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What are the best apps to watch TV on iPhone and iPad for free? 2020 list

What are the best apps to watch TV on iPhone and iPad for free? 2020 list

Currently mobile devices and other electronic devices have been moving TVs little by little, so much so that in recent years the number of viewers has has been decreasing considerably, and this is because every day Smartphone fulfill more important functions that attract more and more attention from users.

Usually, a person nowadays spends much of his time working, and when he comes home or in the short time he spends it on his mobile device, to check your social networks, use the WhatsApp or call a friend . Because of this iOS operating system devices have offered their users the ability to watch TV through their computers, either iPhone or iPad.

This can be done through web pages, some applications that you can download directly from the App Store or using some device in particular, > All this without the need to perform complicated steps. That is why here we present the best applications to watch TV from your Smartphone.

List of the best applications to watch TV from your iPhone or iPad

If you are a person who likes watching television , whether to watch fun shows, novels, or sports programs , but you don’t There is time left because of your work and occupations you can start using some of the applications that this free service offers for your iPhone device.

These apps offer you a great variety of channels and that stand out for their great playback speed. Also, with them you can watch both national channels and international. So, here we present the 10 best applications to watch TV from your terminal.

RTVE alacarta

RTVE alacarta

We start the list with this app that will allow you to access live some of the Spanish television channels and the national radio of Spain. You can find it on the App Store and it’s totally free, you can install it on both your iPhone and iPad device. In addition, in terms of installation and configuration is very simple, with a few simple steps you can start enjoying your TV.

It also gives you the possibility to follow live TV shows, series, news, programs, from both television channels La 2, Canal 24h, La1, Teledeportes.

In this app you can find the channels of RNE alacarta and TVE alacarta where you can enjoy all its programming at any time of the day and best of all, you will not have to spend money. In addition, among its main features we find that it presents live broadcasts of series, football programs, debates, news , among many others.

It also offers the live radio service, with a large number of local stations for user entertainment. Keep in mind that some of these stations may suffer interruptions due to the restrictions of the audiovisual rights of each one of them.



With this application of Spanish television you can access two national channels such as the television of Galicia TVEuropa, Galicia TVAmérica . In addition, you also have access to three Radio Galega stations, such as are Radio Galega, Son Galicia Radio and Radio Galega Música.

This CRTVG program will allow you to have access to all the TVG schedules, as well as watch the most up-to-date programs on television and radio . An ideal channel for lovers of these channels and stations.

Among the main features we can find that it allows a live TV of both TVG Europe and America, presentation of current events informative and sports, radio in direct at any time, personalization of the application with changes of funds, compatibility with Apple TV , among others.



Pluto is a completely free iOS program and will allow you to watch TV from your mobile. In it you can watch channels from almost everyone and at a great resolution. It is currently considered one of the the most recommended apps to carry out this type of activity.

In it we can find channels in almost all languages, an excellent way to practice other languages. In addition, you can be informed of everything that happens in the world, you will find sports channels, news, movies and series , among others.

Among its main features we will find that it detects the speed of the Internet connection that we are using, in this way you can adjust the emission so that there is the minimum of interruptions possible during transmission. Without a doubt, it is one of the most complete iPhone programs on the market.



The success of Netflix began from the United States , becoming a platform to watch television, in it you can watch your favorite series and movies and that It has also been integrated into mobile phones. However, in Spain it has also been growing significantly and now it has begun to land all cable television stations that were previously hired by private companies.

One of the main advantages of this app is that it offers the most current movies and series from around the world , and thanks to the app you can enjoy these services while you are outside your home without the need to be in front of your TV.

This application is characterized by constantly updating its content and allows its users to watch streaming content . A tool that is constantly growing and there is no doubt that it will continue to offer its users very good services.



An ideal program for all those users who love programming the Sixth and Antenna 3. A platform belonging to Atresmedia, and that is available for the iOS devices . In addition, it is available in two versions, free and pay , in the free version you will have some ads that will appear during the playback of the content, while the pay is free of any type of ad and has a cost of 2.69 euros per month.

Among the channels you can enjoy with this Atresplayer application are: Antenna 3, the Sixth, Nova, Mega, Atresseries and Neox. Please note that to use this program is recommended to have a wireless network connection quite fast, you can directly with mobile data, but keep in mind that they can be consumed to a large extent.


Among its characteristics we find that it allows you to see the programs in HD and 4K, create your own playlists , or be able to obtain original versions subtitled series or foreign movies . A service highly recommended for lovers of these channels and television.

