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What are the best applications to download photos and images from the Internet? 2022 list

What are the best applications to download photos and images from the Internet? 2020 list

Being able to download images from the Internet has become one of the most desired things for all users today. Especially when on many occasions we are limited to this type of download because different websites do not allow it.

Due to this, different mobile applications have been created both for Android and iOS that will allow users to download images from Google or any other Internet site, including social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, among others.

In this way, here we present the main apps on the market that you can find to be able to carry out this type of activity both for Android and iPhone.

List of the best apps to download images and photos on Android and iOS phones

Being able to download images from the Internet to mobile devices has become a very difficult task to achieve if we do not have a free or paid tool to help us carry out this. That is why here we will present you with a list of the best apps that you can find both in Google Play and the Apple App Store, so you can start downloading all the photos you want without any inconvenience .

We Heart it

We Heart it

In this application you will find a social network with millions of users who daily upload images of all kinds, a perfect place for you to get the best photographs. Here you will get sports, romantic, funny, fashionable, art, images among many others.

We Heart it is a very good alternative to always keep you updated with all the images on the web and you can download it in a very simple way at the time you want. It is available both for Android and iPhone and you can get it for free. However, its main counter is that it has advertisements , which can become a problem for its users.

Phone Saver

Phone Saver

This is one of the newest applications on the market and in turn one of the most innovative and easy to use. Thanks to Phone Saver you can start downloading photos from Google on your Android Smartphone very quickly. A very ingenious application without any test or limitations for the user.

This app is available only for Android devices and you can download through Google Play completely free, nowadays it has 4 and a half stars and is one of the most recommended today.

Soild Explorer

Soild Explorer

This app is also available only for Android devices and can be downloaded from Google Play Store, has a trial version for 14 days. They must then purchase their Premium version. This application is very similar to the Android file manager and which will help you download photos from the Internet in a very simple way.

Recently it has been updated and has new features to improve the user experience, among them are: protect the security of user files by allowing to create password for each of the cards. If the device has a fingerprint sensor, you can activate it to avoid creating a password and it also allows cloud storage.



One of the applications most searched by Android users and one of the best when you want to search images through different websites of all sizes . It allows the download of photos with great ease since using the Google search engine, allowing you to find any type of image you want.

You can download PicFinder from Google Play and start downloading the images you want to your mobile device at any time. In addition, you will get it completely free.

Love images with phrases

Imágenes de amor con frases

If you are a user who likes to be romantic and therefore you love those images with romantic and love phrases then this app is the most recommended for you. Here you will find images with different phrases that you can download to your Smartphone and start sharing with your friends, family or partner.

An app that is available on Google Play and where you can start getting images which you can dedicate or simply save on your mobile.

Search and download images

Buscar y descargar imágenes

This tool will also work directly with the Google search engine , which will allow you to have a extensive image search , this will help you find Those photos that you want so easily and quickly. You can also download it from Google play for free. However, it should be noted that this app has ads and advertisements.

As for its features, the following stand out: search for images with great ease, download images , just by swiping the screen you can start the image search, it allows to set wallpaper photos , search log , scan list of all downloaded images among others.

Image downloader

Descargador de imágenes

If what you are looking for is an easy-to-use tool to download images from the Internet , then this app will be very helpful. With it you can start downloading all those photos from different websites that you like either to simply save them on your mobile or to place them for wallpaper or profile in any of your social networks.

«Image downloader» is mainly characterized by being very simple to use, it has a search bar where you only have to place the keyword < / strong> of the type of image you want, once you get it you only have to select the download option and in a matter of seconds it will be in the internal memory of your mobile.

Image Search – ImageSearchMan

Búsqueda de imágenes – ImageSearchMan

This app is characterized by having various functions that will facilitate the downloading of photos from the Internet , is available for Android and you can get it for free on Google Play Store.

Among the main functions offered by this application are: Download images from any website , allows you to configure the downloaded images as mobile wallpaper < / strong> , share images to other applications or users, has a search history, allows to search with filters , among many other options.

List of applications to download photos, gifs and images from Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

If you are looking for mobile applications that allow you to download images or gifs from different social networks such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook , here are some of the best apps for both iOS as for Android.



