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What are the best browsers with built-in VPN and how to activate it for free? 2022 list

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Today, one of the most fundamental aspects when browsing the Internet is maintain privacy. Therefore, users are looking for computer network technology options that allow a secure extension on the web.

One of them refers to VPNs or “virtual private networks”which give you the possibility of increase privacy in your connection to Internet. In this sense, and thanks to its remarkable progress, more and more uses are being found for this type of network.

In this way, the advantages found at the time of use a VPN they are quite interesting. Especially, because they allow you to use anonymity when browsing any website. Indeed, below we present the biggest benefits they offer and some of the best VPN alternatives.

What are the advantages of using a VPN from our Android phone or iPhone or from a Windows or Mac computer?

What are the advantages of using a VPN from our Android phone or iPhone or from a Windows or Mac computer

Basically, a VPN is a network technology that is used to connect one or more computers to a private network, with the simple use of the Internet. This means that they are virtual networks that operate as a kind of bridge or tunnel between the user and the Internet.

Since its inception, these kinds of connections have been used in the business environment. But, thanks to its plethora of advantages, nowadays are also used by the private user. Taking into account that they allow security to be maintained, because what happens once the person connects to a certain VPN, happens within that private network.

That is, everything related to browsing, downloads obtained, etc. However, this depends on the conditions of said network. In this sense, it is valuable to know the main benefits of using a VPN from any computer.

Therefore, here we present them to you:

  • Prevent your Internet provider from accessing your data: The companies that provide the Internet are the ones that can know everything about your browsing history and, although nobody can hack this information, most users prefer to avoid it. So, by using a VPN, you can ensure that no one tracks your browsing data, not even the Internet provider.
  • You can avoid being hacked: Just as VPNs allow Internet providers not to track your web browsing information, they also prevent any hacker from obtaining your IP address and thereby gaining access to your computer. Since, these kinds of networks hide your address and provide the criminal with a false one.
  • no more censorship: With the use of VPNs, you can watch any type of content that is not available in your country or region. Like, for example, having all kinds of streaming services at hand. This helps you to obtain greater freedom when browsing and thus be able to enjoy any content without any kind of limitation.
  • Login to the network remotely: Given that many companies are establishing a new way of working, known as “telework”, this type of network cooperates in favor of said practice. Since, they give you the ease of accessing the work network remotely and this, of course, does not require physical connections to the equipment to be used.
  • You can connect to any public WiFi network without any fear: It is no secret to anyone that public WiFi networks are a great danger because that way, many criminals can access your personal information. However, when using a vpn networkyou can forget about this danger because it is such an armored technology that it will hardly allow any third party access to all the information that your device manages.
  • Browse completely anonymously: One of the biggest advantages of VPNs is that they have the possibility of surfing the Internet anonymously and in this way, they allow you to carry out any activity online without anyone spying on you in any way. They basically achieve this by creating a kind of encrypted tunnel between your computer or mobile and their servers.

List of the 7 best browsers that use a VPN and how to enable it

As it is so important to use a VPN when accessing the Internet and browsing it without any risk, it is also essential to have good alternatives that guarantee this type of security. Therefore, here we present some of the best web browsers that make use of a VPN and, in addition, we teach you how to activate them correctly:



Since 2017, Opera has developed an important update and in addition to various changes, it also included such special news as an integrated VPN. Thus, an absolutely unique particularity in this browser, in addition to fast and optimal. Taking into account that it allows set from which country you want to simulate to be browsing and even make use of IP addresses from the United States, Canada, Germany, among others.

In this sense, Opera’s VPN service is hosted in the browser’s own data centers. Likewise, delivers better search results and faster, at the moment in which the VPN is active. As well as, it has the excellent function of not keeping records.

For its part, it exhibits a type of “local search”, so that the results you obtain from the browser are more accurate and in this way, they do not provide you with content from a country that does not even belong to your continent. This basically is a tunnel with which they filter the traffic at any given time.

Now, in order to activate this VPN service in Opera, you must carry out the following procedure:

  1. Once you enter the browser, you have to go to the configuration menu. You can do it manually or with the keyboard shortcut “Alt+P”.
  2. After that, locate the section “Privacy & Security”, to select it.
  3. When specifying the above, you simply have to enable the box that has the name “Enable VPN” and ready. With this, when you open another tab in Opera, you will see an icon in the address bar that indicates that you are browsing with the VPN activated.

