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What are the best extensions to download videos from Google Chrome? 2020 list

What are the best extensions to download videos from Google Chrome? 2020 list

Videos have become one of the most important tools today. However, being able to download them to your PC is not always an easy task , this is because downloading content from the Internet can be a very dangerous task.

Many video download websites usually contain viruses or malware that could lead to causing computer failures . Therefore, it is important to know what tools to use to accomplish this.

For this, we are going to present the best extensions to download videos from Google Chrome completely free , taking into account that this browser is the most used currently.

List of the 5 best YouTube browser extensions to download Facebook, Vimeo etc

Google Chrome browser extensions every day become a very useful tool for users, because thanks to them you can carry out endless activities in a way easy, fast and secure . In addition, they have made every day more people who want to use this browser, thanks to its large number of functions and features available .

When you want to download a video through a Chrome extension, it’s important to keep in mind from where we want to download it, if it’s from a particular platform or simply from several web platforms, in this way, we will know what type of extension to install in the browser.

Here are the 5 best Google Chrome browser extensions to download video to your computer:

DownloadHelper Video

Vídeo DownloadHelper

This extension is mainly characterized by offering the ability to automatically name the video that has been downloaded to the PC with the name of the original file . This in order to be able to easily search for it on the computer. You also have the opportunity to modify this option if you wish.

The extension is completely free and is characterized by its easy operation. In addition, it is quite effective and fast in each of its downloads, allowing to download the content in MP4 format.

Among its most outstanding functions we find that it has a blacklist to avoid downloading files with advertisements, allows each of to download downloaded videos , perform simultaneous downloads and create an access to the files so you can easily play them in the future. In addition, the extension is very customizable , which will surely help you for its operation and operation.

Video Downloader Professional

Vídeo Downloader Professional

If you are looking for an extension that allows you to download videos from the YouTube platform, then you can use Video Downloader Professional , it will It will allow you to download them in an MP4 file so you can play them on any media player on your computer, even to be played on the mobile phones.

Therefore, if you want to download the most popular YouTube videos or download music videos to enjoy them offline every time you want, with this extension you can make this procedure in a very simple and fast way. When installing it, an icon will be added to the toolbar, through it you can make the downloads and save the videos on your computer.

When you want to download a video with the extension, there you will be shown both the format, the size of the file to download and its name.

Flash Video Downloader

Flash Vídeo Downloader

Another of the extensions that we will find available in the Chrome virtual store is Flash Video Downloader, which is very well valued and has a large number of active users. When installing it, the extension icon will be added next to the address bar in the browser, it will change color automatically every time it detects any video that can be downloaded from the website where you are.

Flash Video Downloader gives you the ability to download videos from almost every platform on the web, which makes it a really effective tool. In terms of handling it is very simple, which you don’t need to be an expert to start downloading your favorite videos to your computer.

When you want to carry out the downloads of the videos you will be shown the available versions of it, as well as the quality of the content and the format , usually, they are usually downloaded in MP4 .

The flash video downloader

El descargador de vídeo flash

It is worth mentioning that this extension is not a YouTube video downloader, therefore, if you want to download content from that platform, Flash video is not your best option . However, if you allow the download to save video files from other web platforms without any problem.

It is worth mentioning that this tool is very powerful and among its main advantages we find that it is very light , so it will not be inconvenient to install it. In addition, you can install it in your free Google Chrome browser and its operation is very easy to use. You simply select through the extension those video files that you want to save on the PC to start downloading it.

In addition, “ The Flash Video Downloader ” is considered as a protection tool for your videos downloaded online , since there you can store them to watch them whenever you want without the need to download them to your computer.

Wise Video Saver

Wise Vídeo Saver

If you are one of the people who likes to be downloading videos from the Internet by Hobby or simply for labor issues, then your best option to download this type of MP4 files to your computer is through the extension of Google Chrome “Wise Video Saver”, a way to make downloads from any website in a very simple and free way.

As for its operation it is very simple, when installing the extension you will be added the Wise Video Saver icon in the lower corner of the online video file >, you simply have to click on it to start downloading the video in MP4 format and it can be saved on your computer. It is important to clarify that if the extension icon does not appear, it may be because it is not available to download.

One of the main features of Wise is that it has a quick download regardless of the size of the video , and in addition to the MP4 format, > You can also download in video formats such as avi, asf, flv video and mpeg . This way you can start enjoying your favorite videos offline whenever you want from your computer.