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What are the best applications to watch MotoGP races for free and Live? List 2021

The Motorcycle racing is one of the most exciting sporting events in the world. The tracks have curves where drivers can turn at 180 kilometers per hour and then take a straight and thus reach a speed of 300 km / h.

Sports and international circuits have the most advanced technologies to transmit images in real time to all fans of this two-wheeler sport. Fortunately, you can find apps and online sites where the races are broadcast live.

If you want to know what are the best tools for you to enjoy this passion, continue reading this article. We will show you all the channels so you don’t miss any details of your idols and their machines.

List of the best applications to watch the Moto GP championship on Android and iOS

Yes you are a fan of motorcycles racing at top speed, we present you the best applications so that you can enjoy all the adrenaline of the engine on your mobile.

Pay attention and choose the one that suits you best:


Available for Android and iOS. As you may have already noticed, it is the official application of the World Motorcycle Championship race organizer. It is characterized by having results in real time both in classifications and in rehearsals and in the race on Sundays.

It is available in 6 languages. In addition, you can find exclusive reports to protagonists, videos and photos reflecting different situations in the pits And anywhere the adrenaline blasts. If you are a fan of MotoGP, you should not miss the libraries with racing images since 1992.

Ace Stream Engine

It is an application that is available for Android in which you can enjoy, for free, of all the MotoGP. His job is to search for links on the Internet through which you can access live broadcasts of all the races of Moto3, Moto2 and GP. Its download is free and has advertisements at the beginning of the connection. The efficiency in the transfer of data is carried out by means of point-to-point technological protocols.


You can enjoy the entire MotoGP World Cup with this app. It is available for mobiles with Android operating system, its download is free and you can do it from Google Play. In addition to having NBA games, soccer from our country and other sporting events, you can also access movies and series. Like the previous application, you will be able to see all the training and qualifying races that take place during the weekend in this 2-wheel sport.



We could not leave out this application with which you can access all the MotoGP World Cup races from your mobile. In addition, you will be able to enjoy sporting events like the NBA and share training of soccer players and other sports.

This multimedia center is available for free download on Google Play, so any Android device can download the app. Its functions are simple and intuitive making it possible to find the content quickly. It is also found available for iPhone.

Download Kodi for iOS

Splive Player

You will have all the sports channels that you can find on television on your Android mobile. This way you can enjoy the world of MotoGP being able to see from practice, qualifying tests and Sunday’s race. It is also available for the other categories of the two wheels.

In order to enjoy the content you just have to select the category and then look for the channels that broadcast the sport. It has advertisements at the bottom of the screen, but these are not invasive.

Download Splive Player for Android

Ace Stream Media

This app is a multimedia player that is used as a support to store data from point to point (P2P). This will allow you to enjoy all the networks that allow a connection of this type, which is ideal for transmitting sporting events such as MotoGP online.

It is compatible with Android and is characterized by not storing files, causing the streaming content to be broadcast live, thus generating any mobile with little RAM and old processor can support this tool.


This app can be downloaded from Google Play and you can watch all live television channels for free over the Internet. In this way you will have access to all the qualifying tests and the most extreme moments of the MotoGP world championship.

Remember that to access some channels you must have a paid license. In addition to watching sports channels, you can also enjoy series and movies. You can choose several languages ​​for the configuration, being their very simple graphical interface so you can quickly find channel categories.


This streaming service compatible with iPhone mobiles is available so you can watch sporting events especially the MotoGP championship. But if you are a fan of speed you can also enjoy motocross and Formula 1. The download is free, you will have to pay for its subscription. You will have access to the best content every weekend as well as in international soccer competitions.

Facebook Live

You can use the social network to search, through filters, the MotoGP competition live. For this, you must go to Facebook Watch and type in the search bar “live”. When you click on Show results, you will have a list with all the users who transmit the signal of the motorcycle race through this platform. In this way you can enjoy all multimedia content for free.

The best payment platforms to watch MotoGP races in the best quality

You will be able to see the best MotoGP riders handle on any of the best payment platforms that we show you below:


With this Internet television service you can enjoy the entire MotoGP world championship. In addition to having the most recent news about this activity, you will also have the possibility to see the repetitions of the races of all categories during the week.

Among the most outstanding advantages we can mention 30 days free at the beginning of the contract and the function of multiple devices. That is, you can see up to 5 screens at the same time. You must bear in mind that at the time of subscription you must inform all your data and the means of payment, but you will not be charged until the 30 days have elapsed.

Many people are confused and believe that to access a service from the telephone company you will have to hire an Internet or mobile phone rate. This is not correct since you will be able to access a basic plan without having to contract convergent plans.

You should consider that when you hire the basic plan will not include MotoGP, so you will have to pay around € 10 in your monthly fee so that you can access these sports content. Also, you have to keep in mind and you can enjoy a wide variety of channels related to documentaries, movies and series.

You should not be confused with EuroSport channels 1 and 2, since this streaming platform will show you an à la carte service of the best sporting events. You will have multiple screens and live results, which will allow you to fully enjoy any position change in the motorcycle race. If you are a fan of other sports you will also be able to see international competitions football, rugby basketball and cycling.

It is another of the platforms in which you will enjoy a free month, but unfortunately it is no longer available in Spain. If you are from another country, you will have the possibility to enjoy all the content of MotoGP and the lower categories, both in the realization tests and in the races on the last day of the weekend with a free trial month.