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What are the best applications to change the voice on Android and iOS mobiles? 2020 list

What are the best applications to change the voice on Android and iOS mobiles? 2020 list

Being able to change the tone of your voice, that of a family member or friend is always a fun thing to do. Therefore, if you want to play a joke on someone you can do it through some of the available applications both in the Google Play Store and the App Store .

This is how there are currently a large number of applications that will allow you to modify your voice in different ways . Either to place them softer or thicker and thus have a fun time.

Previously, in order to perform this type of action, it was necessary to have special teams capable of executing these changes in the voice . However, today you only need to have your terminal and an app capable of carrying this out. That is why we will show you the best apps to modify your voice .

Distort vs change voice What are the differences between each technique of sound editing?

Usually, many users often confuse what is distort and change the voice. However, they are two different things. When we refer to distort the voice what happens is that the microphone receives the signal and takes it through the speaker in a modified way so that the signal cannot be decrypted .

This is mainly used when making a phone call and you want to prevent the recipient from discovering the voice . It is usually used mostly by spies, kidnappers or criminals who take advantage of these tools to commit acts of vandalism . While others use it only for security, avoiding being recognized by anyone.

But, if we refer to changing the voice , it’s about making the sound of it completely different, either imitating the voice from a famous friend or relative. Also, if you are men, you can make yourself heard as a woman or vice versa. Unlike distorting, this tool is mainly used to record videos, make jokes or to have a fun and enjoyable time with your friends .

List of the best apps to change your voice on your Android smartphone and iOS

If you want to start making some jokes or have a fun and different time with your mobile device, then you can start using the applications to change your voice for both Android and iPhone .

These programs have very advanced and professional tools that will help you turn your voice into that of a specific character or make it sound completely different .

Therefore, here we show you the best apps to perform this activity from your smartphone:

Voice modifier

Modificador de voz

This app is one of the best rated in the Android store , it stands out for presenting excellent features that will help you modify the voice in different ways. With it you have the opportunity to create your own audios fun and then import them to share them with your friends and family. To improve the user experience offers a large amount of effects that will allow you to achieve very attractive results.

As for its appearance, it is worth mentioning that it is not the best of all, since it has a a bit old design , but despite this it has excellent sound functions . This is how you can hear your voice as if you were underwater, of aliens, with your tongue out, suspense , among many others.

It has some very interesting features such as the following: It allows you to record any type of audio and apply different effects , you can also add them to already recorded audios , it has a preview before importing, you can share them through social networks or bluetooth .

Voice changer with effect

Cambiador de voz con efecto

This is another of the most searched applications in the Android store , currently has more than 50 million downloads and offers more than 40 effects completely different so you can start experiencing them one by one with your voice. This gives you the ability to try a lot of voices allowing you to choose the one you like best.

This program is completely free and offers excellent tools to improve and change the voice sound . Therefore, if you have recorded a video or audio and you don’t like how you listen to it, you can improve your voice or simply put a completely different sound on it. These recordings made in the app can be shared through instant messaging or through social networks .

Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer

Available for the iOS operating system and currently one of the most downloaded in the store, where it already accumulates more than 10,000,000 downloads . With it you can start to spend a very entertaining time, for this it gives you the possibility of changing your voice while talking on the phone with your friends or family , giving you the option of modifying it in real time . It also offers you a lot of sound effects that will help you achieve better results.

Call Voice Changer allows you to change your sex voice , if you are men you can impersonate a woman and vice versa, you can place animal sounds while you speak over the phone, rain, storm , among many others. However, this program is paid , but offers a free trial version which you can enjoy for a few days.

Funny Call

Funny Call

Funny Call is an application that offers you excellent tools to change your voice when you are talking on the phone , this is how you can start joking your friends and family every time they call you , whether changing your voice to that of a woman or a man, including animal effects, raindrops , between many other effects found included in the interface .

It is worth mentioning that not all of them are free , therefore, if you want to have them you will have to install the premium version. In addition, it is important to mention that the free version advertisements appear, which can be a bit tedious for some users. It should also be mentioned that after some time you have to pay as you want to add more minutes for each of your recordings .

A very advanced and professional program but that requires a few euros to be able to enjoy all its functions and thus get the best performance possible.

Best voice changer

Mejor cambiador de voz

If you are looking for a tool that allows you to change your voice and thus start having a fun time, then you can make use of this app available in the Android store. > In this case you can modify existing audios on your mobile or simply make a recording from the app and then modify it to your liking.

For this it has all kinds of functions that will make you get suspense effects, animal noises, drunk voice, wind effects , among many others. In addition, once the recording and its modification have finished, they have the opportunity to share it through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp , among many others. It is also important to mention that it is completely free.

Voice changer

Cambiador de voz

One of the funniest things today is being able to talk in a different way, especially when we talk on the phone with our friends or family . This is how with this application you can start to imitate hundreds of effects of all kinds, that way you can make other people believe that you are in the mountain, in the middle of a heavy rain , in space , among many other effects that you can apply.

It has some important features such as to record your voice directly from the app and apply different effects, it has a very well designed and updated interface , you can store each of your audios, works offline and you can share them through instant messaging or social networks .

Change your voice

Cambiar su voz

It is mainly characterized by offering an easy installation and handling , where it has a very colorful and well-designed interface that will facilitate the use of it. Like most apps, Changing your voice gives you the ability to modify the sound of your audios with a lot of effects, where you can find the sounds of helium, bees, animals, wind, among others.

It also gives you the ability to place some of your recorded audios in the sound of your ringtone, as well as share them through social networks as Facebook or Instagram.

Among its main features we can mention that it has more than 30 effects , has a registration and quick voice recognition to make the changes , has import sound , does not lose quality and has custom sounds of bass, treble, volume , among many other functions.



RoboVox is available for both the Android operating system and iOS, is a completely free app that offers functions to modify your voice and transform it in its entirety preventing other people from recognizing you. As its name implies, its specialty is robots , which is why it gives you many options to be able to listen to you as the most famous robots in film and television.

Not only does it give you the chance to listen to yourself like a robot, but you can apply other effects and soften your tone or get worse and make it sound in a unique way.

Among some of its most important features we can find the following: has more than 32 completely different effects , you can transform your voice in real time, repeat like a parrot or through a recording, includes your own voice recorder and modifies the pitch and modulation.



Snapchat is one of the most popular and downloaded mobile applications for both Android and iOS . This app is characterized mainly by offering excellent image filters , thus allowing its users to perform online states and add various emojis, text or icons in each of their < strong> audiovisual recordings or images.

However, it also offers filters to change the voice that are very interesting and advanced. This is how these filters allow you to change the sound of your voice in a very simple and easy way , thus achieving very funny results to joke with your friends and family . It can be downloaded completely free on both operating systems.

Change My Voice

Change My Voice

To finalize this list we present you with Change My Voice, an app available in the Android operating system and that gives you the possibility to record your voice and modify it in different ways, this will allow you to make it sound completely different to your original voice.

This is how you will find robot effects here, you can turn your voice into a woman or man, make it sound in fast or slow motion, animal effects , among others.

It also has a voice modulator completely equal to a real one, which you can handle through the levers until you get the desired effect on your audio. < / p>

In the same way you can create a list with the voices that you like best and use to provide you with the next audio modifications . All these recordings can be imported to your smartphone and shared through the social networks or messaging app .