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What are the best applications to sing well and in tune for Android and iOS? 2022 list

What are the best applications to sing well and in tune for Android and iOS? 2020 list

Many people are lovers of music and singing , so they tend to use certain establishments that are specifically dedicated to it. Which, are identified as “ karaokes “, where the fun is maximum. Even there are several video games that currently provide this service for desktop consoles.

However, with the great use of mobile phones, most people prefer to resort to solutions through apps . Fortunately for them, many options of this type have been designed and developed that allow you to sing fine and very well through your mobile . With which, you can demonstrate your skills anywhere and at the right time you want.

So, for those who love this, next we will announce some of the best mobile apps , both for Android and for iPhone, so you can lean on them and sing the song of the genre you prefer . Best of all, is all about free alternatives .

List of the 12 best apps for singing as a karaoke player voice on Android or iPhone

As promised is debt, this is the section of the current post in which we will announce in detail, a total of 12 of the most optimal and best-performing apps that you can use on your Smartphone to sing tuned (thanks to its voice corrector), just as if it were a karaoke console. Which, luckily, you can get them very simply through Google Play Store or the App Store .

Sing Karaoke with La Voz

Canta Karaoke con La Voz

This is one of the most downloaded entertainment apps in major stores of this type . Since, for the great fame of the renowned television show “ La Voz ” around the world, many people choose to use it and it is their favorite . Bearing in mind that, has millions of tracks and you can sing them both alone, as well as in a duo, with friends or with singers from different countries.

Among its main features, we find that allows you to record your favorite songs with their incredible sound and visual effects of high quality . You can also interact with other singers like you and share your reactions among the great community.

AutoRap by Smule

AutoRap by Smule

Being available both in Play Store and App Store , we also recommend this perfect application for singing well and tuned, which offers you more than 100 rhythms of songs and artists , among which Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, T-Pain, Ludacris and many more stand out. Among its most relevant particularities, we highlight that has Smule’s “rapier” technology (patent pending).

Added to that, it makes it easy for you to transform all your words into a rap track instantly with the help of “ speech mode ”. It also has a “ rap mode ” with which it is very simple to autotune your freestyle verses and correct a lousy rapping . In addition, this can make you viral by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, email and even SMS . Even add a rap battle by challenging any of your friends with its excellent “ AutoRap ” feature.

Smule: The App # 1 of Canto

Smule: La App n.º 1 de Canto

It refers to an app that has been created for all those who love music , given that with Smule they can create tracks with friends and fans from all over the world, and of course Sing your favorite songs. Since, it includes a remarkable amount of songs and popular themes in multiple countries. Taking into account that is available for Android and iOS devices , being one of the most downloaded apps in the Play Store.

To highlight more details, it is necessary to note that when entering Smule, you can sing tracks as a soloist, a duet, a cappella and even dance and have fun whenever you want . In addition, it gives you the possibility to sing like a professional, thanks to its ideal study effects that have tone correction in order to fine-tune in real time everything you interpret >. It also allows you to create videos and customize them with filters and visual effects (smoke, fireflies, bubbles, etc.).

StarMaker – Sing karaoke

StarMaker - Canta karaoke

With more than 50 million users in your community , this karaoke application is positioned as another of the best alternatives to sing like a professional and have fun wherever you want. Mainly because it has a huge catalog of the best and most famous tracks in the world . Which allows you to record and edit them to your liking , through a remarkable selection of special effects. Resulting in high quality recordings .

It has a cutting-edge technology for voice optimization that captures the sound better. It also features recommendation features that suggest the content that best suits you and guarantees a fully immersive and powerful full screen experience . Also highlighting its function called “ Hook ” that achieves more flexible recordings (you only sing the best parts of the track).

Singa: Sing Karaoke & Lyrics

Singa: Sing Karaoke & Lyrics

Free of charge, this other app for singing is one of the best available for Android and iOS , since with a library of more than 60,000 songs and lyrics of the highest quality >, is the preferred option for thousands and millions of users. The best thing about this library is that is extremely varied , that is, you can find everything from the most famous rock songs to the greatest pop hits. Offering thus, the best singing experience for all tastes and during any occasion or stage .

Singa has extremely distinguishable characteristics and among them, we highlight the following: you can save the best songs or lists of songs in your profile to sing them at another time , it makes it easy to adjust the tone of the track at a level that suits your voice and song type in a timely manner, you can also share your favorite creations or lists on social networks .

Sing Karaoke – World No. 1

Canta Karaoke - Nº1 del mundo

Another recommendation that we provide, is this free app where you can sing with all your friends millions of songs in karaoke format , that is, with music and lyrics included. Thus, it exhibits an infinite selection among a wide variety of genres and themes that fit all types of users . In addition, it allows you to record your chosen track as if you will sing a cappella and with the help of all its special effects (echo, reverberation, etc.) allows you to adjust the result to your liking and re-record as many times as you want until it is perfect .

