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What are the best applications to watch the NFL for free and Live from your mobile? List 2021

While it is true, the NFL or “National Football League” it is one of the largest professional football leagues in the United States. Which, has become an event like no other in the world And because of that, has numerous fans.

Thus, the Super bowl or the final game of the National Football championship, it is one of the most outstanding sporting events of the year. Well, it refers to the main football competition globally. So many people They look for the best ways to view the event.

That is why it is worth knowing which are the best mobile applications for watch NFL games and enjoy the Super Bowl from anywhere, for free and live. Reason why, below, we present various solutions of interest.

List of the best applications to watch the Super Bowl live and free

As we indicated above, without a doubt, the Super Bowl is one of the most important sporting events during the year and, therefore, many people prepare to enjoy this event. In this sense, one of the best options is to download mobile apps to watch this game from the comfort of your home.

Therefore, in this section of the post, we proceed to point out 7 of the best free applications out there to enjoy the Super Bowl live and direct:

Direct red

By default, this is one of the most recognized applications by sports fans, thanks to the fact that provides different options, is free, and is available for both Android and iOS, in their official app stores. Thus, in addition to broadcasting the Super Bowl and NFL games, it also allows you to watch games of soccer, baseball, basketball, handball, tennis, volleyball, boxing and rugby.

Now, among its main peculiarities, we find that Roja Directa allows you to view the competitions in real time and shows you minute by minute everything that happens, including the most relevant statistics and events. To watch the Super Bowl, generally, the app offers several links to enjoy the competition via streaming (with advertisements).

Splive TV

Splive TV

Only available for Android devices (through its APK), we recommend this application as one of the best there is to watch the famous Super Bowl game. Since, it provides a complete list of channels of all kinds and among those, is Movistar + which is one of those that usually transmits said NFL final.

In this way, it is an application that offers television on demand directly in streaming, without having to download any files and just having a good internet connection. It should be noted that, in addition to all the channels available on Splive TV, this free app provides direct access to movies and series, radio with dozens of stations and allows you to create custom channel lists.

Download Splive TV for Android



This is an application that offers a unique sports experience available on Android. Which is totally free, but requires that you be subscribed to the satellite TV service of the DIRECTV company, in order to sync the mobile. Thus, it allows you to watch live shows and competitions, as well as OnDemand replays.

For its part, it offers information of interest, such as news, calendars, results and much more. Among all its functionalities, includes news and video to keep you informed of what is happening in the world of sport, it also issues alerts about the start of each match, goals and final results, in addition to offering live statistics.



Although it is not an application dedicated to sports at all, the truth is that it is considered an optimal solution to watch the Super Bowl every year through any Android device. Because, it allows you to see all kinds of content from different channels and between those, “Bein Sports” is available, which is one of those that broadcasts said final of the NFL.

In addition to this, YipTV is a mobile application totally free which provides around 17 international channels, both in Spanish and English. But, it also has a paid version that offers better utilities and provides a total of 70 channels of great variety.

NFL Game Pass Europe

NFL Game Pass Europe

If you want to watch the NFL anywhere in Europe and using an Android device, this application is ideal for it. Thus, it refers to a free app that allows you to acquire the Game Pass and with it, provides the option to follow all the games of the championship. So that, you will be able to see all the NFL competitions live and direct, on demand in streaming; such as: Super Bowl, preseason, regular season, play-offs and conference finals.

Additionally, it provides exclusive content such as all the summaries and repetitions, both of the games and also of all the programming provided by the application. In addition, It has downloadable games to be able to enjoy them offline, you can enable or disable the results of other games to follow or avoid it “Spoilers” of those you want to see and allows you check the statistics of each tournament.

365 Scores

365 Scores

Consists in a free application for Android and other operating systems such as Windows, which provides a large amount of content related to American football, basketball, tennis and also provides news regarding the world of sports. Like videos, rankings, tournament groups and even live competitions.

Among its most interesting features, we find that it is a very simple platform to use, so you don’t have to be an advanced user to enjoy the Super Bowl from it. In addition, allows you to customize each and every one of the notifications to be obtained, like organize your favorite sports channels in your library.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports

In order to support sports streaming, this completely free application has been created that is compatible with both Android and iOS. There, you can enjoy the broadcast of the Super Bowl, as well as different competitions of the NFL, NBA, NCAA BB, soccer, PGA golf, boxing and much more.

In addition to this, the app allows you to see the best moments of the day, stay updated with all the statistics, know the latest news of the moment and even, get an in-depth analysis of each game. One of its best advantages is that allows each user to follow 8 games at the same time.

Risks of watching sports from pirated apps Why should you be careful with them?

Although it can be very attractive to see a sports competition live and direct from a free app, It could certainly also generate some inconveniences and even danger the fact of using them. Since, many of these apps are pirates and, in this way, they violate different regulations by “to sack” conventional television in a way.

In this sense, it is very important to know that you are going to use a totally reliable app to watch the Super Bowl broadcasts or any NFL game O well, be very careful when accessing these types of apps.

In order to do so, avoid the following risks:

  • Being a victim of identity theft or theft. Since, numerous applications of this type have the ability to access the user’s personal or confidential information easily, in order to achieve the tasks set by the cybercriminals themselves.
  • They could also cause damage to the device on which they run. Since, as they are pirated applications, they can have certain damages or code errors that end up negatively affecting the mobile.
  • What’s more, if you are a user of a pirate application to watch sports broadcasts, you could be branded as an accomplice around digital piracy and therefore, you would have legal inconveniences in the worst case.

The best paid and official applications to watch the NFL safely

As you will see, it is truly relevant to make sure not use pirated apps for any reason, not even to enjoy a sports competition. Therefore, it is best to download and use official and / or paid apps that allow you to watch the NFL safely, in these cases.

So, to facilitate this search and guarantee you greater security as a digital user, we proceed to mention some of the best alternatives there are to watch American football games with total reliability:



Basically, it refers to the official NFL app and, consequently, it is the best option there is to enjoy this kind of game. Taking into account that the application is very easy to use and is characterized by offering a remarkable amount of live content, as well as featured videos and even replays. Whereby, you must subscribe to access it.

Once you complete the subscription process, in addition to watching each competition live, you can also inquire about individual player, team and championship statistics. In addition to this, it is possible to see the calendar in detail, view the results of the matches, be aware of the classifications of the American Conference and the National Conference, enter the official NFL Shop to make purchases, etc.

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass

This is an app available on the Play Store and the App Store that, through a subscription, gives you the possibility to watch all the games of the season, preseason, regular league, Play Offs and Super Bowl live and direct from any device. In addition to this, it has a functionality called “NFL RedZone” from which you can enjoy each game live on Sundays.

Additionally, it allows you to watch every NFL game summarized in just 40 minutesAs well as getting the highlights of each game (via snippets in less than 10 minutes) and using the NFL Network, you’ll have football nights every Thursday. It should be noted that, also allows you to download competitions and obtain exclusive files from the NFL, as well as complete and detailed statistics.