With this app you can start downloading photos and videos from your Instagram account very quickly and easily. Currently FastSave has more than 10 million downloads and is listed as one of the best apps to download images from social networks.

This will allow you to be able to save those photos that you like most of the social network and thus be able to see them in those moments where you don’t have an Internet connection. You can even save and publish it on your own account. FastSave, differs from most applications of this type thanks to its easy handling to download Insta content to very good warm.

Among the main features that we find of the app we have the following: It allows to save multiple photos and videos , save stories, has a great download speed, has a excellent platform, it offers you a secret closet to hide the images you have downloaded, allows you to see the saved photos without being online , among many other functions.

Facebook Photo Download Save

Facebook Photo Download Save

This application you can get available for Android mobile phones , with it you will have the opportunity to start download the photos you want from the Facebook platform and automatically they will save the internal memory of your Smartphone in .

It is mainly characterized by its easy handling, you just have to enter your Facebook account and look for the photo you want to download to the mobile, then click on the menu button and select there the option to share, there you will have to choose “Facebook Download Save”. Once this is done, this image will be saved in the memory of your terminal.

Being able to save them directly to your computer will allow you to access them without the need to access the Internet. In addition, you can use these images either to set them as wallpaper or upload it to your own < strong> social networks , in addition, this app takes up very little space on the computer, therefore, it will not be a problem to have it.



Giphy is currently known as one of the largest and most complete applications in the world of animated gifs. It is currently available for both iOS devices < / strong> as Android, and is considered one of the fastest apps to search, download and share GIFs on each of your social networks, as well as in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

The app is constantly making updates in order to update each of its tools to be able to provide each of its users with its best services, it has an activation and deactivation switch for “Auto-Play” for those moments where there is a bad internet signal. In addition, in the case of iOS12 or higher you have the opportunity to create your own GIF.

Without a doubt, Giphy is one of the best apps you can get both in the App Store and Google Play when you want Download and share GIFs in your different RR.SS , with just a few simple steps you can do all this.

Quick Save

Quick Save

A well-known application thanks to its excellent services, with it you will have the opportunity to save, download videos and images by using the app’s quick save. Quick Save is considered today as one of the fastest tools on the market to carry out this type of activity. Where with just a few clicks you can store the images of your social network as Instagram in the memory of your mobile.

Therefore, if you are looking for an app to be able to save images from Instagram or another social network quickly and safely, Quick Save is one of the best alternatives. In addition, each of the images you download can be used to edit them, upload them to your accounts or use it as a wallpaper on your mobile .

Repost Instagram & Video Downloader

Repost Instagram & Vídeo Downloader

Downloader is an application for Android devices that will help you store all those images and videos that you find on Instagram, no matter what User has published them. In addition, all these images that you download to your mobile phone can be used again to upload them to the social network or simply share them with your friends.

As for the management of the app is very simple, you do not need to create an account, therefore, it will not be necessary to log in to Instagram , you just start browsing the social network with “Repost Instagram & Video Downloader” and download the images you like most.

Instant Save – HD photo downloader for Instagram

Instant Save – HD photo downloader for Instagram

If what you are looking for is a tool that allows you to download images or videos from your Instagram account and then upload them again to the social network then with “Instant Save – HD photo downloader for Instagram ” you can start to carry out all this in a very easy and fast way.

With just one click this app will help you to download content from the social network, either to simply save them to your device and share them with your friends or to publish them again on Insta . Best of all, you can get this application completely free through Google Play.

Among its main features are downloading videos and images or forwarding from Instagram , storing the downloaded content in the “Gallery” of the Smartphone, copy the Instagram subtitles, repost in Insta , among many other functions available within the app.

Download Twitter video

Download Twitter vídeo

With this app you will have the opportunity to start downloading videos and gif from the Twitter social network in a very simple way, which will allow you to access these videos and images in movement type .gif without the need for an Internet connection. In such a way that being able to access your favorite content on the social network will cease to be a problem.

It should be noted that watching videos or gif directly from the social network means excessive data consumption if we do not have a wireless connection , That is why this type of tools is a great advantage to be able to download these files and be able to access them at any time. In addition, this app is designed with a warm first interface and with very little advertising, which becomes a real advantage for its users.