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What are the best browsers for Android mobile phones? 2022 list

What are the best browsers for Android mobile phones? 2020 list

It is no secret to anyone that since the first Smartphones came out, all users look for portability and especially when browsing the Internet. In the case of Android devices, the world of mobile browsers has expanded significantly since its inception and therefore, there are several options to choose from.

But well, given so much variety, it is essential to know alternatives that reveal a good functioning . Since, if you do not use a beneficial browser on your mobile or Tablet, surely you will not be able to make the most of your mobile data connection or to a WiFi network .

Given this, we want to let know the most optimal navigation options that exist to use on Android phones . Taking into account, from the most used browsers worldwide, to the new existing alternatives that have taken great power in recent years.

List of the 12 best browsers compatible with faster and lighter Android phones

Next, the best solutions to navigate your Android mobile with 100% compatibility and detailing its most important features. Also keeping in mind its most latent advantages and disadvantages so that you can select the one that best suits your requirements and expectations when surfing the web.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Thanks to the fact that it has expanded to various operating systems, this browser is the first alternative for Android users when browsing. Among its main features, we find that it offers great security against any malicious application and, in addition, it is a platform that provides complete productivity. It is also designed to be as simple as possible and because of that, it also reveals a lot of simplicity and, if that were not enough, it has a high speed of navigation , in general.

Now, in reference to its advantages with respect to its use on Android devices, we emphasize that provides the same speed and the same performance as the desktop version . It also has a brief installation of bookmarks, maintains the ability to synchronize and as well as an excellent design, it also contains a very simple user interface.

However, this browser also exhibits disadvantages for Android , among the main ones we find the following: It does not present support for Flash Player and indeed, it only focuses on the HTML 5 standard for mobile browsers. Also, consume a lot of RAM and does not contain support for extensions and this is a completely negative aspect for those users who manage their navigation with the help of these extensions.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

It is a very recognized alternative worldwide, for its great use for many years in any computer. Luckily, this browser became an app of Google Play Store and therefore, any Android user can use it to the extent they want. In this way, we detail its main characteristics that are based on the organization , since it is an application that simplifies the search, administration and visualization of content while browsing the Internet.

Now, in terms of its most notable advantages, Microsoft Edge stands out for allowing synchronization of everything you want , just by connecting a Microsoft account. Added to this, it supports private card-style tabs and tabs management, you can scan QR codes from the home screen, also accept voice searches simply by touching the microphone and exhibits the possibility of using Adblock.

For its part, as well as all other solutions, this browser shows some disadvantages that should be taken into account. Which basically refer to its low speed on some occasions, when loading websites and also, for its few customization options . Since, certain default sections cannot be deleted and it looks dark with interface edges.

Mozilla Firefox


Of course, Mozilla’s solution could not be missing in this list. Thus, we indicate that Mobile Firefox is estimated as a fast, personal and intelligent search platform , which all Android users can handle. Taking into account that in addition to this, it is considered an excellent privacy option, thanks to Mozilla being the most reliable internet company.

Now, to highlight the advantages of Firefox on Android , it is important to note that it has been a browser designed for you to manage to take control of your web experience, due to perfectly intelligent features It exhibits, because it has the ability to anticipate your needs and also provides several search results quickly and intuitively . Additionally, it sets privacy as one of the most relevant parameters and thanks to this, it has protection against activity tracking . It also allows synchronization and has all kinds of accessories.

But since not everything can be perfect, this web browser also has some points against it. Which are: a large consumption of mobile resources , in case you make use of many add-ons or plugins and this generates a completely slow operation. In addition to presenting some sudden closures while browsing.

Opera with free VPN

Opera con VPN gratuita

In general, it is another of the most used desktop browsers today and Android as well, since it offers a free app in the Play Store. Thus, Opera basically refers to a web browser very fast and secure that, if that were not enough, adds a new news channel, VPN totally free and An integrated advertising blocker. With which, guarantees more attractive navigation .

As for its main benefits, we highlight that the best of all, is that Opera manages to block all the advertising you find on the websites and thus, accelerates the process to load them with total speed. In sum, it contains an integrated VPN, which is unlimited, free and prevents you from sharing your location and / or identification. In addition, has night mode , password management, auto-fill credit card data with complete security , shortcuts on the initial screen of the device, synchronization with other devices and Simple management of any download.

However, in terms of its main disadvantage, we highlight that the Opera browser presents an important limitation when synchronizing navigation data . Since, if you do not use your desktop version, you will not be able to perform this process with your mobile browser.

Brave Browser: AdBlocker

Brave Browser: AdBlocker

This navigation alternative for Android, can be considered as one of the most innovative in recent years. In this way, it should be noted that, in reference to its main features, it is a completely free, secure and simple app to navigate from anywhere. It also has write blocking, third-party cookie blocking , bookmarks, recent tabs, private tabs, etc.

On the other hand, we find that its biggest advantage is that contains built-in AdBlock and this undoubtedly offers a very clean and ad-free experience, so it does not reveal any inconvenience during your internet browsing. In addition, it exhibits a great battery and mobile data optimization of your Android , as well as tracking and blocking protection of any pop-up window.

Around its possible inconveniences, Brave Browser can generate unexpected drops on certain occasions and sometimes, users have been forced to close the browser from the Task Manager. In addition to this, the content quality is truncated at certain times, since the view becomes not very clear.

Dolphin Browser Web Browser

Navegador Web Dolphin Browser

With more than 150 million downloads on both Android and other mobile operating systems, this browser option is also one of the newest and despite that, it is considered an excellent solution. Since, in general, Dolphin Browser offers a completely intelligent web experience for searching and browsing within the network, in addition to providing very fast loads and great customization; What sets it apart from other browsers for Android. Also, add add-ons and this generates a better experience.

