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What are the best applications to save battery on Android and iOS mobile? 2021 list

What are the best applications to save battery on Android and iOS mobile? 2020 list

Given the different utilities of a mobile phone, one of the biggest concerns of all users is to know how long it can last on their device , given that it is a tool that allows thousands of things and without it, all activities are probably complicated and even people can have certain inconveniences. Taking into account that the battery life of all Smartphones is not the most optimal and much less infinite , so having effective solutions for it is a great luck. Thus, the famous “ battery savers ” arise.

While it is true, these types of applications allow to fully squeeze the battery life in the stack and therefore, can help mobile phones to improve the useful life of your battery and even extend it . In this way, it neutralizes the sensors that remain on in the terminal, the common mechanisms such as Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC or the various applications installed there that run in the background, which increase the battery consumption.

As we mentioned, there are currently too many applications that save mobile consumption, both Android and iOS, but it is important to have really effective solutions . Since, many of these platforms promise to optimize the energy consumption of the terminals and save it but ultimately, they fail to do so and only serve to occupy more space on the device. Consequently, from this post we want to let you know the most successful uses of a battery saver , the best tricks that exist to be able to extend the battery performance of the Smartphone and the most optimal applications for manage to save the consumption of it.

What is a battery saver for phones? Android and iOS phones?

Ahorrador de bateria para telefonos moviles

To begin with, a battery saver is an app that allows you to extend the battery life of your cell phone , through different functions that it integrates. When this type of software did not exist, people resorted to other mechanisms to allow their phone to save energy, whether to disconnect when the phone was not required, disable sensors that were not being used, uninstall apps, etc.

But, these actions can now be carried out by those applications and automatically , so if you install one of them, you won’t have to worry about the above , since the same tool does it on its own.

In this sense, the main benefit of energy savers is the ease they offer , since with just one press on the screen of your mobile, you will activate and deactivate all the functions that consume more energy in it and with it, you can maximize the duration of it. Preventing this way, the phone will turn off, suffer certain failures or damage the battery in a short time.

In this way, you can confirm that these applications are effective and practical . Therefore, people download them both from Google Play Store or Apple Store , taking into account that recently, experts said that those apps are the most searched and installed from these mobile stores .

However, in this sense, it is important to make use of the best and point out that none of them contain malware , in order to protect the phone from any danger.

Tricks and tips to save more battery on Android or iPhone smartphones

Before detailing the most suitable apps to start increasing the time of mobile use, it is necessary to know and make use of different tricks that allow you to reserve this phone power and also, optimize battery performance . Here are the most pragmatic tactics and recommendations today:

Do not use automatic brightness as much as possible

No usar el brillo automático en la medida de lo posible

Users generally love to have the maximum brightness of their phone’s screen, either for convenience or for any reason. However, it should be borne in mind that the higher you set that brightness , the phone will consume many more batteries when the screen is on .

In this way, it is common for people to have automatic brightness enabled, but when saving this type of mobile power, it is best not to use it .

Indeed, we recommend you modify the screen brightness and better do it manually . This being more efficient to optimize the energy level to your liking. Then, to slide the famous brightness adjustment bar, you must perform the following procedure:

  • Go to the “ Settings ” menu of your terminal and click on the “Screen” section.
  • Then, another menu with various options and you must choose there the one that has the name “ Brightness level ”.
  • Now, located in that selection, you can see if the option is activated automatic brightness , so proceed to disable it (if yes) and modify it manually whenever you want .

This, in addition to allowing the mobile an excellent energy saving , also suppresses the annoying moments when there are slight changes in lighting in the environment and therefore, changes the brightness of the screen .

Disconnect apps or services you don’t need

Desconectar las apps o servicios que no necesites

Given that Smartphones are used for a wide variety of actions, it is normal for users to keep more things activated than they need . An example of this is to keep the Wi-Fi option activated when you leave your home, which although we think it does not use a battery, it actually does the opposite.

Since is one of the reasons that causes more battery drain , because the mobile will be looking for Wi-Fi networks at all times .


Therefore, as well as this, there are other similar reasons that go against the energy saving in the phone. Thus, we advise you to disconnect the tools from your mobile that you do not need to use and simply activate them when you need them, and so on. With this, we also refer to mobile data, Bluetooth, NFC, among others.

Well, the process to deactivate them is simple, there are two options:

  • Through the Settings menu , in the different choices it displays.
  • Sliding the notification menu on the screen phone start.

Reduce the screen timeout

Reducir el tiempo de espera de la pantalla

Once again we named the phone screen and well, this is one of the elements that spends more energy on a mobile. Therefore, another effective recommendation is reduce screen timeout , since this will last less time on when you stop using the terminal, so avoid doubling the depletion of the battery (enough has the phone when you use it).