Movistar +


An ideal application for all those who have Movistar Internet TV. Currently considered one of the best apps to watch TV from the mobile device, where you can enjoy sports channels, series, movies, children’s channels, gastronomic channels , among many others.

Among its menu you can count on more than 50 available channels to watch at any time and at any time from your iPhone . In addition, it is characterized by being simple to use, you can enter what you want to see in the search engine or the channel name you are looking for and access your favorite programming in seconds.

If you also have a special Movistar package, such as the Premium packages you can activate the “Home Multiaccess” service to enjoy it in your mobile application. So, if you have the services of Movistar for your television you must get this app and start enjoying all these services.

Zattoo Live TV

Zattoo Live TV

Zattoo Live TV is a very interesting and attractive tool with which you can watch all the channels you want in a legal way. This app allows you to watch live TV either from your iPhone device like iPad and also gives you the ability to record the schedules in case you can’t watch them live . One of the most complete programs that you can find in the App Store.

To make use of this application you will simply have to subscribe to the app and have a fast Internet connection so that the transmission does not constantly hang up. Perhaps one of the main advantages of Zattoo Live Tv over the other apps of this type is that it will allow you to watch TV no matter where you are, it adapts according to the geographical location you have, allowing you to watch channels across Europe.

Like other apps of this type you can find two versions, the free version includes a selection of the best channels from each of the countries of Europe, where you will find channels both for children like young people, sports channels, series and movies . While the paid version has a recording system and has a monthly price of 4.99 euros .

With Telemadrid you have the opportunity to see your favorite programming Live and have now made updates where you can now also enjoy à la carte. With this program you can enjoy news channels, sports, programs, movies and series, all this from your iPhone device no matter where you are, you simply need to have a high speed internet connection or mobile data.

With this application you have the possibility to directly access Telemadrid, Onda Madrid and LaOtra , regardless of the country where you are. A very complete and very good program so you can always stay connected to Spanish channels regardless of your location. It gives you the possibility to follow all the programs live, as well as Telemadrid broadcasts, considered for years as the best television of all Madrid people.

In the A la carte section you can enjoy current programs, trips, entertainment. Sports , and always be connected with everything new. All this can be achieved from the comfort of your mobile without the need to be at home. And best of all, you can download in a totally free way.

Mitele Tv on demand Mitele Tv a la carta

Mitele is a platform that is available for iOS devices and offers you live TV on demand. All this at through Mediaset España , where you can get the best programming content of all kinds through channels such as Energy, Be Mad, Cuatro, FDF, Divinity, Telecinco, among others , you can see all this content legally.

Among its main advantages we find that it offers the possibility to see both national and international content, whether series, movies, sports, entertainment, children’s programs, among many others. All this can be found through this application that you can download from the App Store for free.

In case you want to have a greater amount of content youth and children you can reinforce this with MiteleTeens, a channel where you will find series and programming for the youngest and youngest of the house.

Sky: Movies and TV Sky: Películas y TV

With Sky , you can start enjoying your favorite series, as well as all the premieres of every month, also offers you channels of movies, series , sports, entertainment, among others. In case you want additional content you can purchase it through an additional cost.

Among the main features of Sky we can find that it has the best live payment channels, you can enjoy series of the moment, original productions such as Patrick, Melrose, Gomorra, among others. Also, you can enjoy LaLiga1 / 2/3.

All this you can get through the App Store totally free, you just have to create your account and start enjoying Sky services.

How to watch TV from my iPhone if I am outside Spain?

Keep in mind that this is something that will basically depend on each of the applications, as well as the rights and agreements that each of the programs have acquired. In general, most of programs usually have limitations to be transmitted in other countries , so they are subject to constant geographical blocks .

Every time you use an application and connect to a television channel you should keep in mind that there reflects the IP address of the country where you are. Therefore, if you access an app to watch TV from Spain and you are in another country either Germany or France the page will not open, which will give you a Notice like the following: “Content not available outside of Spain”.

However, there is a solution for everything, and it’s about installing a VPN on your mobile device . This way you will be connecting in a much safer way and anonymously . Therefore, your real VPN will not be detected and you can use a VPN from Spain which will be recognized by the app you are using and the programs will start playing without no problem.

It is important to mention that the use of this type of tool is not considered illegally. This does not mean that it is something that is approved by all web platforms or mobile applications , but it is allowed to use it and which benefits users in this type of activities. It is recommended that before using a free VPN you advise and review its terms and conditions.