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What are the best applications to download movies and series on your Android mobile phone and iPhone? 2021 list

What are the best applications to download movies and series on your Android mobile phone and iPhone? 2020 list

Currently, one of the most searched and watched content from the Internet, are movies and series . Since, they have taken a great boom due to the remarkable expansion of streaming services, which are usually enjoyed from a computer or Smart TV. However, for those who want to view this content from their mobile, there are not many alternatives around such streaming services , especially because they are paid.

For this reason, many users are looking for mobile applications that offer different options to watch movies and series of all genres, offline and free of charge . That is to say, they are solutions that allow them to download these contents to see them whenever they want from their smartphone, regardless of their location and avoiding spending mobile data.

So, fortunately, there are several options available for Android and iPhone devices, which you can easily try. Reason why, in this post, we want to let you know what are the best apps to download series and movies on the cell phone , after pointing out the most relevant risks when downloading content “Pirate” .

What are the risks of using applications to download content “Pirate” of series and movies?

Cuáles son los riesgos de utilizar aplicaciones para bajar contenido

As we indicated earlier, it is valuable to take into account the most powerful risks to which you are exposed when you decide to hack and download series and movies from mobile apps . Since, even if you don’t believe it, it is considered extremely dangerous to download such content on your mobile devices and then we mention the main dangers :

Your private information remains insecure

Usually, through pirate content in the form of series and movies, hackers operate in order to steal your data and turn your mobile phone into a “zombie” . So, they can access your IP address when you download the app, they can use your data negatively and increase the vulnerabilities of your device. In other words, they basically maintain a personalized infection .

A constant threat of malware

Another of the most famous risks, is malware . Since, it is estimated that online piracy and through mobile apps, is the easiest way to infect devices with viruses and even more, because they present them in the form of links that download these viruses automatically .

These links, in general, indicate messages such as the following: “To access the content click here” and from those, redirect you to a website or download an installer based on an executable with the function of installing malware on the person’s computer .

The risk of pirated software

As with softwares, mobile apps are also updated automatically, unless it’s a pirated version . That way, when you download pirated content from series and movies, you will lose the new features that may come out of an application and worst of all, there is another risk with respect to security .

In this sense, hackers are responsible for taking advantage of the security breaches of the outdated application and produce massive attacks or hacks to steal all possible information from users .

It is illegal and they could condemn you for it

Another of the most obvious dangers of downloading pirated content has to do with its illegality . Reason why, they could condemn you in many countries worldwide; taking into account that already several people have been arrested for this type of activities .

Added to that, also has to do with the sense of morality and ethics . Well, it is not appropriate to download a series or movie “pirate” , when you know that many people spent years creating, developing and composing them; then it is sad that it ends like this.

List of the best applications to download and watch series and free movies on Android and iOS

Clarified the above, it is necessary to start with the list of the 10 most optimal applications to use on both Android and iPhone, which serve to download and enjoy a variety of series and movies, without paying anything :



Available for Android and iOS , this app is based on a solution that you can use to download high quality movies on your mobile, tablet or iPad and enjoy them offline . Although it is not a free option at all, the truth is that it allows you to try the platform for 30 days for free and during that time, get all the movies you want.

Among other details, MUBI has a function from which you can share these movies with your friends , as well as mark them as favorites and rate them within the mobile application. It should be noted that, it allows you to play the content in HD on the big screen, instantly and using AirPlay, Chromecast, an Android TV or any Smart TV.

Additionally, it has a screen saver that you can enable, where it displays beautiful images of its available movies.

HD Movies and Series

Peliculas y Series HD

One of the best qualified solutions we found for Android, is this free application that you can download from your smartphone or tablet. Thus, the app gives its users the possibility to choose from a wide variety of movies and series that it hosts in its library and even IPTV and VOD content. That way, you can enjoy your favorite movies and series in Spanish from wherever you want.

Among its features to highlight, we specify that it has a search engine optimized for this OS , all the content it offers is updated, its interface is simple to handle and very nice, has support for Chromecast and therefore you can synchronize the display between your devices and the TVs connected to Chromecast.

It is appropriate to highlight that, it contains several genres to choose from (action, adventure, animation, crime, science fiction, drama, suspense, terror, romance, etc.).



Using B-movies, you can watch your favorite movies whenever and wherever you want, because it allows you to enjoy them offline from your iPhone or iPad. In this sense, you can download and search all the movies you want from this app for iOS. On the other hand, it is appropriate to note that this is a completely free option .

