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What are the best and safest private browsers on the Internet? 2022 list

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Privacy has become a fundamental element for human beings and when browsing the internet this has taken on great importance with respect to the weight it could have a few years ago.

Perhaps you did not know it, but when browsing the internet we often leave virtual traces that provide our personal information to third parties. Although we can use a conventional browser using the private browsing function, this is usually insufficient in many cases, since the big internet companies manage to get away with it in the end, much more so if we use browsers that belong to these brands.

If we want to browse privately and securely the best thing is that we go looking for a private browser, good for our computer Windows or Mac OS as for our mobile devices Android or iOS. Below we will show you which are the best and what advantages the fact of using one of them entails.

What are the advantages of browsing the internet using an anonymous browser?

The privacy of our personal information is compromised from the first moment we access the internet. The truth is that it is utopian to think that we will have absolute privacy while we browse the internet, rather what we should seek is to significantly reduce the interference of third parties that attack it day by day.

In the first instance, the use of a conventional browser can help us as long as we navigate in private mode or also called incognito mode. This allows us to prevent our browser from storing information in history or in autofill forms.

Contrary to popular belief, the private browsing function in Google Chrome and Firefox does allow the use of cookies, only that these are deleted once the session ends. Therefore, if you have been browsing in private mode for a long time, it is likely that you have already provided enough information.

Using a private browser is absolutely better than using the Chrome or Firefox private browsingsince they will allow us greater privacy when searching or visiting our favorite web pages. Many of them allow us to hide our IP address by using a proxy or VPN that they incorporate among their functions, and it is very important to say that they do not use extensions for it, so your information is not shared with anyone else.

List of the best private browsers for Android, Windows, iPhone and Mac

You should know that today there are many browsers on the market that are compatible with different operating systems, but the question is How good are they? Do they really offer private browsing? We will know this later when we introduce you top 10 ranked.

Tor Broswer


Tor Broswer it is a great browser that accepts access to the Tor network without the need for any additional configuration. It should be clarified that Tor (The Onion Router), is a project that consists of a network that allows anonymity on the web using what its name describes as “onion routing”, an alternative to direct routing that is used for normal Internet browsing. This works by establishing a connection through several random nodes, which makes it impossible to trace the origin.

We can then say that the Tor Broswer is responsible for encrypting our information and preventing them from tracking our origin. Of course, we must bear in mind that all this has a cost: a lower internet browsing speed.

Can you imagine using the browser without installing it? Well, you need to know that Tor allows you to navigate by opening the file from a pen drive. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Tor’s interface is based on Firefox’s so Navigating through it will be extremely simple, adding privacy to it. You can download it from its official page for your Windows or Mac OS computer.

Epic Broswer

Epic Browser

This browser is Chromium-basedso its interface makes it very easy for us to use it. It has recently achieved great popularity in a world where users demand greater privacy about their information and interests.

Epic Broswer does not allow the use of any cookies at all, so our search information, interests and preferences will be safe if we use this browser. using Epic Broswer you can say goodbye to many ads and trackers, Well, use an AdBlock to avoid them, significantly increasing your browsing speed.

If you also need to hide your IP, you can use the proxy included in this browser. This option may or may not be active, but to carry out searches it is activated automatically to protect third parties from knowing your tastes according to your IP.

Yes indeed, forget about plugins and extensions, since this browser does not allow you to install them to avoid sharing your information with third parties.

SRWare Iron

SRWare Iron

Although SRWare Iron does not use the Tor network, maintains the protection of your privacy. If you are used to using Google Chrome This browser is the ideal one for you in case you need to protect your security, since this it is based on Chromium, which makes it extremely easy to use.

Although using SRware you can count on a fairly familiar interface due to the fact that it is based on Chromium, this does not have the elements that Google uses to track and acquire our information.

Best of all, as with Tor Broswer, this browser we can open it from a pendrive by downloading the portable file through the official website, without the need to install it on our computer. In addition, an Android version is also available.

firefox focus

firefox focus

This browser is the brother of the usual Firefox, but with the difference that it gives us more privacy. Yes, Mozilla brought this application to the market in search of granting a higher level of privacy to its users.

How difficult it is to find a private browser that also suits our tastes, because firefox focus sure you will like it, because Aside from blocking ads and trackers, browsing is faster as a result.

We can easily get this app in the google play store and in case we have an iOS device it will also be available to download from our apple store



The official browser The Onion Router It is extremely light and easy to use. ideal for those who want to browse privately, easily and quickly through Android devices. This application is available from Android 2.3 onwards and you can download it from Google Play.

Orfox It has good security levels. allow us to browse privately through the Tor network, as well as with a fairly easy to use interface.

CM Broswer

CM Broswer

Clean Master Broswer is a browser It will allow us to navigate on our Android or iOS device protecting our data and our team from any malicious elements.

This new browser includes an AdBlock to block ads, to its time prevents malicious files from being downloaded by warning us of suspicious sites.

Surely we want a secure browser that does not leave traces of our browsing, CM Broswer works that way by deleting the history at the end of the session. In addition to it includes an incognito mode that will be very useful to prevent cookies from remain permanently.

Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery Privacy Browser

Android and iOS users have the possibility to surf safely on the internetone of the browsers that allows us to do this is Ghostery Privacy Broswer.

Ghostery is extremely easy to use and although It is not exactly a browser that guarantees 100% our privacy, It can be of great help if we use Android and do not want to completely provide our information.

The most recommended is to use the “Ghost mode”, the private browsing feature that this browser includes. It should also be noted that it is one of the fastest browsers on Android.

Lightning Web Broswer

Lightning Web Broswer

Definitely, Lighting Web Broswer is a great browser for Android and iOS devices that you can find in Google Play and Apple Store respectively. Its interface design is quite cool and easy to use.

Lightning Web Broswer is a free and quite light browser so you can use it without slowing down your device, because in turn It provides us with great browsing speed. It also has a series of functions that will make our navigation easier.

If we want to guarantee greater privacy, it is advisable to use the incognito mode which includes among its functions.

Dolphin Zero

Dolphin Zero

If you are looking for a fast and private browser for your Android and iOS device, You can think of Dolphin Zero as a great alternative to surf the internet.

This browser includes an incognito mode function and an AdBlock that will allow you to get rid of annoying ads without any problem, something that adds speed to navigation. This app is available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Yandex Broswer


This browser is extremely simple but it takes care of our privacy, because we It provides very good security tools when browsing.

Can you imagine activating a turbo mode during navigation? Yandex Broswer makes this function available to us so that when the connection is slow you can speed it up.

Yandex Broswer warns us in case of visiting suspicious sites, which helps us protect ourselves from malicious files. Nevertheless, the best recommendation is to use this browser in incognito mode to reinforce the privacy that it gives us beforehand.



This is not exactly a browser, but an operating system, a Linux distribution to be more precise. It was developed thinking exclusively of the user’s privacy, and that is why it has tools to complement the Tor browser.

The most striking of all is its AppArmor, which is a kind of browser confinement that protects it from any attack that seeks to steal your data. although also limit the number of folders you can save from thisis a price worth paying to be 100% protected.



This is another operating system that will allow you to raise the security level of all browsers for desktop devices. Based on Linux codethis is based on the isolation of the programs, to create a “prison” in which the information is as protected as possible, avoiding all kinds of attacks that try to steal it.

To achieve all this, it bases its architecture on four elements: the network domain, the storage domain and the implementation of virtual machines to run each application in a dedicated environment.

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