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What are the best free Internet accelerator programs? 2021 list

What are the best free Internet accelerator programs? 2020 list

Today, one of the most common problems in homes, study centers, workplaces, etc. It is the Internet connection , due to problems related to the constant disconnection of the Internet or its slowness . For this reason, many people ask how to change this and speed up this connection to the fullest , in order to more easily enjoy the online world, its tools and all its advantages.

That is why, for a long time technological advances have been implemented to find a solution to this problem . One of them is the softwares that aim to increase the speed of broadband and optimize the signal of the same , notably. Although it may seem old-fashioned, it is also one of the best alternatives that exists to have a more effective Internet in any corner of your home or anywhere where one of these programs is used .

While it is true, breakdowns with respect to the Internet are presented depending on many factors , such as where you live, the distance to which you are from the telephone exchange and up to weather can influence certain circumstances.

Broadband accelerators are able to neutralize these inconveniences and perfectly cover modems and network connections. In effect, below we present a list of the most outstanding programs that guarantee the acceleration of your Internet connection .

Netgear Genie

Netgear Genie

In addition to being a free program, Netgear Genie is supported by Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. This works like a kind of “ monitoring center ” that analyzes your network and thereby accelerates its performance from several options . With which, you can easily control and connect your network connection from a Smartphone or Tablet . It even allows you to do it outside your home or where it is used .

For its part, this software also allows you to share and stream music, videos or encrypted files, diagnose and repair any network problems that arise , configure different controls for simplicity and provide access to guests.

Added to this, it features functions such as parental control , network map, traffic measurement , securely connecting your electronic devices with a QR code thanks to EZ Mobile Connect and use WiFi Analytics .

BASpeed ​​v8

BASpeed v8

This is a reference program of a web page that offers several tools to optimize the Internet connection . It is freely distributed and copied, available for operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. This works, essentially, to monitor the actual upload and upload speed both in WiFi , as well as with the mobile connection of your Smartphone . And when it refers to real speed it is based on the average download speed and not the instantaneous speed.

Added to that, BASpeed ​​offers you excellent tools to configure your ADSL connection . It also has six modules that provide very beneficial results and are easy to install.

Here are the details:

  • BASpeed ​​: Perform multiple speed tests, both up and down.
  • BAPing : Works to ping the different Internet servers.
  • BACalculator : It has the ability to calculate the theoretical maximum download speed of your ADSL.
  • BAOptimize : Fully optimize your Internet connection.
  • BATrace : It can trace routes and detect problems in the path of broadband information.
  • BAMeter : You can view the speed of your connection in real time.

ActiveSpeed ​​


This is a program commonly used in computers, which by modifying the configuration established in them, manages to increase the Internet speed incredibly , regardless of the type of connection you have. That is, it has the ability to intelligently change the settings and exceptional settings of your computer .

Among its most interesting features, we find that it exhibits an option to automatically turbo your Internet connection , successfully accelerate your DSL, WiFi, Cable or dial-up connection. In addition, is easy to download and install , to surf the web faster, download music and videos in just seconds and bet online faster.

On the other hand, it shows a perfect interface for beginners , for being simple to handle and for experts , thanks to its advanced tools that can be handled in a few clicks. The platform offers fast automatic speed test , assigning shortcuts to favorite sites, speed indicator with real-time results , preferences that are easily set and look stylish Windows familiar.



It is a software designed to optimize and increase the speed of the network connection , as well as all Internet-related activities. Thanks to SpeedConnect, you can speed up your downloads, your torrent, your Skype, Facebook, Twitter and the viewing of videos on YouTube. In addition to improve navigation in every way and get optimized email management and fast performance of online games .

This Internet accelerator detects the type of connection in the computer and makes adjustments in the TCP / IP parameters , thus improving the transmission agility of the data on the local network and broadband connection .

On the other hand, SpeedConnect can be downloaded and installed in Spanish or English , as you prefer. And it is specially aimed for the Windows operating system , recommended by experts.

Full Speed ​​

Full Speed

Another alternative to optimize your Internet connection is Full Speed ​​ that gets excellent improvements in download speed performance and ultimately manages to increase the speed of any broadband connection .

Thus, it is a recommended software for streaming music, videos and even movies, downloading files and to increase up to 500% the overall productivity of browsers such as Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer .

Taking into account that most of these platforms do not take advantage of the full speed of the network, but thanks to this tool you get faster access .

On the other hand, it is a program with great simplicity of handling , since it is enough to press a button and everything is carried out automatically . As if that were not enough, it adds functions that allow the optimization of the benefit for Remote Desktop sessions and any type of VPN .

Among other peculiarities, Full Speed ​​performs speed tests on your computer and checks its effectiveness. In case of problems, manage to solve them in a short time.



Finally, we recommend this broadband optimization program that works very simple, that is, with only one interface and without many configuration options < / strong>, simply in order to make your computer and its Internet connection work as quickly as possible .

This is one of the most recognized softwares and when you start using it, you can see a great improvement when downloading folders and files , access websites and in In general, will optimize the entire system .

As for its operation, once you enter Throttle it will ask you for two data . The first one refers to the operating system that you are using and the second, the type of modem connection with which you have . Then, when selecting the drop-down menu, you must press GO to start its execution. There you can also find a speed setting section and a restore function .

Other Internet accelerators that we can install

While it is true that the previous programs that we have listed are the best known and most effective for increasing our connection speeds , there are other software that we can try and they will surely be another great option. Try them and tell us what your experience has been do they really work? .

List of alternative internet accelerator programs:

  • Hello !
  • Ashampoo Internet Accelerator
  • cFos Speed ​​
  • I-Jolt
  • TweakMASTER
  • < li> BeFaster Lite

  • Google Web Accelerator
  • WebRifle
  • MV Internet Optimizer
  • Internet Cyclone
  • Internet Watcher 2000