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What are the best applications to hack vulnerable WiFi networks on Android? 2022 list

What are the best applications to hack vulnerable WiFi networks on Android? 2020 list

When we need to access different WiFi networks, either because we are far from our homes or our offices, we remember that we should have downloaded some of the applications that exist in the Google Play Store.

We did not do the previous task because we distrust or because we do not have clear information about how these apps work to be able to decipher the passwords of the different routers.

We will show you how these applications work to be able to enter a wireless network, we will analyze the requirements we need to make our WiFi network safe.

How does an Android application work to crack WiFi passwords?

¿Cómo funciona una aplicación Android para descifrar contraseñas WiFi?

Applications for Android operating systems can crack almost always WiFi passwords when you have WEP encryption the router to access.

Although this encryption is not used much today, we can occasionally find a network with these characteristics. For these cases the work of the applications will be simple.

When encryption is WPA, there are two possibilities:

  • When encryption has no hidden Beacon Frames (it is an IEEE 802.11-based WLAN network management framework), negotiation of access to the router in two stages occurs. The first stage is that of authentication whether it is open or with a password and the second stage is that of association to that network, thus completing the connection process.
  • When is not being issued Beacon Frames (or it is hidden) is where the applications that we download from the stores come in to work.

For the latter case there is an initial test where the application sends an SSID (a series of 32 combinations of 8 numbers each) to the WiFi network with which you want to establish a connection . At this time, the gateway is expected to respond positively and only there will be able to start the authentication and association stages.

In other words, the applications are directed to the second process trying to access that access door through different PINES that are established in their databases.

These PINES arise from information that is collected from the different manufacturers, which provide the router model and brand and the 8-digit encryption PIN to access.

What conditions must be met in order for a wireless network to be hacked?

In order to establish a connection to a network by deciphering the password, certain characteristics or requirements that these wireless networks must have must be met.

We will name some of those requirements to access:

Weak encryption

It is considered “ weak encryption ” or “ also weak key ”, to those passwords that have an algorithm, which contains an encryption with which said algorithm does not fulfill the expected functions of it .

Algorithms with weak keys can, among others, WEP, IDEA and Blowfish . We can also say that weak encryption are those passwords that in one way or another can be detected through the identification of their subkeys .

If these subkeys are identical , for example, when the bit numbers are all zeros, or all ones, or the first half ones and the second zeros or vice versa, we consider it to be weak encryption by its subkeys.

SSID and factory password

As we mentioned earlier the SSID (Service Set Identifier) ​​ is the set of numbers that are included in data packets of a wireless network . The code is composed of a maximum of 32 characters are generally alphanumeric.

When you want to establish communication between the different wireless devices, each one must share the same SSID. This code is factory set and usually comes with a sticker attached to the box of our router .

When we do not change this alphanumeric composition to access the wireless network, we are being vulnerable as manufacturers deliver the different hacking applications to their default SSIDs.

That is, if an application has the 32-character code included in its database and we have not changed the way to access our WiFI, there are many possibilities that that application when trying to enter with different PINES will succeed.

Other vulnerabilities

Otras vulnerabilidades. Condiciones deben cumplirse para que una red inalámbrica pueda ser hackeada

There are also other vulnerabilities that we can recommend that you avoid so that your WiFi network is not hacked.

Some of these tips are:

  • Do not share the password with people you do not know or do not have enough confidence, since they could disclose your Internet password.
  • Use Always passwords containing numbers, special characters (for example « @ #% &») to make access to the router more difficult.
  • Treat passwords to enter your WiFi network are not directly related to you or with a family member of yours, for example, avoid entering your home address, your birthday, the name of a family member, etc. / li>

Is it really possible to hack a well-protected WiFi network?

As we have been naming you in this post, you can decrypt the password to access a WiFi network as long as there is a WPS encryption, which is almost not currently used.

For other networks with encryptions other than WPS, it is very difficult to access the access password, since they have a very good level of protection and generally the applications that exist in the market cannot violate them.

List of the best 30 applications to hack Wi-Fi from your Android device

Next, we will detail the best applications you can find in the Google Play Store so that our Android device can crack passwords and access Wi-Fi wireless networks:

Las mejores 30 aplicaciones para hackear Wi-Fi desde tu dispositivo Android

WPS WPA Connect Dumper

This application checks if an access point or gateway is vulnerable. Once it is established that the connection is possible, try through a fairly large database with different PINES.

Router Keygen

You can recover the WiFi keys we have forgotten in a matter of seconds it is compatible thanks to the algorithms that it uses with the vast majority of fruits that exist in the world.

Wi-Fi passwords / Free Instabridge hotspots span >

It offers its services to the automatic WiFi connection for those moments where we are in a hurry and we do not know if there is an open connection to the place where we will have to go.

It has more than four million passwords and also different hostpost points added to its databases. Instabridge is one of the largest communities in the world where people share their WiFi passwords.

WiFi Password Hacker

It is an application that helps detect different passwords that exist near us. It has a large number of passwords for WEP, WPA2 or AES encryption.

The company that designs this app ensures that once we enter the hacked router we will go undetectable.

Wifi Password Master: Show All Wifi Password span >

The information that exists about this app is that it is a reliable application that generates WiFi passwords through the generation of random numbers and based on cryptography.

Among its tools the WiFi speed test and also the administration of different passwords.

Wifi Password Free password

It offers, in addition to a tool for cracking and hacking, a speed test of our Internet, we can also analyze who is in the network that we are using or connected, also guides us in obtaining our IP and external IP, as also in the MAC address.


WIFI WPS WPA TESTER - Mejores aplicaciones para hackear Wi-Fi desde tu dispositivo Android

It is an application in which we can obtain or know the. that they are vulnerable through a WPS protocol.

This application discovers the access point thanks to the amount of saved passwords they have, and is aimed especially for those users who have root permission.

Router password – WiFi Router Configuration

It helps us find those passwords that are predetermined or were not changed from factories. It has a simple page for router configuration and also searches for brands and models such as the router configuration page.

WiFi Password all in one

Name assigned according to the utility presented by the application. It offers to obtain a list of all the available networks within reach of our mobiles.

Analyze the signal and all the information that is necessary about a WiFi network. It is oriented to the encrypted protocols WEB, WPA and WPA2.

Show password

Aimed at those people who frequently forget passwords and need to remember them frequently. It offers for this a library and administration of our different keys.

WiFi networks can be accessed as long as the device has root permission.

Wifi Password Router Key

Router Key, mejores 30 aplicaciones para hackear Wi-Fi desde tu dispositivo Android

Provides different passwords based on router models that are loaded into their databases. They specialize in brands such as Asus, Belkin and Cisco.

Easily detect all WiFi networks around us, as well as generate a report of the MAC address, gateway and router brand.


This application allows you to connect to a Wi-Fi network by analyzing access through a PIN of 8 numbers which are identified by a large number of passwords that are stored according to the information of different manufacturers.

Its use is very simple and you should only scan the networks near our place and we will see a map with the characteristics of each one informing us mainly of their vulnerability.

Free Wi-Fi open

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