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What are the best browsers for MacOS? 2022 list

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A web browser is an application that provides the ability to visit any website available on the Internet, since it is capable of interpreting and displaying different types of files natively. So, it has become one of the most fundamental utilities within a computer.

Currently, it is possible to find on the market a large number of web browsers compatible with Mac OS X. Which is useful for those users who are inclined to change the built-in browser on Mac, by default.

If you are one of them and want to know what are the best browsers for macOS In order to choose one that suits your preferences, we invite you to read this post. Here, we will show you 10 optimal solutions.

Best browsers to use on iMac

Do you want to change the browser on your Mac and you don’t know which is the best option to select? Do not look any further, with the list that we present belowsurely you can find the most practical and efficient web browser for your Mac.

Go for it:



It is the official Apple web browser and, by default, it comes pre-installed on Mac. It is distinguished by its high level of security and privacy, being one of its most important aspects, since it guarantees the protection of user data. In addition to this, it provides a speed of navigation very fast which makes it one of the best performing browsers.

Among other features, Safari exhibits an elegant interface which is intuitive, has iCloud integration to sync data between devices, supports simultaneous navigationhas a function of battery usage optimization Y provides various extensions that enhance the browsing experience.



It consists of a MacOS compatible browser that is free and available in more than 50 languages. Fortunately, it is possible to use this web browser on low-end or less powerful computers, because the minimum requirements for it to work properly are very simple. thanks to that too guarantees optimum performance.

Regarding its interface, it should be noted that it is intuitive and supports a high level of customization that manages to optimize the user experience. In addition to this, it has a tool known as “Turbo Opera” which helps boost speed on slow connections. In addition, it has an advertising blocker, provides unlimited VPN and integrates seamlessly with messaging apps. Among other details, Opera supports the organization of tabs in order to enjoy a more fluid experience.

Download Opera for macOS

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Without a doubt, it is one of the most recognized web browsers in the online world. But, previously, it was distinguished as an attempted headache for the battery of any MacBook. However, thanks to the latest version of it, Google managed to solve this problem and, consequently, It is another of the alternative improvements to browse the web from MacOS.

From there, users can enjoy a much safer navigation, highlighting that the platform warns if you are about to visit a suspicious website that can do phishing or host malicious software. It is also a browser that offers simple downloads, online synchronization, instant search, site translation, incognito mode and more.

Download Google Chrome for macOS



One of the features that make Firefox one of the best browsers for Mac is its ability to add any kind of extension. Additionally, thanks to the synchronization between devices, it allows you to have all the bookmarks and passwords anywhere. All this, starting from top speed navigation.

For its part, another of the points in favor of Firefox is the security and privacy that guarantees; Because it deletes your browsing history every time you close it, it has ad tracker blocking, it has fingerprint creator blocking, and it provides a powerful password manager. Notably, it is an open source browser.

Download Mozilla Firefox for macOS



The web browser of Russian origin can also be another of the most effective solutions to access the online world from your Mac. Mainly, this solution is distinguished by being one of the lightest and fastest; thus occupying the second place among the browsers that guarantee high speed browsing. Emphasizing that, it also exhibits a very low RAM memory consumption.

On the other hand, if you are one of the users who is inclined towards customize the browser background to your liking, Yandex is a great alternative for you. Apart from that, it also distinguishes itself as a secure and reliable browser that protects your users from dangerous websites with malware and offers DNS spoofing protection.

Download Yandex Browser for macOS

Tor Browser

Tor Browser

For remain anonymous on the web, Tor Browser stands out as a suitable alternative. This is a free, open source, cross-platform browser that reveals compatibility with MacOS and, most of all, stands out for the addressing method it uses, which does not reveal the user’s IP address to the websites you visit.

Thus, it is an ideal solution to not leave any trace of searches or be influenced by search results based on your location (IP). Other benefits provided by this tool is that allows access to websites and content with geographical restrictionsas well as, customize its interface to the maximum and navigate in a practical way through an intuitive interface.

Download Tor Browser for macOS


Lately, Maxthon has become one of the most used web browsers on MacOS. Since it is a software that does not use many resources, it has functions with which it manages to adapt to the user and allows you to synchronize your browsing data with other devices. As well as, save passwords and auto fill fields for a more hands-on experience.

Among other relevant functions, it is worth noting that it has functions with which users can easily share files and documents with other devices. All this, for free and through a clean, simple and minimalist interface that provides an efficient browsing experience.

Vivaldi Browser

Even though it is one of the latest Mac compatible browsers, it is actually estimated as a high-quality alternative to surfing the net. Since, it consists of a browser designed to preserve the privacy of users; reason why, does not track, collect or profile the data thereofto sell them to third parties.

In addition to the tracking protection it offers, Vivaldi also has an ad blocker that helps get a much more effective browsing speed, to avoid slowing down the user experience. In addition to this, it has high extension compatibility and allows you to use your favorite Chrome plugins, it also has integrated text translation and tab tools.


Like Chrome, this new browser is Chromium-based and as a result, is compatible with all extensions designed for Google Chrome. In addition to that, it stands out as one of the best browsers for Mac when it comes to consume multimedia content such as music and videosthanks to its excellent performance regardless of the performance of the computer.

Similarly, Torch Browser provides optimal work for download videos and audioworks as a great P2P torrent download manager and offers the possibility of record screen easily. Regarding its interface, it is very intuitive and easy to use, in addition to she is attractive.


Mainly, Brave is identified as a browser with an extremely clean interface which, in any way, will provide you with a very pleasant user experience. Limiting that, due to its powerful performance, it manages to load the websites of three to six times faster compared to other usual browsers.

For its part, also manages a high level of security, as it does not store browsing data, has tracker blockers, has a built-in password manager, and allows you to control access to autoplay sites. It even provides cookie control, avoid fingerprinting, offer HTTPS update and more.

Tips for browsing iMac safely

Tips for browsing iMac safely

Beyond select a web browser that suits your requirements and guarantees a high level of security, it is essential to implement certain recommendations in order to navigate in a more invulnerable way on your Mac.

Therefore, here we offer you 5 tips to achieve it in a simple way:

Keep your web browser up to date

As with all software, for web browsers it is also very important to keep them updated in order to avoid any security breach. Emphasizing that, once you proceed to install its latest updates, the system will take care of look for the latest security vulnerabilities to take them down. For example, to update Safari, here’s what you’d do: Open the Apple menu > Choose “System preferences” > Press on “Software update” > Install any updates that appear.

Only visit websites that have HTTPS

At the security level, websites that have “HTTP” Y “HTTPS” show a noticeable difference. Well, in short, HTTPS is much more secure because it is characterized by prevent other users from intercepting confidential information that has been transferred between the client and the web server on the Internet.

Do not click on suspicious ads or links

It is normal encountering intrusive advertisements while browsing the Internet and among them, there may be various malicious links that are actually attractive so that Internet users can not resist and choose to access them. Therefore, if you notice that, for example, a certain advertisement vibrates; the best is that avoid clicking on it and close the page in question. This will prevent opening the door to a hacker.

Use a trusted Wi-Fi network

Another of the most effective ways to take care of your safety on the Internet, is based on make use of a known WiFi network. Therefore, it is better to avoid connecting to free networks in shopping malls, stores or public places, as they are very unsafe. In this way, you will avoid that the information packets transmitted from the public connections can be captured by cybercriminals.

Install a powerful antivirus

Inherently, antiviruses are also designed to protect your computer when you browse the Internet. Therefore, we suggest you install software of this type compatible with MacOS that provides optimal work and focuses on protecting your online identity, as well as detecting any type of threat on the network. Also, make sure you always keep it updated.

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