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What are the best apps to cut videos on Android and iOS? 2022 list

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Today, video is one of the most used content in the digital world and especially on social networks. Whether it is to share important moments with the people closest to you, exhibit products or services to increase the visibility or progress of a brand, do it professionally, among other actions of interest. But well, regardless of the objective of each of these videos, one of the most valuable aspects is its edition.

It is known that video editing is booming and especially those carried out through a mobile phone, given that they are the devices that are most used today to record clips from their cameras that increasingly have better specifications and put aside the use of professional cameras. However, to achieve high definition edits and obtain completely original results, it is necessary make use of applications that allow you to rely on various tools for this.

In this sense, it is relevant to have apps that enable video trimming and even allow you to delete one or more fragments of them to join them with others and obtain a more personalized creation. In addition to this, it is also usual to select a certain scene and highlight it as an independent one to later publish on any web platform you want. In this way, we want to let you know the best apps for android and iosthrough which you can cut the videos you want in your own way and so on, remove footage you don’t like or find inappropriate.

List of the best applications to trim and edit videos on Android

As one of the most used mobile operating systems is Android, let’s start by Know and detail each of the applications that have the best features and worldwide, they are estimated as the most qualified for edit videos and trim them your way, without losing its quality.

Here are five of these platforms that you can download directly from the Play Store:

Movie Maker Filmmaker

Movie Maker Filmmaker

In case you don’t know, Movie Maker is the mythical video editor most used on Windows computers, which luckily, has been adapted as a mobile app that can be easily downloaded and installed on Android devices. From this platform, it is possible create mini movies with special effects, custom music, transitions and texts in no time.

Thus obtaining results that look like those of a professional in the field. Best of all, is that exhibits a very simple operation, because you only have to record your clip and upload it from your mobile to the app, to later choose a soundtrack and give your creation the title you want. Being so, an ideal alternative for inexperienced people who have no knowledge in terms of video editing.

Taking into account other characteristics, it should be noted that Movie Maker Filmmaker allows you to cut media files very easily, just like share the results directly on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Email. In addition to this, it has artificial intelligence technology capable of analyzing and editing the best parts of your content and It has automatic facial recognition that detects the important people in each of them.



Being an application that is free in the Play Store, FilmoraGo is considered one of the best tools to edit videos on Smartphones. Since, even though it is not a Premium option, this app has editing functions that the same professional studios have to obtain excellent results around the video edition.

First, It has tools that you can use with just one toucheither to select the most elegant themes, the music of your clip (customized or from the library of authorized songs for the application) and in short, import both videos and photos directly from your mobile.

On the other hand, the export of these creations meets popular proportions. Since it shows the square or 1:1 format which is popular for Instagram social network and also owns the classic 16:9 which is supported by YouTube. Also, you have an option to preview clips in real time and allows you to add fast or slow motion effect, reverse playback, layers and filters, text, etc.

Magisto Video Editor

Magisto Video Editor

Is about an app that uses artificial intelligence to modify the editing of clips and carry it out through a semi-automatic process. It also has a free version for Android that makes it a more useful alternative for mobile phones.

Taking into account that just like cutting the videos you want, you can also include photos to your visuals, music, effects, filters and textto achieve much more qualified creations and all this is done while maintaining the quality of the content.

In reference to its interface, it is very simple to use and shows various intelligent editing styles, which adapt to the requirements of all users and even make it easy to create a professional slideshow. You can also share all kinds of content from this app on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and YouTube with just one touch.

Power Director Video Editor

Power Director Video Editor

Another ideal tool to cut them without any complications, is Power Director Video Editor that shows all the functions of interest of this type of applications in Android. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish that it has a timeline, from which you can make edits in a professional style and in the most comfortable waymove and view the entire clip to ensure a quality result.

Once you download and install the app, you just have to enter it, drag and drop the content to later start adding effects with great precision and speed. highlighting that it has more than 35 effects and about 60 transitions.

On the other hand, it gives you the option of add photos and audio to your clipsexport all your creations in HD or Full HD/4K* and upload your ready creations directly to social platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Among other things, this editor Easily save your projects to your mobile device for further editing later and it offers you quick access to each of your projects once you access the platform again. Also has support for high and low speed content for 120-240fps recording.

AndroVid – Video Editor

AndroVid - Video Editor

Ideal for trimming your videos and thus eliminating unwanted fragments through its “video trimmer“, is free app on play store It has various tools that allow you to create clips with excellent results and great quality.

