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What are the best applications to make Video Chat or conference calls? 2022

What are the best applications to make Video Chat or conference calls? 2020

In recent times, technology has revolutionized the way people communicate and with it the way they do it. No matter where in the world you are, it can now be very easy to have contact with your family, friends or even strangers. Either by a message, a call or even a video call through an application downloaded on your computer, tablet or mobile.

With these new interaction formats, social networks have been characterized by facilitating relationships between communities . But each time they go further and give way to the creation of new tools that allow them to speak completely anonymously. Also have made it more enjoyable from a distance to be able to maintain an approach with the other person , without losing any detail.

There are so many proposals on this topic, that sometimes you spend time overwhelmed looking for the best tool. If this is your case, in this part we show you a list so you know what are the best platforms to chat with strangers and make video calls on iOS and Android . If on the contrary, you have never used any of these, but you want to do it, this is also for you. Meeting people has never been as simple as with these apps.

List of the best apps to chat with strangers on Android

If you want to have a new social circle , this time we offer you the best applications to interact with various people around the world. It goes without saying that when using any of these you should always be careful with the information that is revealed, since as well as they can be platforms to know, they can also lend themselves to bad intentions.


It’s a “ dating network ” to meet people and contact those who are close to you. This can be downloaded from the Play Store and register using Facebook , or by creating an additional account in the interface.

In it you can configure your profile with photos and information you want, so that you generate some interest in the other. You can also search for people of your liking or start a private chat with a user who is in the same search. For those who are looking for fun, new friendships, love relationships or other links it is a good tool.

Aplicación MeetMe


This platform helps users to communicate with different communities around the world, according to their preference to chat and experience. Tinder is a freemieum interface, that is, it can be used in its free version but with fewer features, or pay for an advanced subscription. In particular, this app is known as a meeting place for planning appointments.

However, it is a means that also works to establish private conversations . Once in it, you are presented with several users and you can select the person you like. If two users have a reciprocal like, a “ match ” is made and a chat room opens automatically.

Aplicación Tinder


It’s a social network to share and chat with strangers . One of the differences that it marks on the rest of the applications of this type, is that biographical profiles can be made where you can give details of yourself, being thus very similar to Facebook . Even in this one you can exchange photos, videos, gifts, games and others, making the search for Tagged more fun.

The interface has a series of filters so you can better see the updates that are made of a certain group, in other words, you can choose between gender, age, country or city. Thus helping the user to obtain a more effective and timely search .

Aplicación Tagged


This application is famous for being an interface whose purpose is to establish relationships with other users around the world completely anonymously . When you decide to create an account you must additionally add a series of hashtags (#) of your interest.

This so that people who have similar tastes to yours can easily find you and connect with the one who has chosen the same label. If you don’t have them, you can have a random conversation. In it you can only share your photos, videos and voice messages , as it is an instant messenger where you can hang out and talk about fun trivia.

Aplicación Chatous

List of the best apps for chatting and making video calls privately on iOS

If you are looking for applications to make private video chat from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch you have reached the right point. You’ve already had an idea of ​​which ones set the standard on Android, but now we tell you which ones are the best for iOS.


This social network is designed for users to share and chat through the webcam with everyone they want. They can be with acquaintances or with some stranger, because allows you to join video chat rooms . It includes a kind of chat rooms so you can be more specific when choosing.

Among them are some categories that vary, according to age, language, curiosities and countries. It doesn’t matter where you are or what device you are using, whenever you want you can open the app and find the person you want to connect to and that’s it.

Aplicación Camfrog


This is a video telephony application exclusively for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod touch . This tool not only allows you to chat and make individual video calls . In the same way it facilitates the fact of conducting group conversations of up to 30 participants, being perfect for those who need to hold conferences or contact several users at once.

The best thing about FaceTime is that it can be easily installed, just go “ Setting”> “General”> “Software update “. Although it only works for this operating system, it is only available for devices updated to iOS 12.

Aplicación Face Time

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has expanded and innovated in its services, thus acquiring new methods so that people can communicate more effectively. For those who want to chat, make video calls and others, it may be the best option.

This is because is an application that you and your friends usually have on your smartphone or on your computer , which facilitates access from any browser connected to your account without the need to download another apart. This way it will connect you with your friends and family, where you can not only talk, see and listen like in any other, but also you can use live effects to have fun with yours .

>Aplicación Facebook Messenger


Skype is a free app well known worldwide, being the most popular to interact by video, call or chat . Its biggest advantage is that it is cross-platform, and can be installed on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Windows Phone operating systems .

This application allows you to make particular video calls and together with up to 25 users . One of the most outstanding advantages of this is that you can make calls to mobile and landline numbers for a Premium rate , something that is helpful for people who are far away. It is quite light and does not consume many resources, so installing it on your Android or Desktop will not affect the overall performance of this.

Aplicación Skype