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What are the best applications to download music with images and album art? 2021 list

What are the best applications to download music with images and album art? 2020 list

Listening to music is, scientifically, one of the most beautiful ways to hang out and deliver well-being to the soul . Lately, there have been dozens of applications where you can download on each mobile device each of those topics that you like so much and here we will show you which ones are the best.

Jazz, pop, electronic, rock and roll, classical, romantic, metal and many other styles exist within it. Today it is much easier to have all the playlist you want on your computer, smartphone, tablet or other . If you are tired of having to pay to listen to music or not being able to hear what you like the most at the time you want, now you can know what to do to make it possible.

Currently it’s just a matter of clicking “Download” and you’ll have the song you want on your device. For this it is necessary to have knowledge of where to enter to get it without accessing viruses, spam and any other inconvenience that may be caused at the time of doing so. Below we present the list of the best apps in which you will get the most up to date in the music world .

List of the 8 best applications to download MP3 music with the music image original album cover

Keep in mind that we will only show a minimum amount of all existing ones, but on which you can trust and download your music without any problem. In the following you will find detailed the functions of each and everything you can see inside them .



This app is available for devices Android and iOS from Iphone . If what you are looking for is to download audios or music from different videos on the web, here you will find everything to make it happen. Peggo works through audiovisuals or songs , in which you can cut the audio from time A to one B and convert it to mp3. After that, the option to store it on your personal tablet or mobile phone will be available.

The app mentioned will not be visible in stores or in frequent official places for downloads, which is why you must access the links we provide to download it. It is important to know that if you have an Android device , you can only install it if it is higher than version 4.1 .

Keep in mind the availability of storage space of the device, although it does not have a high density, you will not be able to download without it:

  • Enter in equallyAdjusts sufficiently.
  • Touch “Activate unknown sources”.
  • Locate the executable and touch permittedInstall important.

When the download is complete, you must create a user and with it you can already use each of all the functions that it presents .

Download APK Peggo for Android

Pep Mp3 Downloader

Pep Mp3 Downloader

The main feature of this is the speed and effectiveness when it comes to downloading music. What makes it different from the rest and being one of the best in the market is its function of listening to songs within a internal player of it.

Thanks to this you can download all kinds of content and, regardless of the internet connection , you will listen as many times as you want the entire playlist of your liking . That is, without having to consume data or activate the WiFi of your device, you will have the best sound on your device. As in the previous case, this service is not available within the Android store.

What you should do is follow the steps that we explain below so you can install the app on any of your Android devices.

  • The first thing is to go to sufficientlyAdjustments given.
  • Once there, touch “Security”> “Sources”.
  • Then go to the app installer and select “Install” and “Allow execution”.

Download APK Pep Mp3 Downloader for Android

Mp3 Download Pro

Mp3 Download Pro

Being one of the best existing to download all the music you want with image included, this is only for Android . This is very easy to use and does not present any difficulty to run it on your device.

Here you will find a wide variety of genres, artists, albums, images, playlists and each of the songs you want to listen to on your smartphone or tablet. It is also not available on Google Play, so you must redirect to some of the following links to start downloading.

Download APK Mp3 Download Pro for Android

This app does not have difficult functions, which will leave you quite satisfied when using it. It presents a very easy to process system and you only have to take a little time to learn how to use it.

Tinny Tunes

Tinny Tunes

Here you will find all the lists of songs you need to search. In it you can download directly to your mobile or tablet what you want, searching by name, artist, year and others . It is prepared to deliver a list of classified results like the ones you see on the billboard top list or itunes. Thus, it will make it easier for you to locate each of the ones you want to look for and do not find anywhere else.

Tiny Tunes will not appear easily in official stores, but you can download it without problem from the following link. Once you access it, you just have to click on “download” and it will automatically start it.

Download APK Tinny Tunes for Android

Like previous applications, before downloading you must give permission for applications from unknown sources to be installed in the terminal.

Solo Music

Solo Music

Now, one of the best platforms of today, in which you will not have to pay a single penny for it. In this app you will find very effective functions as in Spotify or Deezer , which are paid. His style is very similar to the previous ones, allowing you to create your own playlists and downloading all kinds of songs internally to be able to play them whenever you can and want to.

Inside it you will find two parts: the beginning on one side and the other, your own profile . In the latter will be everything mentioned above as own playlists and bands of your liking. Another of the most important points, and nowadays essential, is to be able to use it offline, something that other greats like Spotify also do, but paying for the service.

In the link we will leave below, you can see the entire specification of the app such as weight, compatibility and others, in addition to accessing “download”.

Download APK Solo Music for Android

Again you will have to give permission to install applications from unknown sources before you can start downloading all the music you want.



We add to the list one of the latest published in the market, which is giving what to talk about its effectiveness and speed. As for Android, this app is the revelation of the last months .

In it you could only enter very few parts. It has been designed with a very small interface , making it a very fast and simple application when handling it. Thanks to that, there is not much data to contribute from it, but it is important to know that you can perform personalized searches of songs, bookmark and freely investigate for the topics you always wanted to have on your smartphone or tablet.

As in almost all other cases, it is unlikely to appear in store search engines such as Google Play. Therefore, here is the link where you can download the application.

Download APK Datmusic for Android

Music Maniac

Music Maniac

We will add another of the most important and free of the current market. Here you can perform the same functions as those mentioned above. You just have to think carefully about the name of the song you want to listen to or download and enter it in the search engine.

Thanks to that, you can reproduce them for some time to identify them and confirm that it is the one you were looking for. After that, you will click on download, in case you want to do it, and you can already have that theme within your device .

In addition, in Music Maniac , you can also have in your possession the image of the theme or the album of the same , something that not all musical applications allow you. To download the App you must enter the following link:

Download APK Music Maniac for Android

Deezer Downloader

Deezer Downloader

The application named here meets all the requirements to be one of the top five of the best in the market. In it you will find an infinite variety of songs available and it has a very simple design, which deceives you when comparing it with others. Don’t be fooled and give Deezer a chance. In it you will see a very large library, a very fast and efficient search engine, like you will also find streaming music .

Being very similar to Spotify and distributing an almost identical menu, this will give you excellent quality when downloading a song and listening to it on your mobile or tablet. It is highly recommended by each of its users and you could calmly be one of them.

We hope to have delivered all the necessary information to be able to have the music you most want on your mobile device or tablet. Having already listed the eight best known and recommended applications, what do you expect to download yours?