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What are the best applications to root Android in one click? 2022 list

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If you are a developer you are surely looking for a way to root your Android device , considering that this will allow you to make the most of it Take advantage of your mobile. In the same way, this procedure will help you remove all those factory preinstalled applications , as well as completely customize the appearance of it.

Usually, most users often think that the procedure to do this is long and tedious , but in reality it is quite the opposite. There are currently a lot of tools that will help you root your Android smartphone in a very simple and fast way .

To carry out this process there are many applications known as root in a click, which will help you to carry out this process from your terminal. To do this, here we are going to show you what are the best apps for you to do this.

Is it safe to use a “one click root” app to free the kernel of my Android?

It is important to clarify that running this process is not safe . However, it is used by many users today because it offers a number of advantages that will help you enjoy your device in the best possible way. But, making use of these applications can bring you some serious consequences .

This is how rooting your smartphone will automatically lose your guarantee in your telephone company, you can also start taking risks of privacy and security when installing third-party apps without being verified on Google Play and may become incompatible with many of the native functions of the system.

And at the moment of using one of these applications we are granting you the permissions so that you can start reading, modifying or executing any type of action in the system controls .

That way your personal data can start to be at risk, since they can be deleted or stolen and at the same time you can alter the hardware operation . All this can bring you some consequences like drain your battery in just a few minutes .

List of the top 10 applications «one click root smartphone» Android and be superuser

These applications known as one click root mainly serve to free your smartphone from all the restrictions that the Android operating system has . They must be installed as third-party software that are outside the Play Store virtual store .

This type of app will help you free your terminal with just one click so you can start carrying out a lot of functions that were previously restricted. For this, here we explain the to the 10 best apps so you can root your mobile device .

Dr.fone – Root

Dr.fone – Root

Dr.fone has been on the market for several years and so far remains one of the best rooting software on the web . It can be used on the Android mobile devices and you can download it for free. It is mainly characterized by being very easy to install and run , where with just one click you will be doing this whole process.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to delete all factory preinstalled applications on your device and start customizing it freely you can start using this program. Which is compatible with more than 7000 device, one of the most reliable and secure software and one of the highest download rates currently .

Download Dr.fone Root Windows



This program is ideal for starting to realize what is the root method from a single click, and is currently one of the safest and cleanest at the time of to work. With it you can start to release your smartphone in a very simple and fast way, this will allow you to customize it to your liking and make use of app from third parties to externalize Play Store.

In order to use Framaroot you must have a Android mobile phone higher than version 4.0. However, not all new smartphones are compatible with this program In addition, this app includes a series where all the names of the Lord of the Rings movie will appear.

Download Framaroot APK Android



Kingroot has become other tools that will allow you to root your smartphone in a very simple way . To do this, this program is based on the cloud and will help you get the best method for you to free your terminal. is currently one of the most used to carry these processes out for its excellent performance and performance .

This application is mainly characterized by being very simple to use and install, you just have to download it and once downloaded you just have to run it so you can start carrying out this process >.

Download Kingroot APK Android

CF-Auto Root

CF-Auto Root

Auto Root has been designed by one of the members of ChainFire , and it is based on carrying out the release of Android devices , this will allow users of smartphones to be able to execute a large number of functions that they could not before . It has an automated system that works constantly to root.

It will also allow each of applications to have access to the program , thus offering specialized methods especially for Samsung Android devices , although it also works with Motorolas and Nexus .

One Click Root

Un click en la raíz

This software will teach you one of the most classic methods to root a mobile device , and as its name implies, it will help you free your terminal from all restrictions of Android . One way to start customizing your computer your way without any limitations.

But, unlike most programs of this type, a click on the root will offer you a live chat every time you use it, it will It will allow you to communicate with the developer support channel that will help you solve any kind of inconvenience you may have.

Download One Click Root Windows



Towelroot has been designed by Geohot, who was the first hacker capable of hacking the PlayStation 3 console. It has been responsible for creating an application that is capable of freeing mobile devices so they can get rid of all those native programs on the system.

However, this program has high compatibility with older equipment, something that does not currently happen with the latest models that have been released.


Download Towelroot Android APK

Rescue Root

Rescue Root

Another alternative that we can find available on the web to perform this type of activity is through Rescue Root , unlike most of the programs designed for these processes, this time you need to work directly with a PC to run the software.

This means that you need to connect the smartphone directly to the PC so that they work through the microSD . It is important to mention that Rescue has one of the largest databases and which is capable of releasing almost all current devices . It has a free version that will be a bit limited in terms of functions, the opposite happens with the paid version .

Download Rescue Root Android APK

Root Master

Root Master

In case you are starting with these types of processes in smartphones, then it is best to make use of this program. It stands out for being very simple to use and install . In the same way it offers you an excellent method that has been designed primarily for beginners .

And the app will automatically detect your device and its version , after a small analysis it will tell you if it can be rooted or not . In the event that, if it can be executed, the process will take a few minutes . Note that it works with almost all models released until 2017 .

Download Root Master Windows

Kingo Root

Kingo Root

Kingo Root has become another option available to root a smartphone or Android Tablet . It is currently considered one of the best applications of the operating system to carry out this. It will help you free your computer so you can start using those apps that the system usually doesn’t accept.

It should be noted that Kingo is completely free and offers you a lot of tools that will help you carry out this activity quickly and safely. However, it is important to mention that is not compatible with all smartphone models s, but it keeps you protected against any risk.

Some of its drawbacks is that you need Internet connection for functions and being free shows commercials .

Download Kingo Root Windows

Download Kingo Root Android APK

Andoot Universal

Andoot Universal

Finally we present Andoot Universal , a generic application that is capable of any type of rooting . It works very well with Android mobile devices and tablets and unlike most other software of this type, it shows compatibility with almost all devices, including Samsung, HTC , Sony, Motorola , and all those with versions higher than Android 1.5 .

Another of its main sales is that you will not need to have a computer to run it and that it is very easy to use. But, being a free application it shows some commercials and also needs an Internet connection to work r. This means that if you do not have a WiFi network it can become a high consumption of mobile data .

Download Kingo RootAndoot Universal Android APK