Also, “ Sing Karaoke add special effects for video , so that it emits a much more professional result and to leave your family and friends delighted, you It makes it easy to share your creations on Facebook . In addition to presenting them also in the community of singers of the same platform.

Musixmatch Music Player Lyrics

Musixmatch Music Player Letras

This app, for a long time, has been cataloged as the best and largest world collection , of lyrics of various songs that are used by millions of people with the goal of Get instant synced lyrics , for YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and many more platforms. Available on Google Play Store and App Store.

Among its main functions and features, we tell you that Musixmatch has a function to obtain the translation of the songs on the fly , which guarantees that you can learn new languages ​​easily. Also manages to identify any lyrics of a song that sounds around you by a touch and you can search for songs with filters, that is, by title, artists or even with a phrase that contains the lyrics, to so simplify your search .

Acapella de PicPlayPost

Acapella de PicPlayPost

This is a well-known application for singing a cappella , as the name implies. Which offers a simple and efficient way to create videos to ensure more complete assistance to all users of both Android (with some bugs) and iOS . In « Acapella » you can find a wide variety of singers and musicians, as well as perfecting your harmonic and tuning performances with your voice, as well as various instruments.

It has metronome function , recording and synchronization of clips in real time, audio adjustment from left to right , collaboration with friends and playback. Keep in mind that with this application you can share the results of your creations on famous social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter . In addition, it exhibits a lot of ease in its operation, since you only have to choose a design, record and share .

Voloco: Automatic voice tuning and harmony

Voloco: Afinación automática de voz y armonía

Refers to a free application that is based on real-time voice processing and perfectly combines the following highly relevant factors: automatic tuning, harmony and voice coding. Therefore, has millions of users around the world . Taking into account that also has an easy operation , since you only have to select a track from your rhythm library to sing or rap and automatically, the platform will fine tune the note that require .

Voloco has dozens of vocal effects presets known as : Beginner, modern rap I, modern rap II, P-Tain, Bon Hiver, Bon Iver, 8 Bit Chip and Duft Pank . As well as the other options, allow to share the results on social networks and export to another application to conclude the mix you want.

Genius – Song Lyrics & More

Genius - Song Lyrics & More

This is an option very similar to Musixmatch , for all the features it integrates. Starting because is free and is available for Android and iOS devices. In addition, has one of the largest song lyrics collections in the world and also extensive musical knowledge. Which means that it can be considered as an optimal app to sing very well and have fun wherever you want with your friends .

In this sense, we highlight that has around 1.7 million songs that you can explore within the platform, it also contains a function to find verified content from artists and producers, and in that way Know what’s behind each song . Even, through this app, you can get any track that you don’t know his name but are listening around you .

Tune Me

Tune Me

As another ideal option to sing like in a karaoke from your mobile or Tablet, we detail this app that has a free version and another Pro (does not contain commercials). The main function of this platform and perhaps the most used and distinguished, is about modifying your voice with Auto-Pitch and from it, making ideal tone changes. It also has fast processing supported by effects applied in the background while recording the track .

For its part, displays more than 50 free rhythms that you can download and record or even install on your own device. It also has a section with which you can share your results on social networks and in sum, it contains the following additional features: Automatic voice calibration with the rhythm , adjust by separated from the voice and rhythm, light clip , wave visualization and various tools of high quality editing .

Learn to Sing

Aprender a Cantar

To finalize this list, we recommend this app that is also known as “ Learn to Sing ”, it’s free but is only available in Google Play Store . From the beginning, this platform was created and designed to help all its users in their voice for singing. Which, is carried out from various exercises that are inspired by Guitar Hero . Therefore, it is widely used, as many people have learned to play the guitar perfectly with their assistance, for example.

As for how it works , Learn to Sing tells you how to sing the right note very accurately and after you do the indicated exercise, it shows you your punctuation. What can be summed up in that has an intuitive way to learn music from your Tablet or Smartphone , even without knowing sheet music. In addition, it should be noted that the application is even used by professional singers today .

What is the auto-tune effect and how is it used?

Qué es el efecto auto-tune y como se utiliza

This effect is based on an audio processor known as “auto-tune ” and works as a synthesizer that has the ability to modulate the voice . Which in a nutshell, means that it is especially used to correct those problems or errors when disentangling . But, ethically, it is important not to abuse it, since the results can be quite negative.

To detail a bit how this audio processor came about, we indicate that is a modern version of Vocoder . Which is another voice synthesizer that was developed around 1930 and was widely used to encode communications. Thus, I end up being a musical tool for many current genres , such as hip hop, trash, electronic music and reggaeton.

Among the advantages of auto-tune , we can point out that it is a tool that grants the facility of getting acceptable voices to display as demos , implies a minor Expenditure on study time for any artist and manages to correct very specific errors . On the other hand, its most notable cons are: it can create false expectations about the perfection of the music that is heard and can diminish the true magic of a track that really influences listeners.

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