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What are the best applications to watch NBA games for free and Live? List 2021

We all know that the NBA is the most competitive basketball league in the world. Even if only teams from the United States and Canada participate. But its fame spreads across the entire planet due to its stars making more and more amazing plays.

If you are a fan of this sport and do not want to miss a single game, you will need a computer tool that makes you feel like you are in the front row of that majestic show.

This is why we have prepared the following post. We will teach you to enjoy all the gamesFor both the regular season and the definition matches from the living room community, you just have to choose the app that you like the most.

The best applications to watch the NBA for free on Android and iOS for free

So that you can enjoy the NBA to the fullest, We will present the best applications below so that you do not spend a penny and you can turn your mobile screen into the best resource for you to see your idols in action.

Go for it:


This application will give you access to all live NBA games. You can also record and view them in case you miss a game. In general, the matches are covered by specialized journalists, before, during and after the end of the event.

You will have the option to choose from several options to view, since you will be able to create a user. In this way, you will have the option to follow your favorite team and even any instance that arrives. But, if you prefer, you can choose to watch the regular season or choose the PlayOffs, SemiFinals or Finals.

You TV Player

It is a player with which you can watch NBA streaming for free. In addition, you will have at your disposal a large number of channels to watch free DTT, as well as movies, series and documentaries. You can download You Tv Player from its official website, since it is not currently available in the Play Store, or from the link that we leave you.

Download You TV Player for Android

Watch NBA Basketball

Watch NBA Basketball

Although it does not have a striking graphical interface, you will be able to access all NBA games without any problem, since it has all the channels that transmit the two Conferences, regardless of the instance of the competition. You will have the possibility to access live scores and follow the development of other meetings simultaneously. On the main screen, you will be able to see a list of matches that will take place later, as well as all the details about them.

NBA Basketball Live

Follow all live NBA games with this application. You can download it for Apple mobiles for free. In addition to live games, you will be able to see all the statistics in real time of matches that are played at the same time. You will have the possibility of accessing exclusive interviews with the most important players, as well as getting to know the best coaches more closely. Sports commentators provide details that make this app one of the best.


With this video player, which is compatible with a large number of formats, you can easily incorporate the channels that broadcast NBA games. You just have to choose the link that you like the most and run it in this tool.

Download Wiseplay for Android



This Internet TV service It will allow you to watch a large number of TV channels for free. Within that grid, you can find those that are dedicated to broadcasting basketball league games live. While it is true that for some channels you must have a paid license, there are others in which you can find the ones that interest you the most from NBA matches.

Splive Player

This application will show you a list with all the links that broadcast live NBA games. You should keep in mind that not all channels are in our language. In addition, you will have advertisements at the beginning of the transmission and in some cases during the game. You can download it for free for all mobiles with Android operating system.

Download Splive Player for Android

List of the most powerful official paid applications to watch the NBA in high definition legally

Yes you do not want to have cuts, advertisements in the transmissions and have languages that you do not understand, you can access official paid applications that will allow you to have control over the streaming content. In this way you will be able to modify different functions that will make you enjoy the NBA to the fullest.

We will show you below the best apps that you can download from the Google and Apple stores so that you can enjoy the best basketball in the world to the fullest:

NBA League Pass

It is the official platform of the NBA league. With League Pass you will be able to watch the matches live with high quality images and sound. It has several plans based on the needs and fanaticism you have. That is, you can choose to watch games a la carte or hire a plan that transmits your favorite team on the regular season and also in the PlayOffs.

O well you can choose a plan to watch the matches of all teams in certain series. Of course you can also opt for the plan that includes more than 1000 meetings. The prices will go around € 10 / month up to € 130 per year. You will have a 30-day free period when you sign up.

Sky Sports

Available for Android and iOS. This streaming platform will allow you to enjoy all the NBA games live. You will have exclusive statistics in each game of all the starting and substitute players. You will be able to access on-demand channels through a monthly subscription with which you will also you can watch NFL football games and automobile-related sporting events.



ESPN is one of the world’s leading basketball apps. In addition to the matches, you will be able to see the most outstanding news, the scores of the matches in real time and the statistics of each player. It has a large group of sports journalists recounting what happens on the field of play in a way that makes you feel like you are in the Arena of play. You will also be able to watch college basketball and the women’s league, the WNBA. You can download the application for iOS and Android for free.

EuroSport Player

The Eurosport chain specialized in sporting events, launched its official application for some time in which you can watch different types of sports on demand. It is characterized by offering the user the possibility of viewing on multiple devices with the same account. In addition, you can include live statistics, times and any other details related to field goals, triples, etc. during the broadcast. It is available for download from the Google and Apple stores.