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What are the best free antivirus to install on Linux? 2022 list

What are the best free antivirus to install on Linux? 2020 list

While it is true, Linux is a free Unix POSIX operating system, which stands out for being based on a multiplatform, multi-user and multitasking solution . Since it resembles the famous Microsoft Windows, it has a large number of users around the world and well, more and more are being added.

However, as with all operating systems, these users are not exempt from contracting any type of virus or malware on their computer. For that reason, it is worth using an optimal antivirus for Linux and what better way to find completely free alternatives.

That way, we want to let you know, through this post, the best antivirus options you have to install on your computer operating under Linux . Taking into account that, hackers love Linux to infect their users with viruses and malware; so it is appropriate to avoid it. In addition, we also indicate the main characteristics of an effective antivirus for such an OS.

List of the best antivirus for Linux that you can install for free on your computer

Although it is not very common to hear someone say that their Linux machine was infected with viruses or malware, the truth is that these computers are also vulnerable to such threats . For that reason, it is important that you download and install a good antivirus that you constantly use on your computer.

In this regard, we have collected for you, a total of 12 antivirus programs that exhibit excellent performance on Linux and best of all, they are completely free solutions.


Next, we detail each option with its particularities of greatest interest, also taking into account its main advantages and disadvantages:



At the top of the list, we placed this powerful antivirus that was launched in 2001 and since then, became one of the leading software in this industry . Therefore, it is compatible with Linux and also with Windows and Mac (on all operating systems offers a free trial ). Which, is based on analyzing files, email accounts and websites in real time.

Among its most important features, we find that provides a fully customizable user interface , so that it allows its customers to choose the level of simplicity or complexity to make use of this antivirus.

Thus, it allows three interface views: basic (has the simplest set of options), intermediate (offers access to more options and functions ) and expert (give details to users about all software operations).


  • Provides great anti-spyware and anti-phishing protection .
  • Offers a complete file scanning .
  • It has the function of “rescue mode” that is responsible for placing the computer in a safe place, in case of disaster (rootkits, ransonware, viruses, Trojans, etc.).
  • Includes technical support at all times , that is, 24/7.
  • It can be run directly from the command line .
  • It has a “portable mode” that allows you to save battery resources whenever your laptop is disconnected.
  • You won’t have to configure absolutely nothing to get the most out of the software and it doesn’t contain alerts or pop-ups.


  • It is estimated as a short-term solution . Since, it is no longer being supported.
  • BitDefender provides results below par when it comes to detecting spyware and scareware, specifically. Taking into account that, during a test, he managed to detect only 77% of the scareware samples.
  • Several features are blocked behind a paywall. That is, behind a system that restricts access to content to users who do not have a paid subscription.

Clam AV

Clam AV

One of the most famous solutions for Linux computers, without a doubt, is this free open source antivirus that is still under active development. In this sense, it stands out as a program with a simple graphical interface that has periodic updates for virus definitions.

In addition, it offers options to schedule on demand analysis to quickly scan your computer for malware.

For its part, Clam AV supports the command line interface scanner, offers email scanning and one of its best features, is that it has support for a wide variety of file types (Like, for example: Office, PDF, ZIP, etc.). It should be noted that, this program has been specially designed for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, BSD and others.


  • It is a software of easy installation (portable) and configuration . Therefore, it is considered as an ideal alternative for more beginner users.
  • It works, perfectly well, as a versatile and long-term solution .
  • It is defined as an antivirus that is not intrusive and precisely this is what is required when running such a program on a Linux machine.
  • It can detect around 350,000 viruses, worms and Trojans , as well as programmed viruses.
  • Supports platforms of 32 and 64 bits .


  • It is not a resident virus and this means that it does not have the ability to constantly scan your computer in real time.
  • Clam AV does not have Native GUI , although you can download your own.
  • The engine does not have the financial support of a user base with which to employ cybersecurity specialists to search for emerging threats in code samples sent by the user.
  • The scheduled scan can only be configured according to each unit .

Download Clam AV Linux



Although it is not an antivirus as such, it stands out as a good solution for the security of Linux users. Given that, this is a “front-end” graphic for the Clam AV antivirus software. Which, is fully designed to be an antivirus scanner on demand for Linux type system, with the ability to scan individual files or directories .

It’s that sense, basically, ClamTK consists of a graphical interface that gives you the ability to perform actions without the requirement to open the terminal . Thanks to this, it achieves excellent protection of your system and distinguishes itself as an ideal solution for those users who need a good antivirus, but do not wish to use the command line (although it can also be executed from the command line interface ).


  • It is a very light tool and because of that, it does not consume many system resources.
  • It is characterized by being extremely simple to use and handle on Linux systems.
  • Its design allows it to function as a very powerful antivirus scanner .
  • It allows to configure manual updates or automatic for ClamAV virus definitions.
  • It is clearly free.


