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What are the best channels to watch and download children’s videos on YouTube? 2022 list

What are the best channels to watch and download children's videos on YouTube? 2020 list

The YouTube platform has become one of the most used and important for most users around the world. This is how it has been used by thousands of people to create children’s video channels where the little ones in the house can have a good time.

Given that children today often spend long hours behind a computer, tablet or mobile device , it is important to guide them to see a type of programming that provides entertainment and teaching . In this way there are different channels where they can learn languages, dances, sing, games , among others.

Therefore, knowing the importance of all this type of programming for the little ones, we have decided to make a collection of the best children’s channels that can be found directly on YouTube .

What are the benefits of teaching children’s videos from YouTube?

It is important to keep in mind that today children have begun to have Internet access more frequently, whether to perform some type of homework, search school information > or simply to see your favorite series from the web.

However, it is essential that there is enough content on the network with which they can have fun and learn what is necessary in the right way . In addition, it is important to keep in mind that Internet can find content of all kinds, which is why it is important that each parent can ensure that the content that the child sees is consistent with their age.

Taking these aspects into account, many users have decided to create children’s content taking as a reference the great boom that all this has had in recent years. This is how to daily are thousands of programs for boys and girls that are published on the Internet , whether educational, to learn to dance, sing, play, among others.

In this way, creating this type of content will help you get a large number of followers for your channel , as well as being able to offer some type of educational teaching to smallest of the house.

What kind of children’s channels can be found on the YT platform?

YouTube has become one of the most popular video platforms worldwide, where thousands of users are creating daily different channels of All kinds of content.

This is how you can find different types of children’s channels for children of all ages, from educational, entertainment, stories, series, didactic , among others .

With this in mind, here are the main categories of programs for children published on this web platform:


With this type of channels you want to motivate what is online learning of children , who can start doing different searches of the topics that interests you the most . This has become a way to improve education over the Internet .

This is how one of the objectives of this type of programming is to help children to improve their basic knowledge on a specific topic and at the same time learn about any type of area educational.

Therefore, in the YT platform you can find content for the areas of literature, mathematics, English, music, dance, science, technology, physics, history, studies social, among many others.


One of the most popular ways of teaching today is through the teaching programs, which has become one of the most fun and easy ways to learn for most people, especially for the little ones. These types of programs are mostly implemented by universities and colleges , as well as by different youtubers that are dedicated to these types of activities.

It is important to keep in mind that this area encompasses a endless topic very important in the learning process of any human being , where different scenarios are performed where you can reflect everything you want to show and teach. That is why, today there are a lot of educational programs on the web available for children .


Finally, we have the entertainment category which can not be missing for children, it is important that each of them receive educational and teaching programs that Help them form values. However, it is essential that all this be accompanied by a entertainment that allows them to be in a healthy and pleasant environment for them .

This is how in this video platform we can find endless programming of games and children’s series, educational games, film stories, stories , among many others. All this will allow children to have a fun and enjoyable time in front of the computer, tablet or smartphone.

List of the best channels to watch and download children’s audiovisuals on YouTube span>

One of the most important things for all people today is the education of their children, especially when the Internet is increasingly involved in them. According to this, it is essential that you know which are the best children’s YouTube channels .

To do this, here is a list so you can start seeing each of them and at the same time download them to your computer or mobile device:

Quantum Fracture

Quantum Fracture

This channel is responsible for providing a didactic teaching for the little ones, where the physicist José Luis Crespo is the main protagonist, who accumulates a lot of children’s videos in your account . This is how content related to Maxwell’s equations , science fiction, entertainment, and topics on the parallel world and the most famous animation series .



ArteHistoria has as its main objective to teach its users the different periods of world history , as well as the main historical events and the most relevant people in this whole story .

Here you can find an excellent program that will allow you to learn a little more about the story where you have more than 1000 explanatory videos with excellent graphic representations that will make all this learning much more entertaining.

Asap Science

Asap Science

Here you can start finding all kinds of content based on science, where new content is published every week .

Among the favorite programming will be stories about the most curious phenomena of nature and science, where each of the reproductions have very entertaining and striking graphics that They will make the user experience much better. In addition, it is ideal for clarifying questions about the doubts of some historical facts of the past .

Singing I learn to speak

Cantando aprendo a hablar

Dedicated mainly to children between 3 and 6 years of age, where different music programs will be found so that they can learn different things, either the vowels, the animals, the senses, how to save energy , among many other fundamental aspects.

This channel is very well organized and with very striking colors to attract everyone’s attention. An ideal place for your children to spend long hours of fun and learning .

ELF Kids Videos

ELF Kids Videos

It is mainly dedicated to make educational songs and videos for children 6 to 12 years old . Where they try to implement a musical method so that they can get to know the different vowels, the alphabet, vocabulary, numbers and basic words. In addition, it has a udiovisuales that will allow the young person can go doing different simple readings .



It has a lot of unique content ideal for the smallest of the house, this channel is based mainly on offering knowledge as to art, music, dance, the theater , among many other areas that are also managed in MagikWorldStudio .

Steps to download a video of a free YT children’s channel

One of the best options that we can consider is downloading videos directly from YouTube , this will allow you to enjoy programming in offline mode , that is It will not be necessary to have an Internet connection . Therefore, you can start downloading your favorite reproductions of your child or children’s series so that you can access it quickly and easily whenever you want.

In order to download this content you can carry it out in two ways which we show you below:

From an app

The first method we present to you is to use an application, in this case we recommend using 4k Video Downloader . This software gives you the ability to download videos from different social networks and streaming platforms such as YouTube in high quality.

In order to do this you will have to follow each of these steps:

  • The first thing will be to download 4K Video Downloader on your Windows, Mac or Linux.
  • The next thing will be to go to YouTube and search for the video you want to download to your computer.
  • Now select the URL of the same and with the right click select “Copy url”.

Desde una app

  • Then enter the 4K Video Downloader application and paste the URL copied previously.

Desde una app

  • You will have to select the desired quality in the download window and click on the allowsDownload.

Desde una app

  • Wait a few seconds while playback is downloaded to your computer for the process to end successfully.

Download 4K Video Downloader Windows

Download 4K Video Downloader MacOS

From a Telegram bot

Another way to start downloading these views from YT is by using a Telegram bot. This application has never ceased to surprise its users thanks to all its tools and its enormous potential that no other messaging application resembles. This is how it also gives you the possibility to carry out downloads from applications such as YouTube, Vimeo , among others.

To be able to do this simply perform these steps:

  • In order to perform this process through Telegram it will be necessary to use the @utubebot bot, in this case the first thing will be to open the messaging app and in the search we put “utubebot” to find the bot.
  • Now we select the bot, its name is “0” title=”YouTube Downloader”> YouTube Downloader ” and then click on “Star” to start the bot.
  • Here we will find two ways to download the video. The first method is to look for it through Telegram, in that case we write @vid and a space to place the name of the file you want go down. There you should see a list of all the reproductions associated with the search, simply select the correct one .
  • The following will be to select the format with which you want to download if MP3 or MP4.
  • The bot will ask you the size and quality of the file , choose the one that best suits your needs or requirements.
  • To choose the download simply click on the file or generate a download link by selecting entitledLink†.
  • In the case of downloading the file , it will be automatically saved on the device and will go to Telegram . The file download limit is 50MB.
  • The other way to download these files is by copying the link from the page and sending it as a message to the bot, Then you follow a few steps so that the process can take place.