Among other interesting features, we find that B-movies shows multiple collections and subcollections that sort movies by popularity , and with just one press, you can browse through all the details of the movie to download; These details have to do with: The score and the number of downloads, for example.

One of its best advantages lies in its ability to allow you to select the format in which you wish to download the content (it supports several recognized formats).



Among the free applications for these purposes, SnagFilms is considered to be one of the best on the market , which is available for both Android devices and iOS devices. That way, users of these operating systems that decide to use this app will have a lot of free content to enjoy, being 5,000 files in total and among which are movies, programs television and documentaries.

Added to this, it is an app that adapts to all types of audiences , because in its library it hosts all kinds of genres to choose from. In this way, it even has sectioned content for the youngest and youngest in the house.

Now, among its most important functions, we find that it supports synchronization between devices, you can add movies to the queue to watch them later and it contains an excellent search engine and even, a filtered by gender, theme or runtime .



This is a mobile application recommended for Android users who are looking for an optimal and fast solution to download movies and series. Since, it is an app that allows you to search and download all kinds of movies and videos in the comfort of your smartphone or tablet . Taking into account that, its user interface is very simple to use and shows a light and clean design.

For its part, in its latest version, you can find two new features that are based on quickly accessing your multimedia files from the added library that contains and In addition to this, closes itself . Additionally, it has no download speed limits or with respect to the download size of torrents, so it is very effective. In addition, it is available in several languages ​​and is completely free .



Specifically, it is an application that is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch , in which you have options to download your favorite movies and play them on any of these iOS devices, without the prior requirement of being connected to the Internet.

One of its best advantages is that it has compatibility with a wide variety of video formats so you don’t have any problems when playing this content (some are: AVI, WMV, RMVB, ASF , H264, MKV, TS, M2TS, etc.).

For its part, it is valuable to note that it has a user-friendly and striking user interface at the same time. However, only offers a free trial , since you must pay a monthly subscription of around 2.5 euros to make use of all its features. Among other details: it offers support for all subtitle file formats and accepts cable TV and AirPlay output.



If you are a loyal manga fan , you will love this app. Given that, it is considered one of the best mobile apps to watch anime legally and well, you will only find content related to this genre, taking into account that it hosts more than 25,000 famous episodes anime and allows you to download them easily and for free on your smartphone. Best of all, it is available for Android and iOS.

For its part, has support for Chromecast , allows you to watch the episodes directly from the app or, offline . In addition to this, it should be noted that also offers a premium or paid version , from which you can obtain more features such as the possibility of watching new episodes one hour after being broadcast in Japan and eliminating, completely, the commercials of the app.



Very similar to µTorrent, this application recommended for Android users is a solution with which you can easily locate movies and TV shows, songs, books and soundtracks to enjoy from your mobile phone or tablet Taking into account that, without paying anything, you can download the content on your device to view it offline.

In order to speed up the download process of the available movies and series, this application will allow you to divide the file you are downloading in five parts so you can enjoy it faster.

It should be noted that, it has excellent features such as its ease of searching for torrents and its support of magnetic links. Also, does not exhibit speed limits and monitors torrents of doubtful origin to respect the discharge laws that are handled in your area.

Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV

It is a free mobile application that operates as an online video store of movies and television series, especially from Spain . Reason why, it contains the best entertainment catalog that you can download to view offline on your Android device, iPhone or iPad, easily.

Thus, it includes the best series and content for children, the latest releases of independent films and well, endless content that suits all tastes .

Now, highlighting its main functions, you can b uscar, rent and watch all the movies and series available in the catalog , so it can be considered as an alternative “freemium” Additionally, you can mark the content you want to play on any of your devices and it is an app compatible with Chromecast and thanks to this, it will allow you to visualize the movies or series that you want on your Smart TV through streaming .

VUDU Movies & TV

VUDU Movies & TV

Finally, we detail this application compatible with Android and iOS , which is based on offering movies and TV shows; which you can see from wherever and whenever you want. Taking into account that, hosts more than 100,000 movies and TV series just by pressing and sliding the screen; and offers the best releases without paying monthly payments, to see on your mobile, tablet or iPad.

For its part, it is valuable to note that you can join the VUDU community in a totally free way and if you wish, rent or buy all the movies you want to watch, without any monthly subscription or extra costs.

On the other hand, support streaming directly from your device, in case you don’t want to view the content offline. In addition, with the same account in VUDU, you can enter from other devices such as Smart TV, Blu-ray or computers and support synchronization between them.