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What are the best free antivirus to install on Windows 10 PC and be protected? 2022 list

What are the best free antivirus to install on Windows 7 and protect your computer? 2020 list

Every time a computer or device is used it is a priority to have a good security system , which is known as antivirus, motivated to avoid many inconveniences. Currently there are many threats and viruses that make security measures increasingly high.

That is why Windows has created several programs, such as Windows Defender , with the intention of being able to help examine each of the files that our computer has, and so that it has the largest protection.

To do this you must know what it means to have a virus-protected device and then, apart from the antivirus proposed by Windows, know what other options you can choose . Here is all the information about it.

What features should a good free antivirus for Windows 10 have?

Knowing which is the best antivirus that you can install on your computer is not easy, because you need to test a lot of antivirus so that your computer or device is protected against this type of problems:



This is one of the good antivirus that you can get on the market and for free on the Internet. Bitdefender is a company of Russian origin that designs these types of programs, making it an excellent option to use. They are configured quickly when installed, because it does not consume so many resources and best of all is that does not require constant updating when you enjoy the paid version.

This program protects your computer against all types of viruses, malware, or any malicious virus that may contain a web page. It is compatible with various types of Windows such as 7, 8.1, 10, as well as Android and macOS.

Avast! Free Antivirus


It is a well-known antivirus that can be downloaded for free. That is why it is positioned as one of the best that exists, this is because protects your computer from each of the threats that can be achieved on the web, even in the attached files, or any type of message received.

This application examines each of infected files with the intention of removing harmful software, so it is highly recommended to analyze each file or program that you have downloaded on your computer, so you can use it safely .

Also, it should be noted that it has a heuristic engine, with which viruses that are unknown are revealed , as well as any application that has something malicious, so its installation is 100% recommended . Installing it is extremely easy, but you must be very careful with the elements that have Chrome and Google Toolbar.

AVG AntiVirus

AVG AntiVirus
Se puede usar como una de las aplicaciones confiables para encontrar cualquier tipo de virus. Sin embargo, su opción gratuita no permite utilizar todas las herramientas que posee este sistema.

Through this application, any type of threat is eliminated, since any task that is being performed is protected online, and warns when it considers that there is any suspicious activity that any page being used.

You can customize it your way and it has several features, such as spying, web portal for web protection and many more options . It also has a window that is divided into two, where there is the basic backup panel and the security of the equipment at the time an email or a web page is executed.

However, at the time you download and install you must be aware of each of the options that must be marked, with the intention that you do not install any kind of extra programs in your computer without it being authorized.

Now, under these panels you can find a button called “Scan Computer”, when you click it gives you the option to fully explore the program and with this detect any type of virus .

Kaspersky Free Antivirus

Esta aplicación hasta no mucho debía pagarse, por lo que actualmente esto se ha modificado gracias a que han sacado una versión gratuita, pero que te deja utilizar sólo dos opciones que tiene la versión paga. Sin embargo esto no hace que el desempeño de tu PC se vea afectado.

Also, it should be noted that there is no parental control, protection of cellular devices or your bank accounts.

Avira Free Antivirus

Avira free antivirus
Con esta aplicación puedes resguardar tu ordenador de cualquier tipo de malware, así como utilizar varios tipos de pruebas de “AV-TEST”, haciendo con esto que la mayoría de los virus desaparezcan.

It can be customized for convenience and use its various functions that are totally free, where these are made up of a VPN and a Web browser aimed at security.


Brinda resguardo para que las empresas puedan usar su información de forma segura, así como la que se tiene en casa. Si quieres optar por la versión gratuita se debe crear una cuenta en su página oficial.

It is very easy to use and install, thanks to the explanation you can find at the top, which tells you what type of security your device has, motivated to generate any type of alert, allowing it to be performed immediately A total system scan. You can also protect your device automatically against any type of threat that occurs when you are browsing the web.


Este es un antivirus que hace que no debas invertir los recursos de tu ordenador, por lo que puede ser una buena opción al momento de buscar un programa que te brinde protección.

It is easy to use and does not completely consume the resources of your PC when used in the 2nd plane. The best thing about this program is that you can get it for free and it offers several ways to show the threats that may exist on the computers of other people who have this same program, so gives the option of correcting new errors .


Es una opción totalmente gratuita que puedes usar para descubrir en tu sistema cualquier tipo de amenaza, ya que brinda la opción de tener un firewall, el cual es mucho mejor que el que Windows ofrece. Su diseño es moderno, y su ejecución es rápida, fácil y segura, por lo que cuando quieras puedes unir tu “firewall de ZoneAlarm” conjuntamente con otra aplicación que detecte virus.

However, it has not been 100% recommended since its protection is not complete, so this point must be taken into consideration when you want to try it. You should be aware when you run each of the processes you perform, because you can install things that are not really necessary.


Comodo Secure DNS
Este es un programa que proporciona diferentes tipos de opciones en su versión gratuita, teniendo varias aplicaciones de resguardo; sin embargo la empresa por esto no obtiene ningún tipo de ganancia, por lo que prefieren ofrecer su versión paga.

Whenever you install it, verify everything , because if you neglect you can give access to other types of programs, which can be placed as the main page and as your essential search engine.


Once installed correctly, this program reviews each of the files you wish to scan . Its option to explore the cloud always means that any type of virus can be detected.

Currently this program has been improved , which makes more users use it when they want to install a reliable antivirus. It provides an excellent design, with fundamental options that allow you to use colorful buttons on your home screen.



As it is a program that has recently been modified , it has not given the necessary quality that is required for an antivirus, but you can try it so that you can experience the experience yourself and so you can catalog it. It is free and can be used in the background, so you can take the place of the antivirus you use with paid version.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Essentiasl

It is one of the recommended antivirus to be executed that exists today on the web, despite having been recently launched, being a program that can be used with Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Your anti-malware backup in MSE is one of the options that come with Windows Defender in Windows 8 and 10 .

It can be obtained directly from Microsoft Security Essentials, so it can be used for free. Best of all, it is easy to use, so it’s not complicated to check for a virus.

BullGuard Internet Security


This program gives you complete protection against any type of threat that may exist, as well as high performance in each of your applications. It has some very striking features, among which we can highlight its easy handling by most users , regardless of their level of computer knowledge.

Your backup system is a true wonder , so you are rapidly gaining support as a very reliable tool for equipment protection.

McAfee Internet Security

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Linux
Protege contra cualquier tipo de ataque de virus que tu ordenador pueda tener cuando se encuentra en uso, ya que los elimina de forma inmediata. Entre sus ventajas podemos resaltar el amplio espectro que atiende en la protección de los equipos, además de la rapidez y la precisión de los análisis de los archivos que requieras examinar.

Norton Security Deluxe

Norton Security Plus

It is a tool that you must install at the time you verify that your PC has been infected by malware. We know that the company is a provider of paid antivirus, but it is always possible to find free versions for a period of twelve months . One of them is this Deluxe, which will be protecting your computer against many types of threats.

VIPRE Advanced Security 11.0 Vipre-Antivirus

You can with this program avoid any type of attack through the Internet, and even if anyone tries to steal your data . It includes endless options so it is a good option to choose.

Is it safe to use free antivirus to protect my computer with W10?

As previously stated, an antivirus is a software that analyzes the system and verifies that there is no threat on your PC and thus keep it safe and secure.

In general, free versions have only fundamental options , such as cleaning and removing malware and providing a protection system.