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What are the best applications for fast reading on Android and iOS? 2020 list

Whether due to duty or the desire to learn, there are many users who choose to read digital books from the comfort of their mobile device. However, on many occasions, they tend to neglect the habit of reading lack of time.

In this sense, most of these users are likely to seek solutions to interpret the reading faster and with it, being able to balance your time as much as possible. For which, there are currently mobile applications that allow you to read a large number of words in a very short period of time and, at the same time, they help retain information more quickly.

Reason why, we want to point out some of the best apps that can be read quickly on both Android and iOS, so that you can absorb the content at lightning speed as you read.

What are the benefits of using fast reading apps and how do they work?

Generally, fast reading oriented applications are focused on a technique known as "rapid serial visual presentation", from which they exhibit the ability to promote a much more streamlined reading by the user. Since, in that way, they manage to widen their field of view and thus, they help you to obtain much more concentration when reading and interpreting any text.

That is why, according to experts, fast reading apps they are an excellent support both for children and young people, as well as for adults who want to acquire knowledge without spending so much time. Which is why they provide several benefits worth considering before you use them and then we mention each of the most relevant:

  • Reduce duration any reading, thanks to the fact that they teach you perfectly how you can save time when reading and deciphering any writing.
  • Improve your ability to memorize and absorb the content exposed throughout the reading. Because its tools are ideal to allow users to develop their memory and attention span effectively.
  • Thanks to the speed of reading, they guarantee you a better performance as a reader. Thus, you can even quickly locate the most essential of the document in question.
  • Since you can discern all the information as you read, these apps too will help you expand your vocabulary.

List of the best fast reading applications for your Android or iOS

Now, if you want to enjoy the advantages offered by these mobile apps to allow you to read more quickly, gain knowledge in a short time and learn to interpret the writing better, It is important that you know which ones with the best alternatives available today.

That is why, in this section of the post, we proceed to mention and detail the main fast reading applications available for Android, iPhone and iPad devices:


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<p>It is an application that <strong>It is available both in the Play Store and in the App Store</strong> and it stands out for being an excellent quick reading tool. Because it has the ability to improve the way you read <strong>through eye movement control</strong>. Thus, its effectiveness in reading is based on the zero movement of your eyes.</p>
<p>Thus, users can start reading from a standard linked speed of 300 words per minute and gradually <strong>increase up to 1,000 words per minute or less time</strong>. Due to this mechanism, it is an ideal alternative for all types of professionals and individuals who want to consume digital content. <strong>efficiently</strong> to increase your speed and retention around reading.</p>
<h3><span class= Speed 鈥嬧婻eading – Trainer

Basically it's an app compatible with Android smartphones and tablets and it has been classified as an ideal option for all those users who, beyond being able to make readings quickly, want to increase their compression level without this influencing the speed of it. Which has the ability to train your eyes and thus, you will notice how your reading habits improve with practice day after day.

Among its most interesting features, we find that it has very intuitive buttons that allow to restore the progress of a certain book and return to the previous words. Added to that, it changes the number of words every minute, it has an excellent library with a wide variety of books, allows you to import text files and gives you a score for the number of words read in a time limit.

Acceleread Speed 鈥嬧婻eading Trainer

Acceleread Speed 鈥嬧婻eading Trainer

Available in the App Store, this free application has been designed so that its users can advance more quickly through the texts and thus save a large amount of time when reading. Thanks to their tools, they will allow you to develop techniques that They will unlock your reading potential and significantly improve your productivity with just 10 days of practice..

In this way, you can obtain greater efficiency when reading, unlearn the bad habits that can stop you on these occasions, more accurately understand the exposed information and expand your ability to quickly refocus. Likewise, you can absorb a greater number of words simultaneously and increase your reading retention without much effort.

Fast reading

Fast reading

As its name implies, it is an application focused on increasing your reading speed significantly and even, up to 5 times more. Since, it offers a great variety of exercises with which you will be able to widen your field of vision, improve your reading habits without using your voice out loud, optimize photographic memory and also your attention, concentration and vocabulary.