  • On several occasions, some users of this tool have indicated that their scanning engine may take a considerable amount of time to issue the results. That is, this function becomes slow .

Download ClamTk Linux

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4


It is an antivirus software developed by the ESET company of Slovak origin and built exclusively for the Linux operating system . However, the product is also available for Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, Novell and FreeBSD. It even has versions for mobile devices, email servers, file servers, Gateway servers and a remote management console.

For its part, this antivirus offers high capacity heuristic analysis with virus detection and other malicious codes. In addition, with respect to its disk space, we note that the installer occupies a total of 6 MB and only 2 MB on disk. It should be noted that it provides automatic updates.


  • The malware detection rates it shows are exceptionally strong .
  • Offers very fast analysis . This increase in the analysis speed is done by associative search using multilevel cache and low level programming optimization.
  • It has standard and advanced view .
  • The memory consumption exhibited by is truly reduced .

  • In the event of a violation, it guarantees the reconstruction of the most important critical areas of the system.
  • It has the ability to work remotely , so it allows you to work with multiple servers located in several places.


  • Unfortunately, the program is locked behind a paywall after the free trial.
  • Compared to other antivirus for Linux, ESET NOD32 is considered is missing more options for its management .
  • Sometimes it presents certain problems to detect compressed files .
  • It has support for few file formats (only ZIP, RAR and ACE).

Download ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 Windows



Another of the best solutions for Linux computers, refers to this antivirus that is also compatible with other systems such as Windows, Mac OS X and Android . Among its most optimal features, we find that it is among the best options that provides high detection of heuristic-based malware.

Among other details, Sophos provides on-demand and real-time scanning , shows the minimum impact around system performance because it is very light, has truly powerful functions and thanks to it, you guarantees complete protection against threats that may put your equipment at risk.


  • Issues great protection against malware, worms and Trojans .
  • It has small files update.
  • Offers the option of excluding certain files and directories .

  • It is characterized by its simplified and automated administration . Reason why the administrative burden decreases by automating the deployment of protection.
  • Its scanning engine is high speed and its integrated technologies
  • prevention against intrusion and instant cloud-based protection, combine to constantly detect new threats .


  • Its biggest problem is that, in certain cases, it recognized some of its own files as malicious software and deleted them .
  • Although it has a anti-ransomware function, this is locked behind the paid version .
  • It does not come with a built-in GUI.
  • For some users, its user interface configuration can be very complex .
  • It does not exhibit the ability to disinfect executables .

Download Sophos Windows

F-PROT Antivirus F-PROT Antivirus 

It is an antivirus program that is based on a product with great ease of use , complete reliability and remarkable speed, in order to provide a powerful affordable antivirus solution. That way, it has excellent features that allow you to obtain complete protection against viruses in the boot sector and Trojans , especially.

On the other hand, it is a completely free alternative that offers analysis on demand, as well as programmed scans and, if that were not enough, it has support for internal units and drivers It is appropriate to note that, this software is also available for Microsoft Windows.


  • It is highly recommended because it is considered the program that more virus detects and eliminates with a very reliable heuristic .
  • Provides support for both 32 systems as 64-bit .
  • Show a low impact around system performance.
  • It has a portable installation .
  • Issue real-time protection against viruses.
  • You have a complete directory of threats to scan.
  • Keep up to date to keep up to date with all new viruses and malicious programs that appear.


  • The connection and search options are very small and limited .
  • Its user interface is not attractive at all , since which is very disorganized.
  • This program is only suitable for computers that have at least 512 of RAM .

Download F-PROT Antivirus Windows

Comodo Antivirus

Comodo Antivirus

It is an excellent alternative for Linux, because it offers a real-time protection system and has a powerful engine to configure on-demand and real-time analysis . Apart from being completely free software, it also stands out as a highly qualified security tool for this operating system, as well as for Microsoft Windows.

It should be noted that, in addition to protecting you from threats saved by the Internet, also provides other security modules and among the most important, we find protection against SPAM and phishing. On the other hand, Comodo Antivirus supports a significant number of distros and hardware, and contains email filtering .


  • Guarantees periodic updates for new virus definitions, if any.
  • Support for a wide variety of distros , including Ubuntu, Mint, Red Hat, and Fedora.
  • It has support for 32-bit and 64-bit systems . This allows compatibility with previous versions of hardware.
  • It stands out for providing the same security in networks as paid programs, but for free .
  • It manages to eliminate threats instantly .
  • It protects the machine from problems that may cause, in the future, malicious intrusions anywhere in the system.


  • Unfortunately, consumes a lot of resources in the system.
  • Some experts believe that the detection of threats is somewhat weaker than the competition >.
  • With respect to mail scanning, the software works very slow .
  • Its uninstallation becomes very complicated .

Download Comodo Antivirus Windows

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