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What are the best extensions to download videos from Mozilla Firefox? 2022 list

What are the best extensions to download videos from Mozilla Firefox? 2020 list

Mozilla Firefox has been characterized over the years as a browser that has a large number of extensions that allows each of its users to be able to perform various tasks in a simpler and faster way.

One of the greatest importance of this type of tool is when you want to download an online video to the computer , since through these extensions you can make a download fast and secure, considering that downloading content from the Internet can be dangerous if it is not made from a secure and reliable website.

Therefore, being able to have extensions created and specialized for this type of tasks is very important, so here we show you what are the best extensions to download video from Mozilla Firefox.

List of the 3 best extensions of the Firefox browser for YouTube, download Facebook, Vimeo etc

One of the reasons why Mozilla Firefox continues to be among the most popular browsers in the market is thanks to its wide variety of extensions and plugins available in its virtual store. This tool allows its users to carry out different tasks in a very simple way. In addition, you can install it in the browser completely free and thus start enjoying each of its services.

Due to the importance that videos have taken today, a large number of extensions have been created to be able to download this type of file to the PC and be able to View and listen to them on offline . That is why, here we present the 3 best Firefox extensions to download videos from any web platform.

DownloadHelper Video

Vídeo DownloadHelper

If you are looking for an extension to download your favorite videos from the Internet to save them on your PC, then you can start using DownloadHelper Video, one of the Mozilla Firefox extensions more prominent and preferred by users. Where it stands out mainly for extracting images and web files so that they are stored on the computer’s hard drive, and which you can use for free in your web browser.

As for its use it is very simple to use, making this a great advantage for all browser users, since you will simply have to start surfing the web and it will be the same extension who is responsible for notifying you when there is any video available for download, where simply by clicking on the item it will start downloading to your computer.

This extension is characterized by being compatible with most video web platforms , as with YouTube , where you can download videos directly, it is also compatible with websites like Vimeo, Facebook, DailyMotion, Vinem Fox, Metacafe, Bloomberg, Periscope, Breack, among many others. Therefore, DownloadHelper Video is a very good tool that will allow you to download MP4 content from any website in a very fast and simple way, ideal if you are a user that constantly you need to download these types of files.

Video Downloader Professional

Vídeo Downloader Profesional

Another of the extensions that we will find available in the Mozilla Firefox browser is Professional Video Downloader , a very useful and reliable tool when you want to download some Internet video You can install it completely for free and which stands out for its easy operation. Therefore, it becomes a very good alternative to start downloading these types of files to the PC in a very easy way, which makes downloading videos online no longer a problem .

Among the main features of this extension we can find that it allows what is direct downloads of videos from the Internet so that these are stored on the hard drive of your computer . In addition, it allows you to create a personal list of your favorite videos so you can play them whenever you want or simply to download them when necessary. Finally, it gives you the ability to play videos in any window size and at a very good audio and image quality.

Video Downloader Professional is characterized by being compatible with a large number of online video platforms, such as YouTube and Vimeo. such that, if you are looking for a safe and reliable tool to start doing this, you can try using this extension and start experiencing really professional results.

Flash and video download

Flash y descarga de vídeo

Finally, we present the extension of Mozilla called Flash and video download , a tool very well qualified by its users and which has a large number of downloads >, which speaks very well of her. Flash is mainly characterized by being an extremely simple extension to handle, where with a couple of clicks you can start downloading the videos you want so much from a particular website.

It should be noted that Flash and video download is compatible with a large number of video platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook , among many others . Therefore, it is a tool that will allow you to download content from almost all websites without any restrictions. You can install it for free in your browser to start downloading content to your computer and be able to view them offline whenever you want.

With this Mozilla Firefox tool you can download files in MP4, WEBM, MOV, FLV, formats among many other formats. All this with the aim that you can play each of your downloaded videos on any media player installed on your PC.