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What are the best apps to check the weather and know the predictions on Android and iOS? 2022 list

What are the best apps to check the weather and know the predictions on Android and iOS? 2020 list

At present, it can be said that the development of new mobile applications is inordinate . Well, these manage to facilitate many activities and also offer information of interest to all Android and iOS users, such as weather applications .

In this sense, thanks to the GPS positioning systems that smart mobile phones have, users have an excellent and interesting tool at hand to always be aware of all real-time weather information .

Being these, extremely useful during the days of atmospheric instability and even, of great help to avoid unexpected traffic jams or accidents due to rain or snow, for example. That is why, in this post, we want to present you the best apps to check the weather from a smartphone , which are available in the Play Store and the Apple Store.

How do weather apps work? How accurate are your forecasts?

To begin with this clarification, it is appropriate to note that because the world’s meteorological centers have the obligation to publish all the information of this type of their monitoring stations, in real time ; mobile applications work as an ideal communication channel for it .

Usually, they are data collected from the world’s largest information assimilation centers. Which, collect information from different sources such as satellites, radars, ships, planes, buoys , etc. But, as it is very heterogeneous information regarding spatial and temporal distribution, it is important to order it.

Thus, the applications function as a matrix responsible for organizing all this information collected and making it homogeneous , both temporally and spatially, projecting it over time (usually, hour after hour) and placing it like this, available for public use.

In this sense, it is important to detail the four types of applications to check the most common time. Which are:

  • First, we locate those that are responsible for forecasting for points where there are monitoring stations and are based on statistics .
  • There are others that offer established predictions by artificial intelligence
  • As a third type, there are those that use information collected from the NCEP or the National Centers for Environmental Prediction.
  • Finally, we highlight those that are based on high resolution numerical omen models .

Now, with respect to the precision shown by this type of application, it is valuable to note that, the equations that describe the movements of the Earth are some of the most complex that exist and therefore reason, they don’t have an analytical solution known to humans.

In this way, the only way to reach the approximation of their results and allow people to check the weather, what the experts and developers of these apps do, is use numerical methods to do so. But, these can reveal certain errors in the forecasts, due to the different approaches that exist and the impossibility, so far, of finding an analytical solution.

Which means that, as long as it is not possible to punctuate said solution to the equations that review the movements of the atmosphere, it is not possible to reach a truly accurate result . But, in the same way, the knowledge of the specialists and the use of certain numerical and statistical techniques, can reduce these errors and thus, deliver good information regarding the weather.

List of the best applications to check the weather and predictions in Android

To start with these important listings, we will detail some of the most optimal alternatives that Android device users have to check the weather day after day and all the weather predictions they want to know.

In this regard, then, know 10 of the best apps available in the Google Play Store for this:

Weather 14 Days – Meteored

El Tiempo 14 Días – Meteored

First, we placed this application that was considered one of the best in 2016 to know the weather predictions. Thus, the leading app in Spain for this that has the ability to issue official alerts and notifications for your location, obtained directly from the State Meteorological Agency.

In addition, it has an assistant that indicates the most important changes in the weather for the next day and provides maps, satellites and radars based on the European Model with forecast for the next few days. It also allows you to check the news about the weather and with a simple slide, you can advise on the current weather and the prediction of the next 14 days.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

It is one of the most updated applications to offer real-time forecasts about the weather and everything related to weather information. Which, provides extreme weather alerts and daily notifications of local weather to keep you informed. Apart from that, you can get graphs and weather statistics instantly .

For its part, the application has the ability to deliver detailed reports of speed of time and violent storms to all its users, free of charge. In reference to its handling, it has a navigation bar with which you can access more quickly the weather updates and has a function that allows you to raise the temperature and plan the perfect route to go jogging , for example.

Weather Forecast – Free Weather

Pronóstico del Tiempo - Clima gratis

With a very elegant design, this application offers the best information regarding the weather of each day and also provides forecasts within the next hours and other days. For which, you must define the city that interests you.

For its part, it has functions to compare two locations to see its current state of the future. It also has a search engine that suggests cities to save time, allows you to change the city very easily and accounts with the possibility of adding cities to the favorites menu for quick access.



You can also find this application directly in the Google Play Store and from it, monitor local conditions , severe winter weather and even temperatures through interactive maps. Additionally, it has an excellent hurricane tracker ; being one of the best features that AccuWeather exhibits.

For its part, it is appropriate to highlight that it guarantees good accuracy in the predictions and also note that emits weather alerts on snow and hail on the road , to travel safer. In addition, it offers real-time and fully updated information, allows to obtain maps and animations of meteorological radar.

Weather forecast

Pronóstico del tiempo

This is another free alternative for Android users who want to get extremely accurate weather forecasts and weather information at any time you want and in any location. Taking into account that, the app has real-time time updates, either daily or weekly.