Highlighting its advantages, it is a browser that includes AdBlock or blocking of advertisements , removes all unwanted content on any web page, has a flash player to get a better experience in videos and games . Like, allows incognito browsing , accepts synchronization of history, bookmarks or passwords and guarantees downloads at an extreme speed. It even stands out for being a web browser with various themes to personalize your experience in its entirety .

However, Dolphin Browser manages to work at fast speeds to load websites, only with the help of an add-on . Which means that, to have this advantage, it is necessary to install a plug-in called Dolphin JetPack because otherwise, it can be estimated as one of the mobile browsers that takes longer to load certain websites.

Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser

With its free version of Play Store, this web browser is also positioned as one of the best alternatives to surf the web using your Android device. Starting because, in addition to speed, shows completely free Adobe Flash support and guarantees an absolutely complete and optimized web experience for your mobile. Also, it provides an incognito tab that allows you to quickly clean your browsing activities within this app.

Now, in order to highlight its advantages, it is valuable to note that this platform offers an ultra-fast workload , even through devices with limited resources to cloud servers. In addition, it guarantees a saving of mobile data (up to 90% during the navigation process) and, as if that were not enough, provides protection in the cloud , being Fully encrypted and protect all your personal data against any possible hacker with bad fleas.

But, unfortunately, Puffin Web Browser maintains its data center and servers in the United States , so if any user wishes to view local content outside the US, cannot do so at any time. mode thanks to the geographical restrictions of the country where it is located, the only solution for this is to navigate using a VPN to be able to relocate your location.

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus

This is a browser developed by Firefox, which was created in order to provide the safest web browsing experience possible . Therefore, it is a completely recommended alternative for all Android users, being available in Google Play Store for free. Taking into account that, Firefox Focus takes the protection of your private information to another level.

In this way, we highlight that its most relevant advantages lie in the automatic privacy it provides . Since, it blocks a wide variety of web crawlers without the need to make a single press and also immediately clears your search history. Added to this, suppresses any advertisement and prevents such types of ads from following you during your experience with the app. Provides faster speed , by setting trackers and ads aside.

However, among its disadvantages, we highlight that it can only be installed on devices with Android 5.0 or higher than this . In addition, it is not the ideal option for those users who have bad memory, since this browser does not remember anything or suggest anything at all during your search processes and this is sometimes annoying for certain users .

Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser

This is another excellent alternative to navigate through your Android mobile, as it exhibits various features that make it very advantageous and interesting. In this sense, it is essential to highlight that has a completely secure and elegant interface , which most of its users like. Also, accepts voice search and today, this feature reveals a lot of productivity for mobile users.

Now, in order to highlight its most relevant benefits, we indicate that Yandex Browser manages to reduce the use of mobile data and also reveals a remarkable speed when loading any website that you access and even allows you to quickly download images regardless of whether the Internet connection is slow. It also has features that allow to suppress annoying commercials , as it blocks any application that generates these pop-ups.

Also, is a good solution for your privacy , as it takes you away from any fraudulent page. But, as it is valuable to know the points against all the options, we highlight that this browser only allows you to carry out the process of synchronizing your data with having a Yandex account . Otherwise, he does not accept it.

UC Browser

UC Browser

It is an ideal solution for all users who want to download music and videos online at an absolutely remarkable speed . Having, in addition, a great performance in the reproduction of this type of content and thus presenting an exclusive design for some websites that provide multimedia content.

When inquiring about its main advantages, we find that this perfect browser for Android mobiles, has blocking of advertisements and this, allows to have a more effective and attractive experience, by suppressing any pop-up window . In sum, supports multiple downloads in the background in the background, as well as through the cloud through automatic reconnection .

It has intelligent searches and reveals low consumption of resources on the mobile . However, around its disadvantages, we emphasize that UC Browser is that it does not reveal a true guarantee regarding the security and privacy of its users . In view of that, it is even capable of storing browsing history and in incognito mode.

FlashFox – Flash Browser

FlashFox - Flash Browser

It is also a free web browser that, although it is not a very recognized alternative, it is also indicated for Android phones, thanks to its availability in Google Play Store. In this way, FlashFox stands out for being an application that reveals very quickly when searching and thus exhibits a very complete browsing experience, with the possibility of synchronization.

As for its main benefits, it is essential to note that it refers to a browser compatible with any version of Android. In addition, it offers the possibility of executing high quality videos, directly from any website. Also issues a search intelligently , as it anticipates your requests and this simplifies any search process.

To specify its disadvantages, we only find that, as the previous option, does not exhibit a remarkable security and privacy for its users . Therefore, in terms of data protection of any kind, it is not an ideal alternative.

Opera Touch

Opera Touch

Finally, we recommend this option that has been created and designed in order to speed up Internet searches completely from mobile devices. Taking into account that, thanks to this, he has been awarded as one of the best browsers to obtain quick search responses. In addition, it should be noted that Opera Touch has an interface that shows an excellent design and emits great simplicity for handling .

Because, it allows you to explore everything you want on the network with just one additional hand, add an instant search button . However, among its main advantages, we find that this browser has the function of perform voice search and, ultimately, facilitates any management on the Internet. In addition to this, it allows you to have a totally secure navigation, thanks to using Opera’s cryptojacking protection and this reduces the risk of your mobile being damaged.

It also has blocking of unwanted advertisements. For its part, the main disadvantage of this application, is that it has very little time to live and, therefore, so far is considered a somewhat unstable option , which requires more trial time and a better optimization, since sometimes the application freezes and it is necessary to close it to use it again from scratch.

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