To do it, the process is extremely simple, here step by step:

  • First of all, enter the Phone Settings menu , specifically the option “ Display ”.
  • After this, look for the selection that says “ Screen timeout ”.
  • In this way, you can choose between the times that this option shows you and the best is select options that are within the second parameters .

For greater benefit, you can choose to turn off the screen as soon as you stop using the terminal.

Disable touch sounds

Desactivar los sonidos táctiles

Another reason why a mobile phone can shed a lot of battery consumption on a daily basis is because of touch sounds . Since these, like vibration and haptic response, require a lot of energy to function. So, just think how many times you write through your mobile and get to get accounts, because between key and key, the device will decrease very quickly .

Consequently, we advise you to deactivate this option , which is very easy. Below we detail the procedure to be carried out:

  • Enter the Settings menu of the terminal and proceed to the option “ Sounds and notifications ”.
  • After This selection opens, you will see a box with the name “ Touch sound ” or something similar, there you only have to uncheck the check that you are shown and that’s it. < / li>

In this way, you will cooperate so that the terminal spends less energy throughout the day .

Keep all your applications updated

Mantener todas tus aplicaciones actualizadas

Generally, apps on mobile phones start to update automatically (if your Smartphone has enough storage space) and, every time the terminal accepts this procedure, battery performance can improve >, thanks to the fact that this approves lower battery consumption .

The main reason refers to the fact that once a mobile application is updated, fail to resolve phone failures and this causes excellent drainage . Consequently, it is ideal that in Google Play Store or Apple Store , you have enabled the option that notifies you of application update availability.

The process for this is completely simple, just access the mobile store , click on the option “ Notifications ” and see if the part of “ Updates ”is activated.

Better apps to save and optimize battery performance and consumption for Android and iOS

As there are really effective applications to save and optimize the performance of the mobile battery, here we present five of them that are recommended by experts and have thrown a magnificent performance both on Android devices and also on iOS.

DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver

This application is the best rated for Android devices and you can get it for free in Google Play Store . It has a totally effective and even incredible power management mode , which manages to solve all the failures of the cell phone battery and extend its useful life in a timely manner.

In addition, it has a cooling function that adds systematic monitoring capable of deactivating unusable programs , in order to protect the Smartphone.

Among other features, DU Battery Saver includes a “ Optimize ” widget on the home screen, in order to stop apps in the background that consume a lot of battery . It also contains a professional charging mode that maximizes its prolongation and prevents it from being overloaded.

In addition to this, it has predefined intelligent modes that personalize the use of consumption to reach the right balance between the useful life and its proper functioning . For these and other features, it has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play .

System Status Lite

System Status Lite

This app especially for iOS users, is an excellent alternative to monitor and optimize the performance of your iPhone and iPad device , which in addition to being a lightweight platform, easy to operate and with a screen graph of the remaining energy level, specifically shows you the status of the battery , whether it is unloading, charging or filling.

It also has tools that allow to analyze disk usage , system boot time, activity time and the remaining time that the energy level has.

For its part, System Status Lite offers interesting information about the 3G network connection and Wi-Fi, external IP address, IP address of the current connection and data about the operator, provider of the network along with MCC and MNC codes.

Additionally, provides medium load in the last 1, 5 and 15 minutes ; like real-time screen updates when parameters already monitored are changed .

Battery HD

Battery HD

This is an app compatible with Android and iOS devices , which in addition to working as a great battery monitor, has an extremely elegant and easy to use interface on any mobile . From this platform, you can know specifically how many hours you have left to use various programs installed in the terminal , until it runs out.

Also issues alerts for some apps in a variety of ways , in order to notify if they are affecting the cell phone’s battery.

In addition to this, it presents animated backgrounds, data from the notification area, various widgets, voice recognition, tools for surfing the Internet , important information according to the time remaining for have to charge the Smartphone , 2D and 3D games, video chat and GPS navigation. In addition to tables detailing the load , cell phone temperature and voltage .

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor

This free battery saver for Android and iOS allows you to stop running applications in the background and thereby extend the life of the mobile battery . Optimizing in this way, the performance of it with just one touch, since in reference to its operation to not spend more, has a button that suppresses (for a moment) unused applications . < / p>

In short, successfully manages the charging status , has a battery cooling tool that disables all programs or services that cause overheating; block and clean junk notifications so users don’t bother with unnecessary warnings.

For its part, this mobile application gives you battery details under various situations , adds quick tool access with sophisticated settings and has a brightness level control . Also gives you intelligent charging recommendations and provides support for more than 28 languages ​​.



Many of the applications that work as “ energy saving “, all they do is slow down the Smartphone and do not emit any optimization regarding the battery. Fortunately, Greenify does the opposite and therefore is considered one of the best solutions for Android and iOS

First of all because perfectly manages battery life , it is free, it allows its users to identify the behavior of all programs and if one is not working correctly, simply put in hibernate mode so as not to affect the cell phone battery and prevent it from being delayed .