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What are the best free Microsoft Excel invoice templates to download online? 2022 list

For sure, Excel is one of the most relevant office software in the digital environment. Since, due to its numerous options and tools available, it achieves cover a myriad of tasks and actions from various fields.

One of these areas, refers to the commercial, thanks to the fact that it provides optimal facilities to manage purchases and sales, as well as everything associated with it. As a consequence, it allows produce truly professional invoices.

As if that were not enough, apart from that, Microsoft Excel supports the possibility of make use of templates that are downloaded online in order to acquire more productivity and speed. Therefore, we recommend using invoice templates in this program and here, we will introduce you to different of them.

List of the best Microsoft Excel templates to make professional invoices for your company

While it is true, a commercial invoice or purchase invoice It is defined as a commercial document that reflects each and every one of the details of greatest interest about a transaction for the sale of a good, product or service. Thus, a kind of accreditation of a transfer of an item or service after payment of the same. Whereby, are characterized by having legal and fiscal validity.

Therefore, since it serves to protect those involved in the transaction attesting that it was carried out and allowing the taxpayer to verify their income and expenses, stands out as a highly relevant document. For this reason, it is essential make professional invoices in any company. Fortunately, via Microsoft ExcelYou can achieve this by using templates that help you create those documents in a more optimal, effective and fast way.

Thus, we proceed to mention several of them that you can download for free on the Internet:

Sales Invoice

Refers to an invoice that shows a technical and elegant look at the same time. From it, users will be able to represent the sale operation of any quantity of articles, goods or services, detailing their quantity and describing their particularities along with the unit price. In addition, it achieves calculate whether or not a discount should be applied to the products being sold, automatically. It should be noted that it is an ideal pattern for small businesses.

Download Sales Invoice Template for Excel

Commercial invoice

Commercial invoice

As its name indicates, it corresponds to a purely professional and commercial invoice that you can use in any company. Thus, through it, sellers will be able to detail each transaction by placing the date of purchase, the identification of the product and its description, as well as the quantity, the price per unit, the discount that may or may not be received and the total. Added to that, can automatically compute line items and grand totals.

Download Commercial Invoice Template for Excel

Service Invoice (blue gradient design)

Service invoice (blue gradient design)

This is a service invoice template suitable for Microsoft Excel which, compared to other alternatives, is distinguished by show a much more professional design, thanks to its blue gradient. Additionally, it has the ability to calculate line item totals, sales tax, and the grand total for the transaction. It even allows specifying the data of each seller.

Download Service Invoice Template for Excel

Service Invoice with Hours and Rates

Service invoice with hours and rates

It consists of a professional invoice that, regardless of the sector of the company, helps you reflect the different services it has provided to the consumer. Therefore, in addition to detailing the client that will appear in the document and the destination of the products, goods or services sold, it also includes fields for the description of said services, the number of hours worked, their specific rate and the total amountss.

Download Service Invoice Template with Hours and Rates for Excel

Sales Invoice (simple line design)

Sales Invoice (Simple Line Design)

Another professional sales invoice that primarily focuses on detailing the number of items sold, as well as describing them one by one and defining their unit price, together with the totals of the amount. In this case, the template has the ability to calculate such totals automatically in Excel. For its part, it is appropriate to note that this is a sales invoice that is used so that customers have a better reference of what they get from your company.

Download Sales Invoice Template (simple line design) for Excel

Other Excel accounting templates that will help you keep your company accounts like an expert

Apart from these invoice templates, you can also make use of other accounting alternatives that will help you better manage your business and even, they will allow you to do it as an expert.

Therefore, in this section of the post, we present you some options to prepare budgets, balances and expense control documents, easily:



Basically, a budget is defined as a document that allows you to implement the calculation, planning and premeditated formulation of the expenses and income of any economic activity. Thus, in financial terms, it is used as an action plan destined to fulfill a foreseen goal in a certain time and under certain conditions. Therefore, it works as an excellent document that allows improve the accounting processes of any business or company.

Therefore, there are different templates that offer the possibility of making budgets easily and that is why, here we mention three solutions that you can try:

Sales Budget (green design)

It is a budget for products that allows you to estimate the costs of a certain order and thus, it helps to simplify the process of creating any budget in a company. In addition, it is possible to personalize the document with the business logo.

Download Sales Budget Template (green design) for Excel

Budget for Business Expenses

Using this template, Microsoft Excel allows you to make an optimal budget of business expenses that, specifically, manages to evaluate the real expenses in comparison with the annual budget plan destined at the time. Therefore, it allows to detail the consumption for each month and even offers graphs of monthly deviations.

Download Business Expense Budget Template for Excel

Expense Trends Budget

It consists of an ideal template to prepare budgets based on a tracking of the expenses of any company during each month, in order to specify the trend of expenditures that it has had throughout the year. Added to this, it allows a better understanding of the data through easy-to-interpret graphs and mini-graphs.

Download Expense Trends Budget Template for Excel


Balance sheets

Commonly known as “Balance sheet” or “balance sheet”, corresponds to a type of accounting financial report that has the power to express the financial situation of any business or company, reflecting its reality in terms of economy and financial level at a given time.

Therefore, how it is distinguished by presenting the financial composition of the company or company regarding your assets, liabilities and equity on a specific date and in a coherent, organized and analogous way, it is of great interest to business.

Which is why it is valuable to know some templates that allow balances in Excel and here, we will detail three of the best options:

Balance Sheet with Working Capital

It is a template compatible with the office program of Microsoft It offers the necessary fields to track assets and liabilities in a certain company. Thus, in turn, it is capable of compute various relationships based on those assets and liabilities, to generate more accurate and convincing data.

Download Balance Sheet Template with Working Capital for Excel

Balance Sheet (simple)

It is based on another pattern that allows a complete report on the assets and liabilities of any business. Therefore, as well as includes current assets and liabilities, It also adds fixed assets, long-term liabilities and the equity of the company in question. Thanks to this, you can show the totals required to test the financial situation.

Download Balance Sheet Template (simple) for Excel

Balance of Profit and Loss for Small Businesses

It corresponds to an Excel file that allows to obtain a complete report on the gains and losses of small businesses. Well, in addition to detailing the income acquired from sales and the costs of said sales, it also calculate the total percentage change from the previous period and preliminary budgets.

Download Small Business Profit and Loss Balance Template for Excel

Expense Control

Expense control

To keep the accounts of your company in a correct way, it is also considered pertinent to carry out a financial strategy that is applied in your business to avoid unnecessary expenses and obtain greater benefits. Which basically it is known as “cost control”.

Through these documents, companies can handle information of interest on the performance and profitability of all your activities or actions. That way, they can better plan to implement timely decision-making.

If you want to make use of this type of templates in Excel, here we recommend three of them that can be downloaded for free:

Expense Calendar (any year)

Through this template, users have the ability to keep track of daily expenses, making use of a calendar. Through this, the template will be able to calculate the monthly total and the general total of said consumption, automatically. It should be noted that it can be customized for any year.

Download Expense Calendar Template for Excel

Manager of the Personal Economy

Although it is a template designed for personal use, the truth is that it can also be handled at the business level. This allows you to keep track of the economy easily, with just enter the initial total money and all transactions made. Additionally, through its segmenters, helps to distribute your expenses in different accounts to ensure better control.

Download Personal Economy Manager Template for Excel