos to drag them to the timeline and create a clip with these elements , the way you want. Therefore, is quite simple to use and this is one of the peculiarities that its users like most.

For its part, VideoPad Video Editor gives the option of exporting videos in 4K , which is considered an excellent innovation , since The only ones that have this tool are the professional and paid programs. Indeed, this is one of the best advantages, keeping in mind that is a free download software . Thus, one of the best choices for personal and home use, which integrates great comfort.



If you want to learn much more about the subtleties in terms of editing clips, this program has special options for it and is therefore famous for being one of the best editors of clips worldwide and ideal for beginners.

Among its most relevant features, it is necessary to distinguish that refers to a free program compatible with Windows 7 , only and offers special effects to ensure a quality result .

However, in terms of its cons, Wax can be so simple that some users don’t find the motivation necessary to use it many times . In addition to this, it does not have advanced tools that give more professionalism to the edition made.



It is a program that goes far beyond what Windows offered, since sometimes this could be limiting and therefore, we recommend that alternative that in addition to being free , shows an interface different from that of common editors and so it attracts much more attention.

Although it also offers a paid version (not very expensive) that gives you more tools to export and edit clips, taking into account that is so bright that it is used in film studios from Hollywood . In addition to this, it is a software available for Windows 7, 8, 10, Linux and Mac OS X.

In this way, emits extremely impeccable results with the functions for professionals with whom it has . It also presents ease to edit music and include several elements in a video creation. Now, in reference to its disadvantages, we find that to the downloadable version of Lightworks on Linux , is limited around sound editing and has no FireWire capture .



Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, this solution has the ability to make extremely simple video montages , since it does not have a very striking interface. However, by looking closely at the menus it offers, it gives users several possibilities to edit clips and create them quickly . Thus, includes audio and video filters , allows you to adjust transitions and add subtitles, as well as other encoding alternatives that allow you to customize your video .


In reference to its limitations, we highlight that has no options to share content on social networks and in the program, it is not possible to combine videos of different heights or widths .

Indeed, in order to resize each clip, you must do it separately and then export it and proceed to carry out a new project. Although it’s simple, it’s annoying for most users.



Finally, our other recommendation refers to Jahshaka that is a free program , available for Windows (versions 7 and 8, XP and Vista), for Mac OS X and Linux. It is a software that exhibits optimal visual and audio options to edit as you like all the clips you want .

Thus, it has unlimited audio space and this is a great feature because most free programs have limitations based on that aspect.

In reference to its operation, you can learn to manage the platform easily through several dozen YouTube tutorials dedicated to its users to teach them how to use all existing tools .

Now, to highlight its cons, we detail that has various instability problems , has limitations for several special effects and at the beginning, it can be a very complicated program to use but with the help of videos Teaching, this is solved. So out of it, it is a platform similar to Windows Movie Maker.