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What are the best applications to listen to and download music without an internet connection on iPhone? 2022

What are the best applications to listen to and download music without an internet connection on iPhone? 2020

Music has become a fundamental element of our life, faithful companion of those moments of joy, sadness and different emotions. Songs can move us to the best moments of our life, unleashing a thousand and one memories in our minds of people and places we crave.

Human beings, in the search to continually satisfy our daily needs, we have constantly evolved in terms of technology and with this we have taken advantage of each of the resources that she has given us. Mobile devices have become a fundamental tool to take our music with us while we walk through the park or during a long trip.

Many applications to listen to music usually generate data consumption, something that can be expensive, they also require that our device remains connected to the internet through mobile data or WiFi networks and sometimes we do not have it . For these reasons, we have decided to make a list of the ten best applications with which you can listen to music on your iPhone without needing to be connected to a mobile data network or WiFi.

Sometimes when we are bored without the internet, we want to look for motivation somewhere to rejoice and get up, and what better way to do it than with music. If you want to know which apps you can get to download and listen to music without data connection or WiFi , continue reading.

It should be noted that some tools do need a link to the network to download it, but not to listen to it as many times as you want.

Spotify Premium


Spotify is a well-known app that is used to play music via streaming. It has more than a decade on the market, so it has become one of the best options when music is about.

In Spotify in its Premium version for iPhone, the tool allows you to include your favorite songs in an offline playlist, so that when you have no connection You can enjoy them online. But not only that, but you can also enter from more than one device and in this paid version the ads will no longer be a hassle.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music

The internet giant also has an application to listen to music, she will allow you to save thousands of songs in the cloud so that you do not take up space on your mobile device.

This offers the possibility of selecting your favorite tracks and playing them when your iPhone does not have an internet connection. Google Play Music offers a free version and a Premium version, the latter offers multiple benefits that the first does not.


app deezer

It is an extraordinary platform that has millions of songs that you can download and listen online. In addition, it gives you recommendations according to your musical preferences.

In its Premium version it allows you to access your playlists without connecting to the internet, helping to reduce the consumption of your data rate. This application requires iOS 7.0 or higher.



It is one of the most complete options if you are looking for an app to listen to music without internet connection on your iPhone.

Napster puts at your disposal millions of songs from different genres that you can download and play both streaming and offline. The best thing is that it does not have annoying ads that interrupt the playback of your music.



This great tool is a very good option to play music on your iPhone, and today has become one of the main competitors of Spotify. It has a free version and a Premium version that allows obtain additional benefits by payment. It allows you to listen to music in streaming but it can also be done without being connected to an internet network.



This great tool allows you to listen to the music you want at the time you want and where you want. You have two ways to access it , a streaming via data connection or WiFi, or without an internet connection.

Apple Music

Apple Music

This application is very similar to its competitors. It is a great tool when searching to play streaming music or download it so you can listen to it later when you don’t have an internet connection.



Apple’s music application, which also serves as a store, could not be missing from this list. It’s a great alternative to listen to music on your iOS device without being connected to an internet network, which is important for many users looking to save data.



This is a very popular alternative among iOS users to be able to listen to streaming music. It has a large number of songs that will give you the greatest satisfaction and that, by acquiring the Premium version of that application, allows you to play the music you like most without having to be connected to the internet.



With this app you can search YouTube song is or artists that you like, and then download your favorite tracks and create playlists to hear when you don’t have network access This can sync it to the cloud so you don’t have problems losing it. At the same time it presents you with a top of songs so that you can discover which are the songs most listened to by the platform users.