Aloha Browser

Aloha Browser

This option is intended offer totally secure browsing on mobile, as it is available for both Android and iOS devices. Thus, it refers to a browser that add a VPN and with this, it does not record the activity you carry out on the network, much less share it with third parties.

On the other hand, it has excellent functions for lock any tab you want by means of a password or using your fingerprint. This is one of its greatest advantages to increase privacy when activating any activity on the web. It allows Quickly download videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

In reference to its interface, It is very easy to use and to enable the VPN function that it provides, you just have to connect it. Which will take only a few seconds. By default, the function comes deactivatedbut the process is totally basic and we detail it below:

  1. One time you are located in the browser, you have to look at the top where they show you the VPN option. Precisely, it is located next to the address bar.
  2. Now, to proceed to enable it, you must click on it and in such a way, it will start its operation.

Tenta Browser

Tenta Browser

This is an ideal alternative for Android users. Thus, one of the best solutions as a web browser that includes VPN. In this sense, we highlight that one of its main advantages is that it offers the possibility of create multiple VPN zones and these, you can open them in a series of tabs each, to your liking.

In addition to this, Tenta Browser is an unlimited VPN that provides excellent results when browsing and, as if that were not enough, allows you to configure an incognito mode to ensure a much more private and secure experience. This mode has the option of placing it in a standard, medium or even maximum way, according to your requirements. In addition, it does not keep any type of registry and gives you the ease of unblock sites that are blocked by location.

In short, it’s considered a great option for browsing on any Android device, but you can’t download it directly from Android. Since it is not available in said app store and in fact, you must download its APK.

As for its activation, the same browser is responsible for carrying it out once set a password or security PIN. This allows you to keep your online activity completely hidden from the eyes of third parties.

Orbot Proxy with Tor

Orbot Proxy with Tor

It is a free browser on the Google Play Store, so it is considered another good solution to use on Android mobiles. But, more than a browser, this alternative it is an app that can be applied to other applications mobile or tablet and best of all, is that it presents the possibility of connect to the Tor network.

In this sense, Orbot makes use of Tor to encrypt your Internet traffic and also, hides it by sending it through a series of computers distributed around the world. This is why it guarantees a completely safe and optimized web experience.

Indeed, Orbot is estimated as a good option to prevent other people from being able to monitor your activities on the network and thus protects you against any threat of web freedom. Even when doing business, confidential relationships, important activities, etc. Taking into account that, add private chat messaging.

Globe VPN Browser

Globe VPN Browser

It is a software developed by Globus Partners Ltd, which is compatible only with Windows (Windows XP and later versions) and is located in the category “browsers” and the subcategory “web browsers”. In this sense, it is an ideal alternative to manage on computers and with it, be able to obtain web browsing Safer and completely fast.

Among its main features, we highlight that it is available in English and Russian, it is very light and thanks to this, Takes up less space compared to other programs belonging to the Browsers category. In addition to this, it is worth noting that has thousands of downloads.

For its part, it has a quick and easy installation, in addition to the fact that it does not require any prior activation of the VPN before using it. Since, by default, this feature is enabled.

SaferVPN for Chrome

SaferVPN for Chrome

Despite the fact that Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers worldwide, does not contain a built-in VPN. However, it has the possibility of making use of extensions of this type, which allow you to obtain an experience on the web more secure and private. As, with this Chrome extension you can enter any website anonymously and without the worry of being tracked.

Added to this, it is considered a very solid and lightweight proxy extension that increases the speed of navigation and also streaming downloads of any content. Thus, one of the fastest options of the moment for Chrome. Display access to local server with 700+ anonymous servers high-speed on every continent.

Now, in reference to the activation of this extension in Chrome, you just have to:

  1. Install it in your web browser the extension “SaferVPN”, via the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Sign up using a free subscription.
  3. Finally, click on the icon that shows to connect to any of the 34 locations of this server.

VPN ProxyBrowser

VPN ProxyBrowser

Finally, we present you this other alternative available for mobiles. Which is based on offering a browsing experience with greater privacy and security which also has other functions such as clearing history, cache, cookies, etc. In order to get better security features.

On the other hand, this solution has support for multiple tabs, which is why it is also considered a browser with excellent productivity features and great simplicity. Taking into account that, handling is quite simple.

In reference to its connection mode, this is carried out automatically. Since, once you enter the browser, it connects to the best available server, simultaneously. However, although the location can be selected, it is not possible to choose which server to connect to. But well, when you choose that location, the same software reboots and connects to the location you want.