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What are the best applications to send free SMS on Android or iPhone? 2022 list

What are the best applications to send free SMS on Android or iPhone? 2020 list

While it is true, for about 25 years , the first cell phones on the market went on sale which of course, only served to make calls and send text messages . This is why, SMS messages have great relevance in the world and that is before implementing apps like WhatsApp, Skype and any of that kind, who commanded the remote communications of a certain so, they were those kinds of messages . Since, they basically worked as a kind of chat between users of all ages.

In this sense and despite the fact that the popular instant messaging applications have taken a remarkable power and a great advantage over SMS, similarly they are still important elements in the day-to-day life of people . Since, when there is a problem with the Internet connection or mobile data, people often use SMS to communicate .

For this reason, it is relevant to know that certain applications today, are dedicated to providing excellent assistance to its users to send text messages totally free . Best of all, these are easily found in any app store and therefore, there are options for both Android and iPhone terminals . In fact, here are some of the best apps to send SMS without any cost .

List of the best applications to send free text messages on Android

To begin, we will consider the most optimal applications to send text messages for free through any Android device , which reveal really beneficial features and are:

Android messages

Mensajes de Android

This is the most famous solution for Android mobiles and is so recognized for referring to the direct replacement of SMS in Hangouts. Thus, is the official Google app to send messages and presents a completely comfortable, clean and intuitive design that reveals intelligent and fast responses .

It gives you the ease of having more lively conversations , by making it possible to send emojis, stickers, audio and even your location with all your contacts. Added to this, “ Android Messages” has the ability to send and receive payments in a completely secure way and through Google Pay .

Also guarantees the transfer of photos and videos directly from the application and in a totally easy way , in addition to displaying effective search to immediately find the content shared through of your conversations In sum, it features chat functions (RCS) such as receiving messages using a Wi-Fi network .



It is an app with support only for mobile devices (so far does not support Tablets), which allows you to communicate instantly via SMS and at no additional cost . Taking into account that this is done by protecting your privacy and all the information you share, thanks to using an advanced end-to-end encryption protocol .

Adding to this, not even the platform’s servers themselves can access your communications or your private data. It is free and open source , so it is considered the only private messaging application on Android that uses open source encryption protocols and also analyzed by professional cryptographers .

In addition, it allows to make group chats , make calls and video calls with absolute quality, and is estimated as a quick solution to deliver messages to your friends .


Textra SMS

Textra SMS

Experts say this is the best SMS application to be used on Android devices. Since, this is the most complete solution , mainly because is fast , issues prerecorded responses , it has perfect support with Android Auto and Android Wear.

In addition, it features dual SIM support and allows you to use up to a total of 800 different emojis for more fun conversations. For its part, Textra SMS has been considered over time as an app that allows great customization to its users and this is one of its most notable features.

Given that, has more than 100 themes (light and dark), as well as multiple bubble styles that allow you to configure the platform as you like.



As well as the previous option, this app also allows a remarkable customization , since it has multiple themes that fit all possible tastes and also grants the simplicity of set the night mode whenever you want .

In reference to its interface, is completely striking because it is quite colorful ; which is very attractive for its users. Now, in terms of its operation, is a simple and very fast platform .

Among other features, it can be considered very similar to Android Messages and shows an ideal support for Android Wear, it also allows multiple message selection. However, this alternative lacks support for Dual SIM , which is a great aspect against it.

Chomp SMS

chomp SMS

As a last solution for Android, we recommend using this application that has very good functions to send free SMS through your device. For starters, it emits excellent privacy options, has an access code lock , allows you to stop a text while it is being sent and supports dual SIM .

It also has an SMS sender programmed around birthday wishes or reminders and enables blacklists or message blocker , as well as guarantees backups . For more features, we inform you that the platform allows multiple selections , a quick response pop-up window, has a section of better messages and has more than 2700 Android-style emojis that include all kinds of styles .

In addition, it allows a good degree of customization, by allowing to change the colors of the LEDs depending on a specific notification , manage the vibration patterns and ringtones as you wish.

List of the best apps to send free SMS on iPhone or iPad

Fortunately, iOS users also have the ability to send and receive free text messages in ways other than those commonly used and also have great features.

That is why, here are some of the best applications for it that can be downloaded on both iPhone and iPad :

Nimbuzz Messenger

Nimbuzz Messenger

It is one of the most complete and advanced options to send SMS in a totally free way that in addition to supporting iOS devices, it also supports other operating systems. To start, this service combines smartphone messaging with the great power shown by the Internet, in one place.

