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What are the best free antivirus to install on Windows 8 and avoid malware? 2022 list

What are the best free antivirus to install on Windows 8 and avoid malware? 2020 list

Windows is one of the most famous and used software worldwide, but this does not mean that it stops being vulnerable, so it could easily be infected by a virus, malware or Trojan. However, this operating system has a fundamental safeguard that prevents any type of attack.

It is always important to take into account that when browsing the web we are one step away from putting our computer at risk. Therefore we must have the necessary tools to get vaccinated against possible external threats. Because the loss of some data or an attack on our security can have very serious consequences.

So that they do not damage our systems it is advisable to install an antivirus, some of these you can find throughout this article and you can download them. They usually offer a free service, although it is noteworthy that there are premiums that have better functions. But for now we will focus on those that are free for all audiences.

List of the best free antivirus to install in Windows 8 and have a secure computer

Many times it happens that when we find an antivirus, we spend hours searching the net for one that really catches our attention. While it is true that there are many that work, there are others that are not what they seem, that is why we tried one and the other making this fact complicated.

Sometimes we choose to have more than 1 at the same time, thinking that this is a good option and turns out to be the opposite. So today we will make this task easier to find.

It should be noted that when you use your computer it is essential that you take care of any type of attack, so what we recommend in the first instance is that you always have it activated so that they can offer you greater security:

Avira Antivirus Free

Avira Antivirus Gratis

This is an antivirus that has a complete structure that you can use easily and safely. Avira offers a free, secure, private and high-performance service. With this you can protect your personal data, detect who wants to steal your information through the network, protect your programs, navigation and searches.


Particularly it has a scanner with which you can perform scans in an efficient way every time you want it, so it checks whether or not there is any malware that can infect your computer.


Download Avira Antivirus Windows

Bitdefender Antivirus free edition

Bitdefender Antivirus edición gratuita

It is an antivirus that has a good reference, since it is safe, solid and reliable. However, in order to use all its services, the complete package must be canceled, but it has a high price; This includes real-time protection, email analysis, antispam functions and others.

Even if you can’t afford it, you should get its free version, which, although it is basic, works for what we need, which is to protect the equipment; So this brings with it the most used functions, virus analysis and their elimination.

It has a system that helps detect any type of virus or malware, which makes your computer have the best possible performance and is completely safe. It is used easily and is lightweight when downloading, which will help your computer to be well protected without any risk.

Download Bitdefender Antivirus Windows

Avast Free Antivirus

Antivirus Gratis Avast

This antivirus offers full protection to avoid any kind of threat that may occur when you are browsing the web. In addition to this, it provides an option to protect everything you need with a password. you want.

The free version does not have many advantages, because alarms are not received that you are browsing an illegal web page. In the same way, it does not have the protective shields of privacy, nor the option to filter spam, so if you want to enjoy these options and others it is essential that you purchase the Premium version.

Now, the protection it provides in its free version is 100% secure and protects you enough from unknown threats.

It has a very simple interface to use and use. At the moment it is installed, you will be asked to allow your offers to be kept informed of each of its updates. It should be noted that if you accept this some of your personal data will be shared with it.

Download Avast Free Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus Free

Kaspersky Antivirus Gratis

It is widely used worldwide and is used by thousands of netizens to protect the equipment they use on a daily basis.

Its free version does not allow you to use all its options, so if you want to enjoy them you must pay the Premium version; since without it you will not be able to access the total receipt, which means that you will not have protection when making a transaction, connecting to a VPN or having parental control.

But, if you can use the protection for your files, when you browse the web, when you enter your email, update the software, among others.

Download Kaspersky Antivirus

AVG free antivirus

Antivirus gratis AVG

It is not one of the best you can download for free, but we consider it because provides protection when your computer has a virus.

It can be used at the time you do your homework, so you will always be protected. Its free version informs when there are websites that are not secure, which in turn will automatically proceed to block attachments that are infected. So let’s take this as a great point in your favor.

You should know that this type of application usually does not share personal information with any company, although it is good that when you install it read the conditions of it.

Download AVG Antivirus

Microsoft Windows Defender

Microsoft Windows Defender

This program is already preinstalled with Windows 8, so it is one of the applications that many users use automatically. Although this does not happen if another antivirus is disabled or installed.

With this you will have a more updated version compared to the previous ones, so that your computer will be protected against any virus, which makes it have a better performance when it is used. In addition to this getting the most malware that can cause damage, also offers protection against rootkits and bootkits.

Apart from its free version there is also the paid version that offers many more options and tools that can be executed. To use it you just have to verify that it is enabled.

Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus h3>Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus

It is an antivirus system that has a built-in firewall for free, being authorized by Kaspersky’s protection license. This combination of products makes your equipment very efficient, because you will always have real-time security because it has an online service based on the web.

Apart from this, the Firewall it has makes it invisible to all the hackers and data attacks you can have. If you ever try to cause any damage, it will be able to stop them, even if they run away.

Download Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus

Sophos Home Free

Sophos Home Free

It generally provides protection for companies, so its free version offers several options that are incorporated in its paid version. In particular, this can be managed remotely on several computers. That is why you can install it on devices other than yours and manage it to provide as much security as possible.

With Sophos the device will be protected against phishing and will block any web page that has dangerous content. It has artificial intelligence capable of restricting access to advanced viruses, malware, exploits, and ransomware attacks.

Download Sophos Home Free

Adaware Antivirus Free

Adaware Antivirus Free

Your free version has new elements, but there are features that you cannot use, such as having an earlier version.

This antivirus program has no protection against malicious web pages, but for providing its free option it is not necessary to try it to verify what benefits it offers compared to the other competing programs.

In advance we can point out that it offers protection against viruses, ransomware and spyware, provides security for downloads and blocks malicious processes and infected files.

Download Adaware Antivirus Free

Comodo Antivirus

Comodo Antivirus

This is a good option for your computer to be protected, since is currently updated to the latest version of it. If the user wants a previous one, they can enter the settings to get it.

This provides discretion and perfection, since its free version gives very important results, since examines the PC in real time, also offering “sandbox”, as well as email, file and network analysis, process monitoring, and more. However, as usual if you need more security you must access its Premium version.

It is important to note that when you install it you should verify very well that you do not modify the default homepage on your computer, since it usually places the Yahoo !.

Download Comodo Antivirus

Panda Free Antivirus

Panda Free Antivirus

It is one of the best systems you can use to detect a threat on your computer, apart from providing a very modern interface, with super easy and fast use. It also provides the option of USB protection for when you connect one to your team.

It is important to note that you should be a little careful with its free version because it has a low performance, this because its location index has currently decreased when testing for independent viruses.

It has a peculiarity and is that it does not require updates, and can detect dangers and send samples in very fast times. Similarly, when analyzing the files, it checks it with its policies to ensure that its requirements are met.

Download Panda Free Antivirus

360 Total Security