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What are the best ChatBots to use in WhatsApp Business and increase your sales and productivity? List 2021

WhatsApp Messenger has always known how to take the lead in terms of communications it is about, now he has also stood out not only for leading the baton in terms of interpersonal communications, but in terms of business-level communications.

WhatsApp Business has become the main means of marketing and communication company-client adopted by businesses, entrepreneurs and small organizations, offering them to expand their reach, improve their delivery capacity, greater security for both the company and the customer and with this network improve the impact on customer satisfaction.

To make life easier for WhatsApp Business users, the use of Chatbots which are basically software with the ability to pretend to be people and solve doubts and problems that customers have. Next, we will tell you all about chatbots and which ones are the best for you and your business.

List of the best Chatbots that you can use in your WhatsApp Business profile to automate tasks

Let’s see a simple list with the best bots to improve the services of attention to your target audience:

It is a sophisticated chatbot tool because it allows you to maintain customizable conversations with each client, It achieves this since it has the ability to store specific characteristics of each user as the conversations are carried out, which will allow the company to keep a flow of ideal conversation to solve problems and adapt to the needs of each of your clients in a unique and customizable way.

Among his best references, MessengerPeople has in its client portfolio the company BMW. The services of this software can be purchased from 499 euros per month, although they have a free trial period of 14 days.


It is a multi-channel chat program that, like the different chatbots that we have exposed, is in charge of automating processes and responding quickly and effectively to users in order to obtain increased sales and improved communications. From the same platform, Hitbot will allow you not only to manage WhatsApp Business, but also to offer you the possibility of managing your Facebook Messenger and Instagram accounts.

Responding to messages and comments, and also offering metrics in real time, to know the quantity and quality of the conversations and the average time of these. With this information you can know what is failing when automating processes and thus know where to optimize, to improve the flow of conversations. Through their website you can request a demo with the specific data of your company where they will show you the packages that best suit it.


Since the year of its foundation in 2012, presented by the company Aivo, AgentBot, has offered its artificial intelligence services with a neat and easy-to-design interface to be able to elevate the flow of conversations by integrating in a great way to the interactions with the users. It allows you to have fluent conversations in more than 50 languages ​​using different WhatsApp channels at the same time, in addition, It is characterized by offering a set of reports and analysis related to customer interactions.

As they are statistics on the type and number of interactions, duration of conversations, and, finally, determines the feedback qualitatively, which allows you to define if the conversations flowed successfully or not. Another of its great advantages is its ability to integrate a set of applications as are Zendesk, Genesys, and Salesforce.


Like the other chatbots, Botscrew, offers you an analytics service where you can quantify how effective your interactions are with customers and further personalize your chatbot and achieve the best results. It is also very similar to Hitbot, because you can request a demo on their website where you will show all their benefits and payment plans.


It is a tool API of WhatsApp that, like the different Chatbots presented, offers an administrator of chat to answer the most frequent questions of the clients in an automated way. Although they are not sophisticated like the previous ones, it has a daily payment system of € 1.5 where you can send and receive messages in an unlimited way.


It is a business solution system that is particularly attractive in processing natural languages, valuable resource since it will help to understand more quickly what users are looking for and give them a solution. What’s more, provides self-correction function, which is also an added value for your natural language processing, since, in the same way, it helps to determine what the purpose of the clients is.

It has tools to answer requests and questions, making reservations, generating surveys, customer service, placing orders, consulting databases, opening bank accounts, generating opportunities, offering insurance and loans, among many other things, which, makes of this chatbot, adaptable to any company.

In addition, it has multiple intelligent integrations such as CMS, CRM, Slack, Mailchimp and Sendgrid. It has a free version for natural persons, a business version whose price is € 9.99 monthly and a premium version whose cost is € 69.00 monthly.


It is a tool that offers you the possibility of creating a chatbot prototype of WhatsApp for those brands that wish to have an advance on it before paying for it.

In this tool you will be able to test bots in real time from different locations with real users so that from the beginning you can design conversation flows that better adapt to your requirements and have effective conversations. In botsociety you start with a free account, and when you are happy with your chatbot design, you can get a professional package with more functions for a price of € 79 per month.


It is a messaging provider platform with a script bot, capable of having simple or complex interactions, giving the possibility that, when required, automatic responses can go to live chat mode.

This platform also integrates apps like Twitter, Slack, WeChat, Viber and Facebook Messenger, managed to make this platform an ideal tool for medium and large companies that want to expand both their reach and improve their response capacity. It has a standard rate of € 0.001 per message sent.


It is a platform that uses CRM powered by artificial intelligence to help the interaction and development of communications between companies-clients. It has artificial intelligence with the integrated learning function, that is, the chatbots are improving with the continuous training of the developers and it is capable of automating 90% of the communications with the clients. Among its most prominent references are Amazon, Unilever and American Express.


Highlights of this chatbot is its ability to analyze and generate data on customer satisfaction, With it, any department of the company (from sales to customer service) can follow the level of user engagement, sales made, duration of conversations and problem solving offered by the chatbot.

It has an artificial intelligence capable of determining the intention of the clients and modifying the messages according to the need expressed by the user in real time. To obtain information on their prices, contact Liveperson directly where they will offer you a personalized budget according to your needs.

The best programs and tools to create your own WhatsApp Business chatbot from scratch

For the best productivity of your company or business, communication is vital, so much so that social networks are increasingly influencing more and more, so, if you already have WhatsApp Business and you do not have time to respond to messages, here we leave you a small one ready for what you can create your own Chatbot, so that they respond in your absence.

Let’s see below:


It is a company founded in 2015 aimed at help your users to create their own conversational AI chatbot, without the need for programming skills, since it offers various templates that can be adapted to the objectives of the chatbot. It incorporates simple editing tools, multi-user accounts and neurolinguistic programming. Likewise, it integrates third-party analysis technology. Offers a free plan that will allow you to have a bot with up to 1000 subscribers, from then on they offer payment plans from € 15 / month.


Developed in 2009 evolving to include a variety of functions. It combines the function of a natural language engine and a dialogue management system designed for the creation of chatbots, and is currently used for various forms of neurolinguistics. It uses an open source code written in C and C ++, available on Github at the following address so that anyone can access its functions.


It is a program for creating chatbots available on multiple platforms, with a really simple and intuitive interface, where basically all you will do is drag and drop, that is, no programming skills required.

It has a sophisticated AI with the ability to learn phrases and personify the answer according to the user’s question, with machine learning that allows the system to better adapt to the needs of the customer, however, if the user provides a complicated question, the company can always take control and answer it.

Microsoft Bot FrameWork


Designed under the reputation that only Microsoft I could give you Microsoft bot framework, is a platform dedicated to building, testing and connecting powerful and intelligent bots, where it is taken for granted that anyone can develop their own chatbot with the different tools that Microsoft offers for this.

You can access by copying the following address: It is a free service where the limit is 10 thousand messages per month, although it also offers a service premium where you pay € 0.50 for every 1000 messages.


Like the other platforms offers you the service of creating and hosting bots, but the peculiarity of Pandorabots is the feature of creating capable bots, not only to respond by text, but to respond by voice, just as a human would. It offers custom chatbot development, data services, engineering support, employee training, code review, plus licensing and hosting of your bot.