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What are the best Arenavision Acestream channels for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS? 2022 list

What are the best Arenavision Acestream channels for Windows

The sports channels on traditional television have always been the ones that show a greater audience around the world. However, when you are enjoying these skills, interruptions are the most annoying point of that matter.

That is why, currently, users seek and require a new way of observing what they like. Of course, without having to endure the annoying commercial cuts. For which, new methods have been created and designed to broadcast and watch live broadcasts , thanks to P2P networks.

Although these types of networks can be considered as a nest that hosts content of doubtful legality, with Acestream de Arenavisión the opposite happens . Being created from BitTorrent computer technology, to allow all fans of any kind of sport, enjoy content without unnecessary cuts and in high definition .

What is the Acestream program?

This is a program that allows streaming content to be viewed through P2P networks . Which means that it makes use of the files that other users share from their computers and thus, is characterized by providing any type of content directly through computers or smartphones , without the requirement of fixed clients or servers.

In this way, it has become known with great power on the Internet and thanks to it, today it is one of the most popular applications for football lovers and in general, of live sports broadcasts. Taking into account that, one of its best functions is based on the ability it offers to watch broadcasts of matches and even movies and series by simply entering the indicated URL.

In this sense, it should be noted that the program serves to enjoy all kinds of content and the more users are connected, the better the fluidity and quality of the image. It also has the ability to integrate with other applications , which facilitates its handling to users and even offers the possibility of listening to an extensive catalog of music through streaming. In addition, allows you to share content with the use of devices such as Chromecast .

How to download and configure Acestream to watch Arenavision on Streaming?

First of all, it is valuable to clarify that Acestream is a software based on the VLC player and allows you to view contents of a torrent file in time real, without having to download each file to the computer.

Now, as for the process of downloading and installing the program as such, it is necessary to perform the following steps:

  • To start, access its official website to proceed to download the installer. Once there, you will see that there is only one version available for Windows and another for Android. Therefore, we clarify that in order to use this software on other computers or devices, it is necessary to download an emulator to run it.

Cómo descargar y configurar Acestream para ver Arenavisión en Streaming

  • When you have downloaded the installer on your computer, you will simply have to install it like any other application in Windows, for example. That is, double click on the file to start the installation. We emphasize that the only requirement is to have a free disk space of 231 MB.
  • At a certain point in the installation, you must set a location to cache the events you want see . The most recommended is to select (C: ) especially if you have little space available on the system disk to not saturate it. With this, you can continue with this process by simply clicking on “ Install ”.

Cómo descargar y configurar Acestream para ver Arenavisión en Streaming

Depending on the power of the equipment you are using, the installation may take a few minutes to complete. After that, it is important that correctly configure the software to obtain fully tuned operation, although the latest versions of Acestream are already adjusted for good performance, generally.

Here are the steps to configure Acestream to watch Arenavision in streaming:

  • To start, you must locate the Acestream icon in the notification area of ​​the taskbar or in the Windows system tray. To do so, double-click on the icon in the form of a “ Play ” surrounded by a circle of colors.
  • Then, a menu of software options will be shown to which you must enter To do this, click on “ Options… ” and begin to dig a little deeper into the application settings.

Cómo descargar y configurar Acestream para ver Arenavisión en Streaming

Here we indicate the most important fields to configure in order to obtain an optimal operation of Acestream from the beginning:

Cómo descargar y configurar Acestream para ver Arenavisión en Streaming

  • In the first selection of the list, you will see “ Play entertaining videos while prebuffering ”, which we recommend unchecking. Since, that will prevent the reproduction of advertising while you wait for it to load any video.
  • Another of the most relevant options is the one in second position “ Start with sufficient speed only “And it is valuable to keep it activated to ensure good software speed. Although not mandatory.
  • In the “ VOD buffer, s ” and “ Live buffer, s ” boxes, it is important to modify the figures that the program contains by default. To do this, we advise you to try until you find the best performance, the best values ​​being higher than those that are there (10, 30 or even 60 more).
  • Finally, click on “Advanced” to save changes, since the other options in the menu are optimal as the program shows them. After that, you will notice that port 8621 is the one used by default, which means that it is necessary to define an open port to avoid any connection problems.

Acestream channels: what are they and how do they work?

Once downloaded and installed this program you can access it and see all the channels you want following the following shortcut:

“Media”> “Open network dump”> Paste the URL> Click on “Play” and you’re done. But well, that means that the program does not contain all this programming by itself, because you will have to locate the access to the links to see dozens of content adapted for Acestream.

Taking into account that, the Acestream channels are those that are specially adapted to include them in said software and thus, be able to watch the programming you want in streaming. In particular, that referring to sports competitions.

In this way, you will have to search the Arenavision channels on their official website , but only those that specialize in each sport . Being these, those that go from 1 to 44 (Arenavision 1 – Arenavision 44).

Canales Acestream ¿Qué son y cómo funcionan?

List of the best channels Acestream de Arenavisión for Windows, Mac, Android e iOS

In view of the need to search the URL address of each Arenavision channel to enjoy this content within Acestream, it is essential to know what are the best channels available for any operating system , in which you can enjoy all Soccer games, as well as NBA games, Golf, Rugby and even Tennis competitions.

Here is a list of these channels:

To watch Soccer

In order to watch live football matches, Arenavision for Acestream offers a complete agenda where broadcasts these tournaments . Taking into account that, the main trick to be able to watch football online in Arenavision is by accessing the > ACE Stream 1+ and > ACE Stream 2+ tabs. So, in these sections, you can find the 20 channels (Arenavision 1 and Arenavision 20).

Other Sports

If you want to watch games of basketball, golf, tennis or others, Acestream offers you the possibility to watch them without any cost. You just have to choose the channel of your favorite sport, sit on the couch and that’s it!