Since, it has a function called “Video Joiner” which gives you the possibility of combine several into one and even include personalized music, which is why it is estimated as one of the most advanced editors. It is also opportune to distinguish your tool from “video transcoder”, through which you can convert videos to other popular formats and even change the resolution in favor of making your clips smaller.

For its part, AndroVid It also has particularities that enable its users to adjust the volume of the clip and its musicdelete middle parts, include text, make use of “Frame grabber” to have frame image extract on any content and apply effects like vignette, slow motion, sepia, fade, etc. Thus, like the other alternatives, it allows you publish your clips and images on social networks and it has a section where you can list, order, rename and delete all of them.

Best Apps to cut videos on your iPhone

Although iOS devices are considered to have more sophisticated tools for editing media files, it is necessary know and manage other alternatives to use on iPhone or iPad and be able to modify your clips to your liking from the comfort of your mobile.

Here are some options that you can easily get from the App Store:



Used by influencers and celebrities to upload their content on social networks, iMovie is the application par excellence to modify and improve videos and publish them on different web platforms through different iOS devicesso it is indicated for any version of iPhone.

In this regard, it is worth noting that add a browser in order to easily see them in full screen and detail all kinds of editions much better. On the other hand, it has a function through which you can send a piece of a media clip only and it has tools to save any part and use it later in other.

Additionally, it displays a wide variety of themes, titles, sound effects and transitions, which ensure high-resolution content and remarkable quality. Also, integrates about 14 templates with which you can make your own trailers and even add logos, names and credits. And for more personalization, the app shows functions to all its users to create a soundtrack using the added music and sound effectsfor free.

Camera Plus Pro

Camera Plus Pro

For only 3.49 eurosthis application available on the App Store and ideal for iPhone, is perfect for edit all videos professionallybecause it has features that go beyond those commonly found in a clip editor or clip cutter.

Highlighting that very easily, it provides you a wide selection of captures, filters and video recording to achieve completely personalized creations. Likewise, it has tools to cut each one with great precision, rotate them, modify the brightness, contrast, saturation and include flash in all the shots.

In reference to the particularities of the platform, it is easy to use and allows you to publish all the contents edited there on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and send them via email. Among other features, it has 45+ photo filtersdistortion effects, image labeling, password protection, among other notable aspects.

Vintage – Vintage Video Maker

Vintage - Vintage Video Maker

Although it is a bit old because it is a black and white tool, It has features that make it one of the most complete clip editors and cutters available on the App Store. In the first place, it allows you to make your own creations and obtain totally surprising results, which even when they are recorded by means of an iPhone, appear to have been shot from an original 8mm camera.

As for the effects it shows, they range from black and white, to sepia and vintage sepia, among others. In sum, has full HD support and various soundtracks (about 9) that are fully embedded in the platform. Among other things, you can gradually add or remove music, add retro noise to sound, vary the speed, play the content in reverse or reverse and share all the results on Facebook, YouTube or by email.

Reel Director II

Reel Director II

Another alternative for iPhone users is Reel Director IIwhich has been developed for aesthetic purposes in terms of video editing with basic but extremely powerful tools that deliver high-quality results.

In this sense, it has the ability to cut each creation with utmost precisionadd cinematic filters and to include portraits and square films, if you wish. As for its export, it shows multiple options for it, among which stand out 4K movies with aspect ratios of 16:9, 4:3 and 1:1.

Secondly, exhibits a very attractive and easy-to-use user interfaceIndeed, it is a must-have app for both beginners and professionals. Among other alternatives, provides tools to create new projects from the timeline and through photos from your libraryin just a second.

As well as reusing existing projects as a kind of templates, with the aim of producing new films. In addition, is capable of splitting videos frame by frameadjust the transition style and length, zoom, and supports multilevel redo and undo.

Animoto: Slideshow Maker

Animoto: Slideshow Maker

Finally, we recommend this free solution for iPhone and iPadthrough which you can trim your videos without any complications and edit them quicklyeven in less than five minutes.

Since it integrates several basic tools to use and its operation is based on completely simple steps such as selecting a slideshow style, uploading video clips or photos to use, determining and choosing music from the app’s track libraryadd text or legends to personalize your creation and share the results once obtained through the most famous social networks.

On the other hand, it presents 100+ slide styles that adjust to all the requirements of its users, accept HD downloadsyou can save all the edits you make with just one click and one of the best features is that it gives you the option to add up to 20 media files per presentationwhich means that it supports a large number of megabytes.

Thanks to each of the applications that we indicate for trim videos and remove the parts you don’t like easily via your Smartphonewe hope we have been of great help and that from now on, you start downloading the app that you liked the most through the Play Store or App Store, to ensure editions like a professional and share them on various websites and social networks.