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What are the best applications to decrypt the WiFi keys on Android and iOS? 2020 list

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There are times when you need to connect to a WiFi, but it happens that those that are available request access codes. In case you don’t have them, there are programs that can help you discover and unlock them . We’ll be talking about that throughout this article.

You should know that the same work in a similar way but not identical , and that its main function is to scan each of the available networks, and then indicate with a green tilde which you can unlock .

The deciphering of a WiFi key, rather than being seen as a hacking, is the being able to verify if the security of your network is adequate and if it is not recommended, you should place a password harder to crack.

What are the risks of using apps on your device to hack networks Android and iOS mobile?

When an individual links their devices to an unknown network, must take into account the degree of danger that their information and data may run , motivated that they are not sure that they can be employees or marketed for another purpose. For this reason, when you want to use these apps, it must be your responsibility, always bearing in mind that you will take all the risks involved in connecting illegally to these networks.

Now, in the Play Store there are many applications that are used to get free WiFi, but many of them do not fully fulfill their functions because they are sometimes placed there so that people fall into a trap and your device becomes contaminated with viruses and malware.

Also, care must be taken with the dangers of hacking the third-party app or any type of programs, motivated that have no guarantee regarding security .

Anyway, hacking WiFi networks in itself is not legal, so if you are willing to do this you must be very careful and act under your responsibility .

List of the best 15 applications to crack WiFi passwords on Android and iOS

Among the best applications that we offer below to decrypt WiFi passwords , keep in mind that when it gives you a green option you can decrypt the password, otherwise it happens when the red color comes out which indicates that you will not be able to access that WiFi network:



It has a simple interface to use so you can find the WiFi password you want , so once installed this application you just have to click on the selected network, then give it to the “No custom PIN” option.

You should keep in mind that in its latest version only works for Android 4.0 and higher models . The other thing is that your device must have the BusyBox app, in addition that it must be rooted to avoid security problems with the access point.

Download AndroDumpper APK Android

Instabridge WiFi Passwords


The Instabridge WiFi Passwords app is an application used to access the Internet for free. In addition has unmatched features , since through it you can connect to any WiFi network quickly and efficiently.

You can get it through the App Store, where you can see that has more than one hundred ratings positively , which is why its function is considered to be good and is rated as one of the best applications you can get to hack a WiFi network for your device.

In addition, you can use it on any of your Apple devices, as well as on your iPhone, iPad and also on your iPad Touch .

WPS connect


This is a new application and we can’t stop mentioning it, since it has been one of the best solutions for Android. Through it you can easily access the keys used to connect to a WiFi from your mobile device.

It should be noted that you can connect to different routers, so all you have to do is run your download on the mobile device and find out the option that is most favorable. Similarly, works with the WPS security of the Wireless Network Card .

In case you have an Android Root device, this app is a good option for you to get the keys of the Wi-Fi networks that you have around you , and you can also access securely to the same.

Download WPS Connect APK Android

Wifi Kill – Disconnect Intruders


If you work with a WiFi network to which many users connect simultaneously, this app will be very useful. Once you have it installed, it makes it possible to continuously monitor everyone and each of the devices that connect to your network.

It is particularly useful in those countries where responsibilities are established to the owners of the networks from which the contents can be misused at some time. It is also widely used by parents to find out what kind of content children are looking for .

Download Wifi Kill APK Android

Wifi Inspect – Network Audit


You need to have a root permission to use this application on your mobile device . It is an instrument widely used by professionals working in the area of ​​computer security, as well as by other users who want to take control of a network.

Also, is used to perform security audits , however it is rarely used to hack Wi-Fi networks.

ZAnti Penetration Testing Android Hacking Toolkit


It is an instrument that serves to detect any type of vulnerability of your Android , when an intruder wants to access your WiFi network. In case of being a professional hacker this is a fundamental tool that you must have on your mobile device.

Being a new application you can get the access code of any WiFi network, so it would be good to put it to the test. Although you must be very careful when using it motivated that its developers are not responsible for any type of damage that is caused, besides that it has no guarantee whatsoever .

Download ZAnti Penetration Testing Android

Fing Networks Tools – Android Network Audit

Fing Networks Tools

It is an apps that help to examine networks . It has a very practical and modern interface which makes it possible to study security levels, as well as detect if any intruder wants to cause any inconvenient in your network.

Download Fing Networks Tools Android

WiFi WPA WPS Tester WiFi-WPA-WPS-Tester

It is used to steal WiFi passwords, since has specific algorithms , with which each of the combinations that can be given to connect a device is processed. In addition, it has an excellent ranking thanks to its efficient use. When you use it does not throw as much publicity , this being one of its advantages.

Router Keygen


With this app you can connect with a large number of routers in a safe way, since with it it is possible to know if there is any type of cyber attack on the internet connection of some person.

Another of its advantages is that when you open it it presents you with the best options to connect according to the place you are. You can download it directly from Play Store for free.

WiFi Password


With this application you can connect and scan any access point of a WiFi that is within your perimeter, and you only have to click on the one you want to choose. In its servers there are several passwords that have been shared by different people, so you can use them to be able to compare and apply them , in addition to accessing the WiFi you want.

WiFi Warden

WiFi Warden

You can connect whenever you want and you can also know what the modem manufacturer is, the level of security, encryption, the power it has , the distance it reaches and the names of the WiFi hotspots you have nearby. You can also know what type of vulnerability these networks have that you want to access and thus be able to connect to a Pin WPS generator.

Likewise, you will be able to see the information that the devices that are connected have, which makes you more secure and enjoy each of its advantages, since it is an application that is very complete. Anyway, using this app you can have more secure passwords, as well as recover them when you need them because comes with a very advanced protection guide .

Kali Linux NetHunter


Kali Linux NetHunter, is a tool used to test any intrusion your Android may have when there is an open source generated by Offensive Security. With it you can hack all kinds of Android, and configure your safety net.

Penetrate Pro


It is an instrument that allows you to access a Wi-Fi network for free from any type of device, including from your tablet or mobile phone. Its innovative system scans all the WiFi networks that you have available around, being that it also serves with all kinds of routers . This application computes WEP / WPA keys, which expresses each of the decodes so you can have the access codes.

Download Penetrate Pro Android APK



By using this application you can search and get the password of the WiFi networks you have nearby, it is one of the apps that users confirm to be one of the best you can find . It takes a bit to crack a password because it performs several types of tests to obtain the possible combinations that may exist.

It’s a shame that when the passwords are very wide this application takes a long time to get the same, so it can take a long time from the user.

Download WiFiPass Android APK

WiFi Auditor