Now, it offers a GPS and network function from which it is able to detect the location by itself . In addition to this, it allows you to search and manage multiple apps easily and quickly, it has a real-time update widget to always keep you informed and shows a simple and striking interface .



Designed to provide the best information and weather forecast, this is an application that works as a kind of weather channel and thus allows you to manage the weather in various places . Taking into account that, by itself, it can detect your current location automatically. It even issues accurate and reliable weather notifications.

For its part, it should be noted that offers full weather reports . That is, it shows temperature, location time, weather conditions, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, precipitation, visibility distance, wind speed, etc. In addition, you will know what the weather will be today, tomorrow and up to 7 days later.

Live Time

Tiempo En Vivo

For Android, we also find this free app in which you can check the weather in your area and simultaneously, from anywhere in the world. Although the weather is difficult to predict, it is estimated that Live Time is one of the most accurate apps when it comes to getting a detailed forecast of a certain place and at any time, that is, that same day, tomorrow or the next 7 days.

Among other details, it has a metrological forecast that operates based on planning your day, depending on how long it will take. Additionally, you can see wind speed and direction, exact time of sunrise and sunset , momentary temperature and thermal sensation, rain maps and weather radar, etc.

Climate – Weather

Clima - Weather

It refers to an application with which you can always stay informed about the weather conditions in the area where you are located. Which, stands out for being very simple to use and is also intuitive , since with just one click you can receive the most detailed information in its status bar.

As for its operation, this app makes use of reliable data sources and has live updates that are completely reliable. In addition, it stands out from the rest because supports geolocation , provides lively atmospheric conditions, you can select the temperature unit you prefer and in addition to this, it can be used on your smart watch thanks to having support for Wear OS .

Free time and temperature

Tiempo y temperatura gratis

It is another of the easiest solutions to use, with which you can find out all the data of interest about the weather and temperature , even during the next 14 days. Thus, it offers the local weather conditions in detail, either with respect to air quality, atmospheric pressure, visibility distance, precipitation, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, etc.

For its part, provides weather alerts , it also has widgets to observe everything that the app delivers directly from the lock screen and with this, you can navigate your locations with just swiping. In addition, it has a very striking feature and is that automatically changes color with temperature .

Weather radar and global climate

Radar meteorológico y clima global

To conclude with this list of alternatives for Android devices, we highlight this application that delivers reliable data in real time and through a fully interactive map that shows severe weather warnings. In addition to that, also broadcasts daily and daily forecasts , live and direct updates, news about the weather and has clock widgets.

Among other features, it constantly shows the weather temperature according to your current location and allows you to add more locations to your city list to check the global weather at any time . Additionally, you can check the air pressure, wind speed, humidity, UV index, sunrise and sunset time, visibility, etc.

List of the best applications to know the weather and its weather predictions on iOS

Once the list of the best apps that are available in the Google Play Store for Android users is finished, it is necessary to know the most recommended solutions that exist to know the weather and good weather predictions on iPhone or iPad . Being these, applications active in the Apple Store:

AEMET time

El tiempo de AEMET

It is a free app widely used in Spain, which offers you complete information to know where it will rain, if there can be dangerous weather events in the area where you are, to know if the winds during the day will be strong or not and even get notices of the latest official predictions from the State Meteorological Agency or AEMET. This information being fully detailed, accurate and updated.

For its part, with AEMET weather you can know the predictions of the next 7 days for more than 8,000 municipalities from hour to hour until the third day. Even this application offers radar images of the AEMET network and has the ability to identify the place where the device is located, automatically. It should be noted that it makes use of a quick search.

Rain alarm

Alarma de lluvia

Also available in the App Store, this application is based on issuing warnings about when the rain is approaching and these alerts are basically short-term forecasts attached to recent real-time data that are collected from Meteocat, Euskalmet and AEMET. So it is considered reliable and accurate.

Apart from that, it has the ability to detect any type of precipitation (rain, snow or hail) and shows simple maps to use through different zoom levels. It also offers warnings in the form of notification and is considered extremely useful for all kinds of outdoor activities. It is important to note that has an extension for the Apple Watch .

Weather in Spain

El tiempo en España

Free of charge, this application is responsible for delivering weather forecasts for Spain , as the name implies. In this sense, it allows you to know data such as the average, maximum and minimum temperature; Like the weather forecast during the morning, afternoon and evening . Which means that, it always stays up to date.

For its part, it has radar that exhibits an animation of rainfall and also emits data such as fog, snow level, zero degree elevation, thermal sensation, wind gust force, wind force and direction , probability of precipitation and sunstroke. Like the value of the reliability of rainfall and, if that were not enough, you can know this type of information from all the cities in the world .

El Tiempo HD Live

El Tiempo HD Live