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What are the best antivirus applications to protect your mobile from malwares? 2020 list

What are the best antivirus applications to protect your mobile from malwares? 2020 list

Our Smartphone is one of the computer equipment that faces the greatest risks of cyber attacks, so installing an antivirus is one of the best decisions we can make . Because of this, there are many companies on the market that develop tools for us to enjoy 4G technology to the fullest.

If you want to know in detail everything related to antivirus for mobile devices, with Android operating system , you should read this post . In which we will show you the best tools you can find today and that will help you navigate with ease.

In addition, we will analyze everything concerning the advantages and disadvantages of installing an antivirus on your smartphone.

Is it worth installing an antivirus for mobile devices? Advantages and disadvantages

¿Vale la pena instalar un antivirus para dispositivos móviles? Ventajas y desventajas

Every time we plan to install an antivirus on our mobile device with Android operating system, we will have the possibility to enjoy unique benefits.

Some of these, we summarize them below:

You will have the peace of mind of browsing any website , because these tools allow us to have a real-time analysis and if you access a dangerous place, it will alert us immediately.

Also, support setting up parental control . So we can have, on our children’s devices, restrictions that will prevent them from accessing sites inappropriate for their age.

They have call blocking advantages . This allows for greater privacy and not to be disturbed by those people or numbers of strangers.

When there is a virus control app on our mobile device, we will have the possibility to improve its performance. This is because an antivirus manages to free up space from the RAM memory and the internal storage disk.

Some software has the detection of applications that may turn out to be malicious . They also analyze emails that may contain worms or other malware.

If you lose our device, we will have the possibility to access it and erase all the data remotely. Or be aware of your location, since these tools support obtaining this information.

It allows us to navigate in a private virtual network . So we will have our data protected on any website. In addition, we must not take into account the geolocation of the mobile device to gain access to exclusive sites.

If we have to talk about the disadvantages of an antivirus, we can mention the following:

A software with these characteristics, often occupies too much space in RAM . As a result, our mobile phone becomes much slower, at the time of the information analysis.

It is not always possible to delete the detected viruses , so its main function is halfway fulfilled. Some antivirus can not be uninstalled easily , so it generates a certain resistance of users to their installation.

Although they manage to increase battery life, because they close those applications that run in the background, many times this does not generate a good user experience . This is because, every time we want to access or interact with these apps, we must open them again.

Another issue that we should keep in mind is that the antivirus becomes a police officer of our activities , so many times we will have to ask for permission before taking an action on the smartphone.

Why is there no antivirus for iPhone phones with iOS?

One of the great advantages of iPhone devices is that, in order to install an app, must be downloaded only from the App Store .

All applications found in the official iOS store, must first be approved by Apple . So app developers cannot directly upload their programs from the iPhone store. As for example, these applications to download music without Internet .

In this way, strict control of everything the user installs is achieved. In addition, your browser has codes in its malware detection development , so it also does not allow access to malicious sites.

List of the best free and paid antivirus you can install on your mobile Android

Lista de los mejores antivirus gratis y de pago que puedes instalar en tu móvil Android

We will show you below the best free antivirus and “Pro version” that you can find for your Android device. At each point we will analyze all the functions they provide and also the disadvantages you can find in it.

In this way you will have a good comparison so that you choose the best alternative that suits the use you give to your smartphone.

AVG Antivirus

This tool provides real-time protection , being able to detect malware and computer worms of the most updated, thanks to the constant inclusion of patches that this software has.

Among the most outstanding advantages we can name, is its high performance , which allows to maintain the battery life for longer. In addition, it does not slow down the normal use of the device.

As a negative part, we can find the constant call of false alarms , when the user is using another application on the device. It also does not provide a backup , so that data cannot always be stored directly in the cloud.

Norton Mobile Security

It allows to have the use of a VPN , thus avoiding having a geolocation of the device. It has a secure navigation system that warns the user about Internet pages that are malicious or that have a system of “pishing” < span style="font-size: 1rem;">.

It is considered by many users as one of the best antivirus for Android, since it allows blocking calls, for unknown numbers. It also supports adding a blacklist so as not to respond.

If we have to consider the negative part of this antivirus, it is that does not have an application control to block them or restrict the use in the background.

McAfee Security 5.2

McAfee Security 5.2

Among the most outstanding features offered by this antivirus, we can mention the check that it offers the user to control a WiFi network and determine if the connections are optimal. It also has the possibility of backing up and uploading them to the cloud.

Other tools that we can mention, we highlight a powerful ad blocker. And it allows to have an control of the apps regarding the use of data , based on the considerations that other users made about them.

