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What are the best applications to watch movies and series for free from the Android mobile phone or iPhone? 2022 list

What are the best applications to watch movies and series for free from the Android mobile phone or iPhone? 2020 list

Smartphones continue to become an indispensable technology tool for humans. This is because thanks to them we can carry out a large number of functions from the mobile in a simple and fast way, achieving replace computers and televisions in many of its activities.

This is how smartphones nowadays allow to listen to music, watch TV, watch images, surf the Internet and even watch movies and series completely free. For this there are a lot of applications that we can download and which will help us play this multimedia content from the Android or iPhone devices.

Taking into account all these benefits offered by these devices, here we are going to show you which are the best free applications that you can start downloading on your terminal and thus be able to enjoy both your favorite series and movies at all times.

What are the advantages of consuming audiovisuals from your mobile?

Being able to play movies and series on the mobile device can become a great tool for most users, especially those who are fans of audiovisuals . That is why now smartphones provide this function just like computers, allowing each user to be much more connected to the multimedia content of interest.

Taking into account the importance of this function, here we are going to show you what are the main advantages of being able to consume audiovisuals from your terminal completely free:

  • It allows you to be more connected at all times to your favorite movies and series.
  • You can watch this audiovisual content while traveling or waiting in a public place.
  • Both movies like series help you break those boring days , especially if you can watch them from the smartphone , keeping in mind that this device always accompanies us.
  • You can watch streaming movies without downloading them to the terminal.
  • You can watch all this content completely free .
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List of the best applications to watch series and movies free on devices Android and iOS

As we mentioned earlier, technology continues to advance and now we can not only enjoy movies and series from the computer or television , but we can also have them directly on the smartphone, thus providing greater comfort and ease to enjoy them .

That is why, here we are going to show you a list with the best applications to perform this function, which you can download for both your Android or iPhone mobile devices from their respective official stores.

TV series – Your series manager

TV series – Tu gestor de series

One of the best Android operating system applications to start enjoying your favorite series from your mobile. It does not require any type of pre-use registration , taking into account that this is a requirement of many apps of this type. Also, you can download it completely free from Google Play Store.

It allows you to manage what are trailers, notifications , offers you cloud storage among many other functions. In addition, it gives you the ability to add any series to the platform and in that way enjoy it from your smartphone.

It has a search option, a preview of the content , it gives you the option to explore the app’s library , you can leave your comments in each of the series, among many other options that you will find here.



SnagFilms allows you to watch movies completely free from your Android phone or iPhone in a very simple way. Unlike many apps of this type, this gives you the possibility to watch full movies without interruptions and streaming series. Keep in mind that for this you must have an Internet connection with great data transmission speed.

He currently has more than 5000 movies in his library , also includes documentaries and television shows . It is important to mention that it also includes content for the LGBT community, thus collecting the best titles of this genre. In this way, this application gives you the possibility to enjoy all this content from the comfort of your car, university, work, train or from any public place.



If your language is Spanish , then we recommend using this platform, it has been in the market for several years where it is located between one of the most complete and advanced . This is how he not only teaches the content of movies and series of the moment, but also offers news, sports and online programs, all this in Spanish and from the convenience of your mobile screen.

Among its main features we can find that all the channels that are transmitted through the app are live , offers the chapters of the most followed series, offers you the news programs of Antena 3 and the Sixth , as well as content of soap operas, documentaries , among much more. It is also important to note that it has Chromecast support and excellent playback quality .

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

If you are a follower of the television series, online programs and Hollywood movies, then you can start using this excellent program, which you can download for free from the official Android and iOS store . In the same way, this App is responsible for offering a very entertaining and quality content, where you do not require any subscription or anything similar to make use of it.

It also has a Premium version which offers you Premium movies and a large library of new content and great movie hits , as well as broadcasts of live tv shows. Similarly, it offers you content from almost every genre whether it’s suspense, drama, action, adventure , among many others. It has a very simple configuration where you only need a password and a user to log in .

Free Movies 2019

Free Movies 2019

Another of the applications that we will find available in the Android operating system and which offers very advanced features and functions , as well as completely new content including all current successes . In this way, Free Movies will offer you a new experience in what are the audiovisual content.

In the same way, it offers HD content, which will allow you to enjoy your programming in a better image quality and with a preview of faster transmission. Where you can enjoy both television series and movies covering all available genres. However, to make use of this program it is necessary that the mobile is compatible with Chromecast, which will allow you to enjoy all its functions.

Among its main features we find that they have subtitles , a search menu, quality titles, HD movies, does not require any registration and trailer of their next programming .

Tubi Tv

Tubi Tv

Tubi TV is available for Android and iPhone mobile devices , a program that allows you to enjoy the most popular movies and TV series of all the time. All this content you can enjoy with HD quality completely free . However, it is important to mention that all the transmissions that are carried out from Tubi TV have commercials .

It also has a weekly update of its content, this allows you to enjoy new content , where you can enjoy schedules of action, adventure, comedy , terror, suspense, anime , among many others.

In addition, it has important features such as free streaming of the most popular movies and series today, allows to create playlists, you can open your account on different devices as in smart TVs, the PlayStation console, Amazon fire TV, among others, as well as enjoy a online broadcast and programs from Hollywood studios .




As you can see this app has a name very similar to Netflix, however, they are not very similar, starting that Españolflix is ​​completely free . In addition, it offers you movies of the moment and of all genres, including programming for children and adults . An ideal application to spend a pleasant and entertaining time.

It is only available for the App Store, being compatible for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. It also offers programming such as documentaries, universal movies, the platform’s own series and a website to watch movies from your computer .



Kodi is currently one of the most interesting and downloaded platforms of the official Android store , a site that will allow you to enjoy your favorite programming at all times, as well like watch movies from the comfort of your Smartphone. You can also enjoy TV shows, football games and other sports, live music, music events, videos viral , among many other content.

In this way, Kodi is an open source application that has no cost whatsoever, considered as a multimedia player multiplatform that allows entertainment at a excellent quality. In the same way, it has a very well designed interface and very easy to use.

As for its use, you just have to perform the installation and its basic configuration , which you can complete in a few minutes. An excellent option to watch movies and TV shows from your mobile . In addition, it has web platforms such as Dumpert, YouTube , among others to improve your experience.

Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV is known throughout the world for its excellent performance, where it offers a large number of tools that will help you enjoy the best possible content. That way you can start enjoying movies and television series from Spain in excellent quality. Rakuten specializes in offering guaranteed and premiere content , allowing you to have a fun and entertaining time.

In the same way, it offers you a very wide catalog of programming, where you will find premiere films, series of the moment for both an adult and children audience, among many other content. Among its main features it stands out that allows to see all the movies available in the catalog completely free , is compatible with Chromecast, and you can download content to your mobile to enjoy it on offline .

Mitele – Tv on demand Mitele – Tv a la carta

To finalize this list we offer you the Mitele application available both for the Android and iOS operating system. Mitele is known as a digital multiplatform that offers on-demand and live television . All or almost all the programming offered here is Spanish , where you can get yourself with programming from Telecinco, Divinity and Be Mad, Cuatro, FDF , among others.

You also have the opportunity to enjoy national and foreign films and series , it has a sports programming and children’s content , among many other programming. An ideal application for the public of all ages. In addition, it offers each of its users the ability to create a profile so that they can manage all favorite content and have faster access to them.