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What are the best applications to share and pass information between Android and iOS mobiles? 2020 list

What are the best applications to share and pass information between Android and iOS mobiles? 2020 list

In general, the most common means of sharing information between mobiles is via email or Bluetooth , but in many cases, the files can be too large and for that reason, It is impossible to send them . There are even recipients that may bother to see the inbox of your email fully saturated because of such files.

Given this, multiple mobile applications emerged that grant the possibility of passing any type of information between Smartphones . Whether documents, photos, videos, music in any format and even have the ability to make backup copies of your applications and share their APK file , that is, the installer of that application.

Therefore, we have made this post for you in order to make you know in detail, the best applications that exist today in the market to send information of any kind between mobiles and Tablets >. Be it Android, iPhone or iPad devices.

List of the 5 best apps to transfer data and files between Android mobile phones

To start, let’s focus on the main applications that allow you to transfer data and files on Android devices . These do not facilitate the possibility of sharing information from Android to Android, but, for greater coverage, they also allow their users to do it with other computers that can be Windows, Mac OS, Linux and even iOS.

In addition to this, it should be noted that some solutions do not require the use of the Internet and as a great advantage, ensure extremely fast and efficient transfer speeds . So, below, we present 5 of the most optimal apps for it:

Xender – Quick Transfer

Xender - Transferencia Rápida

This is a solution that allows you to share any type of file at the time you want and regardless of your location. It offers a transfer 200 times faster than the use of Bluetooth (reaches a maximum speed of 10 m / s) and does not need to use your mobile data to work perfectly (Wi-Fi is enough).

Among other features, it supports the reproduction of music and videos, does not limit the size of the files it shares , supports cross-platform transfer and thanks to this, facilitates the connections of mobiles, tablets and computers. In addition, you have a file manager that allows you to make backup copies whenever necessary for your computer.

ShareCloud (Share Apps)

ShareCloud (Share Apps)

It is an easy-to-use application with which you can share files, images, music, videos and applications easily, that is, with just one press. In this way, the platform adds the possibility of transferring files via Bluetooth, HotSpot (no Internet required), email, WhatsApp, Google Drive, Dropbox and even Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Tumblr, etc.

Among other details of ShareCloud , we highlight that you have an option to make backups of applications, photos and music to your SD card or to the cloud. It also allows you to share several files simultaneously and has instant search .

Google Files: Free space on your phone

Files de Google: Libera espacio de tu teléfono

As the name implies, this information transfer app manages to free up more space on your mobile or Tablet , in an extremely easy way. In addition, through Files Google you can see how much space your device and SD card has left and that way, you can transfer files from the app to an SD card without any type of limitation.

For its part, it allows you to have total control of what you do and thus, always know that you are deleting by selecting only what you need to remove to preserve the rest. Additionally, optimizes the performance of your device , since it periodically sends messages to know if you want to remove unwanted or temporary files.

My Drop

Mi Drop

Another of the recognized tools to pass information on Android devices, is Mi Drop which refers to an application without advertisements and with a very simple and intuitive interface to handle >; since all documents are arranged in categories. Added to this, it is estimated as a quick solution by presenting a speed 200 times higher than Bluetooth .

My Drop has no restrictions on file types, makes it easy for you to connect to a computer, can share documents without the use of the Internet and also allows them to its users to receive information in this way.

SHAREit – Transfer & Share

SHAREit - Transferir&Compartir

Refers to a program that transfers files with great speed , since it is around 200 times faster than the Bluetooth of an Android device. In addition to this, supports any type of file , regardless of site or time. Taking into account that it presents downloads in more than 24 countries.

In addition, it should be noted that does not require mobile data or Internet connection and neither does the use of USB. It is also completely simple to operate and you can connect it to your computer with just one press. Finally, it has compatibility with Windows, Mac and iOS, and contains an option to save all the data you want , called “ CLONEit ”.

List of the 5 best applications to share photos and videos between iPhone phones

Luckily, iPhone users also have solutions in the App Store to be able to share and pass information between mobiles without any complications. Here are 5 of the best apps for it :

Send Anywhere – File Transfer

Send Anywhere - File Transfer

Free of charge, this simple and fast unlimited file sharing application is one of the most famous alternatives for those who own iPhone. Thus, the platform has options to share with your friends everything you want and also transfer your music files to your device . It also allows the sending of photos and videos without causing effect on your original size.

Added to this, it is a secure option because provides a 6-digit password that gives you the ability to send and receive files in Send Anywhere . This key is generated once you select the files and when you enter it on the receiving device, immediately sends it . The application also provides links to share with several people and this will be valid for 48 hours.



Mainly, this solution is characterized by allowing to send 2GB files and presents a very practical option that involves uploading more than one file at the same time . In this sense, we highlight that MailBigFile is free and is considered as one of the best services that can be used to send large files without any complications or limitations .

Among other details, we highlight that the sender only has 10 days of term to download the files sent to him from this application. Which, can be of different types (documents, images, videos, music, etc.). In sum, it adds: views of the download history and details of each file, a Pro version and another Business (in this you can send all the files as a single zip).



It is a free solution available in the App Store that is based on a simple mechanism to share files from any iPhone , as well as manage creative projects from start to finish and get comments within the platform. Experts believe that this application allows you to join your team, as it keeps all the project files and comments in an easily accessible place .

It also allows all users to work faster because it significantly reduces the time to complete tasks. Among other details, they highlight that: sends you updates about the projects you are working on, it provides you with tools to be more creative , it indicates that run to Then , you can approve files with just one touch and it has a review option to safely share different files to multiple locations worldwide.



Another of the best options for iPhone is Pushbullet , being an app that reveals an easy and excellent operation . Starting because, it allows you to simply move files, links and multimedia documents between all your devices and computers in just a few seconds. Which means that is a really fast platform .

It has an option that issues timely notifications about all the information that may interest you. Also is free , it gives you the ability to synchronize SMS messages, notifications, copy and paste text. Also, present a selection to get a link from your computer to your mobile or vice versa with just one click .

Zapya – File sharing

Zapya - Intercambio de archivos

Finally, it is recommended to handle this perfect application for file transfer and sharing of these on several platforms at the same time. Since, supports multiple languages ​​and reveals a simple operation . In addition, it is a free solution that does not require mobile data to share massive files. Taking into account that you can send up to 260 images per minute .

Provides the exchange of documents and files between Mac and iOS devices , has a function to see other people and take photos remotely with “ PeerCam ”. It also has an excellent level of security, use of shared QR code for connectivity purposes and supports the passage of information in a group chat with multiple people.