Since, with the app you can send chat messages, share files of all kinds, make voice calls and even video calls . Taking into account that also allows video chat that is text along with video but without emitting audio; This is innovative.

Among other features, the app is extremely popular and therefore, has more than 250 million registered users . It also has numerous stickers that allow you to express yourself better during your conversations, you can share your location and has options to make group chats .



Another ideal alternative to send SMS and MMS for free and totally unlimited , is textPlus that exhibits a completely simple and easy to use platform ; so it is preferred by many users to communicate via text message from their iPhone or iPad.

Additionally, allows you to make phone calls and if you wish, you can connect to a Wi-Fi network or through your data connection, to communicate with other users located in any country in the world .

In this sense, also has the group chat function , in which participants can be added unlimitedly and even regardless of whether you are connected to a 3G or 4G network, the application works perfectly with Wi-Fi ; which does not happen with hundreds of apps of this type.

Text Free

Text Free

Available for iPhone and iPad, this is another of the best options to send free, unlimited texts and very easily . Which also has enabled the function to transfer real MM image messages as an operator phone and without any complications .

As with most of the recommendations indicated, it has an option to share messages in groups and with this, simplify sending them to all your contacts . Having the possibility also to create groups, leave groups, include participants and let everyone be part of a conversation together .

It has a function to make free incoming calls and in terms of outgoing calls, they are very easy to win or completely economical. In addition, exhibits the ability to convert any device into a phone , so you can convert your iPad or iPod into a mobile and with that, send messages or make free calls and simply, also using a connection Wi-Fi.



Another alternative available for iOS devices , is Yuilop that allows you to send SMS for free and from its development, has proposed a new way of understanding communication between devices . Since it also shows the ability for your users to make real calls through the app and at no cost .

Even, enables recognized VoiP calls through a mobile network connection or Wi-Fi. In sum, Yuilop allows to create group chats , that is, WhatsApp type but with a limit of 20 participants at the same time .

The best thing about this is that, you can add photos, videos and share your location with all the contacts that are in that conversation. It should be noted that all this allows you to do through a specific telephone number assigned to you by the same app with its functions .



To end this section, we recommend one of the most popular apps worldwide to send messages instantly and for free ; reason why it could not be missing in the list. Thus, Skype allows you to chat with any user, just by downloading the app on your iPhone or iPad and entering your phone number or email.

Additionally, has options to create groups with an unlimited number of participants and as well as most other options, allows calls and videoconferences to be made at no cost , that is, just having an Internet connection on your device.

In short, it allows you to express yourself in a more detailed and fun way by using the hundreds of emoticons and GIFs that the platform contains . In addition, it is necessary to highlight one of its most striking features and it is the tool that adds to make real calls to numbers of landlines and mobile phones that are anywhere in the world , with a completely economic cost , as it offers several types of plans for it.

Trick Extra: Send free SMS via Google Photos

Truco Extra: Enviar SMS gratis a través de Google Fotos

Using Google Photos as a way to send free text messages, is a completely effective method for this but that until today, is not as recognized as it should be. Taking into account that for greater advantage, is a valid trick for both Android and iOS devices .

Consequently, is estimated as one of the best options to perform this type of actions with your mobile or Tablet . While it is true, the trick is basically to create an image that is text based and thus, share it through Google Photos.

Since, of course, this app designed by Google, allows you to send images via SMS text message to other Smartphone at no cost , which is the best of all. Which also gives you the ease of generating expectation and not even spending your balance.

To create a striking image that is text-based , we recommend using services such as Behappy or ImageChef , which facilitate the development of templates text that looks completely good . To do so, later download the created image and send it by text message with the help of the Google Photos app .

Now, the process to send an image as SMS through your device is quite easy , for which you must perform the following step by step :

  • Enter the Google Photos app from your mobile or Tablet. In case you don’t have it there, download it from your mobile app store and wait for it to be installed.
  • Once you are inside the application, select the image you created through Behappy or ImageChef . If you don’t get it that way, just open the menu and click on the “ Device folders ” section, where you can choose up to several images or even videos.
  • Then, press the “Share” button and only copy the phone number of the person with whom you want to share the SMS .
  • Finally, add the comment you want and click on “ Send ”. Now, wait for that process to be completed and that’s it.

In this way, the receiver will see a new text message in his inbox and when he enters it, he will see a link that logically, he must press to proceed to see the image on the Internet or in Google photos (if you have this application installed). With this, you will see what you wanted to send and there will also show the name of the Google account from which you sent the SMS .