It does not have a call blocking service and its functions often sometimes wear out the cell phone’s battery faster . In addition, you cannot always delete the detected viruses, so it is a bit annoying in subsequent analyzes, beyond the risk involved in this situation.

Avast for Android

Avast is one of the most downloaded antivirus currently available and has the option to protect the user against viruses and malware when browsing the Internet.

Provides the ability to create a virtual private network and generate a photo chest so that more private photos can be hidden. In addition, it has application blocking and a phone locator in case of theft or loss. It has a system to delete junk files and so you can increase the speed .

It does not provide the possibility of generating a backup and it does not have functions to block advertisements. In some cases, when you are processing and analyzing information in the background, slows down your mobile . You can heat the battery on some phone models.

Kaspersky Antivirus Android

Kaspersky Antivirus Android

This antivirus has a application lock system that allows access to all data usage statistics, including when running in the background . Provides the ability to schedule scanning of apps and the operating system when the phone is not in use.

With this tool the user can navigate safely , since it blocks all those links that can be dangerous and contain computer worms. In addition, it offers data protection in case of theft and provides a simple interface so that, with a few clicks, the best functions can be accessed. For example, synchronize devices with a smartwatch .

If we have to talk about those tools that are missing, we can say that it does not back up and does not offer the option of generating a VPN network . Nor does it have control over those WiFi connections that are not secure. In addition, battery consumption increases when thorough analyzes are run .

Clean Master

It is one of the preferred antivirus of users, since has more than 44 million downloads in Google Play Store . It offers the option of having protection against malware, worms and adware. But you can also get a cleanup of disk space and free RAM, so it becomes a powerful tool for an Android mobile.

When you install this software you will have the option to cool your mobile , have a safe to store those applications that you do not want others to know and also block all notifications of the apps you don’t want to be disturbed.

Within the few limitations provided by this antivirus, we mentioned that it does not have an anti-theft system , so the user will not be able to access this benefit (offered by other antivirus) if he loses your mobile.
If you see that this app does not convince you, you can always look for other alternatives to Clean Master .


If you download this antivirus on your mobile device, you will be able to enjoy the blocking of apps and have permanent protection when you browse the Internet . Since it has the identification of applications, files and documents that can be malicious.

It also has an app lock that will allow you to have all those you don’t want to know from third parties protected. It also provides a block of “phishing” when you browse the Internet and you will be able to perform a check in a very simple way allowing also the permission for the different applications.

The space it occupies is a little larger than what other antivirus needs and RAM capacity will be affected every time this tool is used.

360 Security – Antivirus

This application is compatible with all versions of Android and has a security system “all in one” . Where, it not only has the protection of viruses and other malicious files, but also provides a powerful tool to optimize the mobile device. Allows you to automatically close all apps that consume too much battery and run in the background on your Smartphone.

It has a call control that allows you to choose which ones to answer, it has a system that allows you to locate the lost phone. In addition, you will have the possibility to delete the data in case of theft.

His tool “Application manager” will allow you to manage them, but will become a bit tedious when you are using an app and have left it for a few moments and then you want to return to it. In addition, it does not provide the option to create a virtual VPN network.

AhnLab V3

It is a very good antivirus that allows real-time monitoring and also checks all the applications installed on the mobile device . It offers the alternative of having a perfect defense of all files received on the Smartphone.

This tool allows you to have a security check, but also offers the possibility of reducing the space on the mobile device and freeing the RAM of those apps that are not used.

One of the negative points presented by this antivirus is that it is in Korean language, but you can translate it into a Spanish that is not very clear. You have the possibility of blocking calls and doing an inspection of QR codes, being these last two options not highly valued by users , since sometimes it presents a false alarm.


This security app has received awards for the best product for Android for 3 years in a row . This is because it is an antivirus that has a detection rate of 100% , so browsing, the user will perform it with total confidence. Provides the option to control incoming calls and make a VPN network to be able to navigate anonymously.

It offers, as an extra tool, personalized advice by security experts , where they will guide you so you can reach the maximum privacy of your mobile and email accounts. It has the advantage of having an intelligent unlock, using a PIN or also accessing the compatibility of fingerprints . In addition, in case of theft or loss, you will have the possibility to recover your Smartphone thanks to its anti-theft tool.

It does not have a backup system and does not offer the alternative of storing apps or data on an SD card. Parental control often does not work as it should.

G DATA Mobile Security Light

This application has a paid version where you can enjoy control of installed apps. Permanently checks the device’s memory , which results in having a computer working in the best way.