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What are the best casino games without an Internet connection or Wi-Fi to play on Android and iPhone? 2022 list

What are the best casino games without an Internet connection or Wi-Fi to play on Android and iPhone? 2020 list

If you like casino-type games because they look almost as real as Vegas, you will undoubtedly want to be part of the public that has the skills to play it or that you want to acquire to enter these applications. It should be noted that these can give you entertainment without having access to the internet, you will only need it to download them.

Technology has allowed developing games with such attractive design and operation, that you will be surprised at the endless games of this type that you will find in the store of your device for free, so that entertain yourself in those moments when boredom appears or to share a time of enjoyment among friends or family.

That is why in this tutorial we present a list of some applications of the many that are offered in the store of your mobile device for Android and iPhone. Similarly we mention the basic features such as where to find the link specifically so that you are sure to download it whenever you like.

Fans of this game theme will not be able to complain about the lack of options, thanks to the fact that we have searched the best betting stores in the wide catalog. These, in addition to all the fantastic features that they have and that you will be able to know later, offer the possibility of betting during competitions to do so in real time.

Next, we will describe the most outstanding games that you can download without problems from your Android terminal and iPhone:

Casino Sportsbook (Casino and Sports Betting)

Casino Sportsbook

It is listed as one of the most prominent in casino games without internet connection on Android and iPhone devices, it is ideal for boys and girls without distinction. It is quite broad in terms of functions and features, as it offers blackjack, video pocker, dice and more, typical of a real casino. With this you will begin to gain skills as you enter fully into it. According to the user forum of this game, it is highly accepted by all who install it.

Download Casino Sportsbook on Android

Download Casino Sportsbook on iPhone

Teen Patti – Indina Poker

Teen Patti

It’s a fun game for teenagers where you can play Poker, Rummy and Walking Bahar. It is based on playing three cards similar to other games of the same line as Poker, Texas, Holdém. If you manage to make several combinations in the same round you will earn points in combos.

The winner is the one who gets the highest tournament score . This game is undoubtedly very versatile for the characters that come by default and from which you will only choose what suits you. You just have to go to your Android store and download it.

Download Teen Patti on Android

Download Teen Patti on iPhone

Teen Patti Gold – TPG

Teen Patti gold

It is a free casino game similar to the previous one, here you can play both with an internet connection and without it, it is aimed at children and teenagers. It is an Indian version of poker that is played with three cards, this game consists of up to 5 real players that you can find in different parts of the world, at any time and in any language. Winning it depends on your moving cards. Dare!

Download Teen Patti Gold on Android

Download Teen Patti Gold on iPhone

Zynga Poker – Texas Holdem

Zynga Poker

It is a game that will allow you to play like professionals. It is totally free and free internet connection. Offers a number of variants such as online poker, fast tournaments, competition against 5 or 9 players in leisurely games, organizing events and much more.

In addition, it gives you an experience so real that in fact it is officially recognized and whose experience will be like that of Las Vegas casinos. This game is aimed at the adult audience and does not include real money. This developer is the leader of the world’s most popular social games that are played by thousands of people daily.

Download Zynga Poker on Android

Download Zynga Poker on iPhone

Huuuge Casino Slots

Huuuge Casino Slots

It is the ultimate gaming experience, because you can play Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, with slot machines, compete in leagues and enjoy everything in Las Vegas style. This allows you to form teams against other players, join existing clubs to defeat your opponents and create your own.

Best of all, it doesn’t need internet access, it’s free and provides an excellent interface that is easy to control. At the start of the game you will receive some coins from its developer.

Download Huuuge Casino Slots on Android

Download Huuuge Casino Slots on iPhone

Money Wheel Slot Machine Game


This is the Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine, this is nothing more than a free slot machine. Known in the world of games as slots . You choose the amount of coins you want to risk and then tap the spin. You only select the maximum risk bet number of coins and test your luck.

This game can be played without internet with the 500 coins that the game itself gives you at the beginning. If you want to play with real money you can play online.

Download Money Wheel Slot on Android

Download Money Wheel Slot on iPhone

Slotomania Slots – Casino Slot Games < / h3>Slotomania Slots

It’s a game for the whole family where you can find all types of slots that you can’t imagine, you can play it with or without internet. In this you will get some free coins for days so you can bet them.

The idea of ​​this game is to plan a strategy that allows you to defeat your opponent and thus become the greatest exponent of the game. It’s just a matter of learning and domination.

Download Slotomania on Android

Download Slotomania on iPhone

Governor of Poker 2 </ h3 >GOVERNOR OF POKER 2

This is a later that involves cowboys in Texas and begins with the appearance of a character called Poker Governor. The new governor of the city prohibits all games of Texas Holdem Poker and it is in your hands to reverse this situation, for this you must have knowledge of Poker. This includes a tutorial so you can see how the game dynamics is and become an expert.

Download Governor of Poker 2 on Android

Download Governor of Poker 2 on iPhone

Penny Arcade Slots


It’s a quintessential slot game. With this you will receive several benefits of fun like variety in bonus games, achievements and the wheel of luck, that will surely give you the best slot fun like no other. It is similar to other apps with arcade games on this theme.

Download Penny Arcade on Android

Download Penny Arcade on iPhone

Reel Deal Slots Adventure </ h3 >REEL DEAL SLOTS ADVENTURE

This game is for sympathizers of coin-swallowing games. You will have 20 swallows coins at the beginning to start your adventure. As you play more Reel Deal Slots Adventure you will be able to unlock more swallows coins that will give you greater challenges. In addition, you will have bonuses that give you the opportunity to play as long as you want. No doubt with this you will enjoy his presentation, because is in 3D .

Download Reel Deal on Android