For its part, each exercise available in the app lasts 60 seconds and to acquire this skill, you must repeat them three times a day, at least. It should be noted that, within the app you will get 8 different eye exercises, 7 different text jobs, 6 visual field application tones and 4 quick reading practices. Considering that, only available for Android.



Compatible with Android and iOSWe present this other quality option to encourage quick reading from the comfort of your mobile. Which works as a kind of speed reading markup and uses color coding to train you to read at truly effective speeds.

In this way, the user will achieve incredible speed when reading and interpreting any text, even up to two or three times faster than your normal reading. It is even considered an ideal tool for people with reading disabilities (such as dyslexia) thanks to its excellent characteristics. Valuing that, you can choose the number of words to read per minute.

Speed 鈥嬧婻eading App

Speed 鈥嬧婻eading App

This is a fast reading app available on the play store It works as an appropriate tool to get out of your average reader comfort zone and adapt to certain forms of reading faster. Since, it has a practical approach that effectively trains your brain to reach unimaginable speeds when reading any text, because you can increase it up to five times.

Additionally, it allows you to develop abilities to concentrate, minimize rereading, improve your habits when interpreting a writing, optimize your photographic memory and increase the speed of refixation.

So, provides a daily quiz for more practice and it allows you to use individual training to increase your skills in five different aspects of reading. Considering that the same app gives you a table where it shows your progress, it also records the results of your exercises and it has automatic measurement to study your progress.


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<p>It is another recommended application for <strong>train your intellect so that you can read much faster</strong>, at the same time that you have the ability to interpret everything stated in the text. Which offers excellent exercises for <strong>increase your cognitive skills</strong> through a completely flexible system that can also improve your photographic memory.</p>
<p>In this sense, the app <strong>contains different practices that are highly effective</strong>. Whereas, beyond its effectiveness, it is also characterized by achieving results in a very short time, so that the user's progress is faster than they imagine. It is important to highlight that, <strong>It is only compatible with Android and it is free</strong>.</p>
<h3><span class= Speed 鈥嬧媟eading

Fast reading

Is about another recommended solution for Android users, since it is available in the App Store. Thus, it is characterized by being an application that uses unique methods to encourage fast reading in your users and that in this way, they can adopt greater effectiveness as readers without having to pay expensive courses.

In this sense, the app is responsible for increasing your reading speed to the desired level and also allows you improve your memory to remember words and numbers quickly. In addition to this, manages to develop a better ability to concentrate, widens your field of view and can expand your vocabulary. It should be noted that it allows import books in txt, epub and fb2 format.

BeeLine Reader

BeeLine Reader

Consists in an application available in the Apple Store, with which users will be able to obtain better reading skills and since then, increase their speed when reading and interpreting any writing, appreciating that they also manages to stimulate your reading comprehension easily. Thanks to his great management, he has already won awards from the United Nations and Stanford.

Regarding its operation, we highlight that, employs color gradients that easily guide the eyes, instead of using black text. Thus, these colors flow rapidly as the eye perceives them from right to left. Also, It is considered a useful app for those readers with ADD, dyslexia or visual deficiencies; which manage to read up to 50% faster after using this tool.

Schulte tables

Schulte tables

To conclude this list, we emphasize this mobile application for Android that, free of charge, Provides all its users with excellent fast reading training. Which consist of concentrating in the center of a grid and proceeding to find all the existing letters or numbers making use of your peripheral vision, that is to say, without moving your eyes at all.

In this sense, the application is very useful to help all children, youth and adults to train speed reading and general visual perception, in a simple and even didactic way. Thanks to this, it provides advantages such as improved brain functions, stability of attention, better visual perception and optimal contiguous vision. Valuing that, it was developed by a psychiatrist and psychotherapist focused on studying the properties of attention.