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What are the best applications to watch football on iPhone for free live and without cuts? 2022

What are the best applications to watch football on iPhone for free live and without cuts? 2020

Soccer is the most exciting sport in the world without a doubt . Not for nothing millions of people around the world are paralyzed to know the result of a classic C between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona or during the semifinals of the Uefa Champions League. That is why we would like to be able to access them at any time from the device we have at that moment without having to resort to TV.

iPhones can make this dream come true if they install one of the many external applications that allow you to watch football streaming from anywhere without spending a single euro; All totally free. These applications are born to make life easier for users so they can watch their favorite games without having to interrupt the daily schedule. Imagine being able to see all these meetings from the comfort of your office or when you are on your way home after a long working day.

In this article we have put all our research potential to present to you what are the best applications to watch football matches from your iPhone mobile , so you can take advantage of another of the multiple functions that Apple pearls They bring for you. So take note and start installing the one you like best.

List of the best apps to watch free football games on your iPhone or iPad

You who love the king sport, but have one of these apps installed on your iPhone or iPad, you’re not at all. Be the envy of your friends, boasting that you can watch all the games from your iPhone or iPad phone, without paying anything, live, in high resolution with the quality offered by the Manzanita Smartphone.

You will have a UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League 2018-19, La Liga Santander, English League and Italian Serie A . Choose the match you want.



A very easy to use application that not only allows you to watch sports, but also any other type of television content completely free. Navigating through its catalog of channels is very simple , with an intuitive interface that allows you to access what you want to see without many detours.

As long as you have a good internet connection , you can watch it all in HD and not miss anything thanks to the speed of its servers. In total, it has a database of hundreds of channels that offer sports, politics and entertainment programs in general. Without a doubt one of the most complete options.



The tool gives you the possibility to enter a room chat where you can write what you think and give your opinions while watching the game. Livestream is very friendly, easy to use and with a unique efficiency . In it you will be able to be aware of what happens in the main international competitions at club level since it transmits practically all the games of each weekend.

It is a very complete option since having it on your mobile can synchronize it with your Apple Tv or with the TvBox to see it all big from your Full HD TV . But in addition to that, it also offers content that goes beyond football, with hundreds of entertainment channels, music, politics and much more. Browsing its channel catalog is very easy and you can always find just what you are looking for by helping you in the search filters of its interface.

Live Football Streaming

Live Football Streaming

I assure you that it will not take you off your iPhone or iPad because this app is wonderful. It keeps you informed of the results of all the leagues in the world, including the national team matches and their qualifying or friendly matches. All this is offered with excellent speed on its servers and high quality streaming videos .

It is a very dynamic and interactive application that shows you the news in a special way to keep you hooked to the fullest . Its interface has an intuitive menu and the search option is impeccable; Use a filter system that allows you to locate the team of your choice and watch your matches live and live .

Unlike the previous ones, this one is dedicated especially to the king sport, although with the slight disadvantage that everything is in English , which also happens with the transmissions and the writing of the notes of press. But it is something that can be forgiven in order to watch football live.



In it you can see live La Liga de España, La Copa del Rey, English League, French League, German Cup, Italian Cup, World Cup, America’s Cup, South American Comebol Cup, World Cups of La Fifa Sub 17, sub 19, Sub 20 totally free. All this with the narration in Spanish of characters like Pablo Girald, Alex Candal and Juan Pablo Varsky .

Of course, to enjoy all this content you need to be subscribed to the satellite TV service of the company DirecTV , so that you can synchronize the application with your plan so you can see all the Sports content on your mobile. If you do this, you will have one of the best tools to maximize the experience of watching football from your smartphone.

In it you can also have access to augmented reality content (if your mobile has a gyroscope) just before starting the games so that you literally hallucinate and get into the environment of each duel better than anyone . Without forgetting that you can also stream each of the programs that the programming grid of the DirecTV network has for you.



Another registered trademark that launches its application to improve the experience of king sport lovers. With it you will not miss a game more than La Liga Santander and Spanish football in general . All this from a very easy interface to navigate and use. Not forgetting that you can also watch shows like Sports Four and many more.

With this app, you will not only have access to live broadcasts as it provides information about your favorite team such as what time it plays, who it plays with and where it will do it. In it you can also listen to football programs through the RadioSet section. The only bad thing about this is its excessive amount of publicity that makes starting to see a meeting a true odyssey in which you have to remove ad after ad.

RojaDirecta TV


The mythical brand RojaDirecta has not died and has migrated to iOS to offer its services to lovers of the king sport who wish to see everything from their iPhone. This application is the mecca of football, with matches from almost every league in the world and all tournaments at club and national level. With it you will definitely not miss more than a single meeting of your favorite team .

It is very easy to use and its catalog cannot be clearer than it is. Browsing its interface is a dynamic experience even though it is hindered by the large amount of advertising on it .

MM Football Live


It is already good news to be able to watch the games live, but if in addition to that you can do it in the best possible quality, it is certainly a reason to celebrate. That’s what this app does through a series of P2P links that allow you to maintain a stable transmission of all major league games in the world.



One of the favorites of the manzanita audience. In it you can watch the football match you want at any time, and best of all it is free. It is a media player that gives you the ability to synchronize with your app with Chromecast. You have access to the planet soccer and the best leagues from its simple and intuitive interface .

In addition, it keeps recorded day games for 48 hours so you can watch them complete in the future when you have free time. In addition, is not limited only to football , but also to other types of content such as movies, series and music.



To watch the best football in the world, you can do it using Kodi . It offers a variety of options and its graphical interface is intuitive, friendly, easy to use, interactive and you can see calendar, results, news and summaries. Everything an amateur needs has had information of the king sport, this application provides it .



The entertainment company Sony joins sports. Bring the opportunity to watch the best soccer games with free access for your mobile device. It offers you nothing more and nothing less than the Italian league, so you can see Cristiano Ronaldo’s new adventure in Juventus, and the Spanish league so you can enjoy watching Lionel Messi play. Not bad, for lovers of this sport. As if that were not enough, you can also enjoy the NBA, Tennis and wrestling . So start downloading this application on your iPhone or iPad.