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What are the best free templates for Google Sheets? 2022 list

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Spreadsheets, in which you can operate with formulas, graphs and databases, has come to collaborate closely with all those people we like to have, through the numberscontrol of our daily tasks.

Spreadsheet templates are made for both businesses and individualsin principle, great knowledge of mathematics or other exact science is not needed, since the same program helps you and explains each formula with just one press “F1”.

We will explain everything you need to know about the spreadsheet templates what Google offersas well as the functions and different designs you can work on.

What are Google Sheets templates and what are they for?

Google provides free Google Sheets Calculation Templates, which are included in the subscription with the American company. They are used in conjunction with the cloud, google drive.

The templates are pre-designed files that we can obtain, generally for free, and load our data. They present already defined column and row numbers, so our work is done in less time. these templates they have come to the market to fight directly with the legendary Excel, from the company Microsoft and with LibreOffice.

Although they have similar characteristics in terms of operation, since the spreadsheet is presented as a coordinate system, being divided intocolumns” (listed from A onwards) and inrows” (from 1 onwards), some of the functions that Google Sheets presents are represented in a different way with respect to those of its competitors.

A spreadsheet is used to perform, among other functions, arithmetic, statistical, financial, advanced calculation operations, graph management and many other things..

We can use the results of these calculations in different situations, whether they are business or not, since an ordinary person can use them to control their daily expenses, for example.

Companies put it to a slightly deeper useWith a calculation template, companies can control their stock, analyze sales, keep track of each employee, analyze supplier and customer accounts, and also coordinate the distribution of their products for efficient logistics.

List of the best Google Sheets templates according to their style and design

In this list we will show you the different templates that were designed with different styles and that you can download for free from the Internet. We will offer you the best alternatives that are available in the Spanish language.

Secondly, We will also analyze the templates that are preset by Google when we register in the search engine.

You can download this kind of templates by performing the following steps:

  • We go to our Google account and search for “Work more efficiently
  • We click on “Spreadsheets

The best Google Sheets templates according to their style and design

  • And later in “Use on the web

The best Google Sheets templates according to their style and design

  • At this point the gallery of templates will appear, in which we will choose the one we like the most.

Clarified this point, We show you the best Google Sheets templates that you can download for free from the Internet, which we classify by their style and design:

elegant templates

choose one elegant template from Google Sheetswe will need to define our goal first.

Elegant templates.  The best Google Sheets templates according to their style and design

For this example, We are going to use the “hours control” that companies use for each employee:

  • We’re going to the template gallery
  • We look for the option “Worked
  • We choose “Time control
  • Once we have entered, we wait a few seconds and the spreadsheet will load
  • In it there are what are known as “sheets“, the first is called “time sheetwhich we can edit.
  • The second “sheet” is named “statistics“, it will show the summary of everything that we have loaded in the works control.
  • When we have loaded the data that we have needed, it will appear in “Statistics“graph of each of the operations divided by projects and hours

If what we are looking for is something focused on another kind of workwe can obtain a template with an elegant design in the following links:

conference agenda: This is a simple template, in which the data of the presentations that we have committed can be dumped, to which we will link with the name of the presenter, the start time of the conference and the duration that it will have. The form will automatically give us the time the conference should end.

Conference schedule.  The best Google Sheets templates according to their style and design

Download Excel Conference Agenda Template

absence of employees: It is a spreadsheet made up of several sheets in which the data on the employees must be entered and we will record for each of them their different reasons for absence.

Once the data is loaded, we can establish a dynamic table in which we enter by employee name or by month or year and each of the absences they have had will not appear.

Absence of employees.  The best Google Sheets templates according to their style and design

Download Employee Absence Excel

sales planning: With this spreadsheet we will have a sales projection which we will be able to incorporate in the table the different income concepts and relate them to different clients.

We can also upload the budgeted amount of the sale, the execution of the same, the month in which the sale is expected to close and a weighting of the forecast.

Subsequently, it gives us the facility to obtain the information per client and per month, providing the totals of each column at the end of it.

Download Sales Planning Excel

vintage templates

If we need to make a design for a spreadsheet that has a vintage template, we will go as an example in the template “Advantages and disadvantageswhich shows us how example different destinations of a trip made.

In this form it gives us a table with two entries, in which we will put all the advantages, following the example of the trip, on the left with its respective valuation the part of disadvantages. This spreadsheet takes my average of each of the scores so that we can weigh our experience.

If we need to obtain other models, we can download them from:

Vintage template.  The best Google Sheets templates according to their style and design

Balance sheet: When companies need to make their balance, this vintage-style template offers, among all the sheets that interact in it, to obtain a final result where we show the assets on the left, the sum of the Liabilities and Net Worth on the right.

It is a spreadsheet that presents a degree of complexity in the formulas, but since they are all well related and integrated, it greatly facilitates our work.

Download Excel Balance Sheet

creative templates

Calculation templates have the versatility to be designed with our highest degree of creativity. With them we can show the information in a summarized and complete way, for which we will need some of these options:

Calculation of moving averages: If we are working on statistical tasks the moving average oscillator is a very necessary template that saves our time in calculating the average in a histogram.

Creative templates.  The best Google Sheets templates according to their style and design

It gives us the possibility of being able to put on a single sheet for printing the reference data with the graph of the moving averages, adding to it the different trends and other median calculations.

Download Calculation of Moving Averages Excel

Financial ratios: Calculation templates have the versatility to be designed with our highest degree of creativity. With them we will be able to show the information in a summarized and complete way, for which we will need some of these options.

Financial ratios.  The best Google Sheets templates according to their style and design

When we analyze the different relationships are financial ratios we are analyzing the behavior that exists in different components that are necessary to study them to obtain a higher return on our investments.

In the spreadsheet that we present to you we can analyze ratios (or quotients between two variables) for different points, and its graph developed in histograms in which you can have with a simple visual analysis.

Download financial ratios Excel

Sober and formal templates

Among the formal templates or with a more sober style we can advise you the following:

Work budget sheet: This simple template has a design with pastel colors in which the table that it presents you can add the description of the tasks, the price, you can also include a discount percentage and in total for each task described.

Download Work Budget Sheet Excel

Inventory control: When we need to make a valuation of our merchandise that we have in stock, we can use this spreadsheet which has the system of first entry first exit so it contemplates in one column the purchases with their unit price and in a second column it shows us the quantities sold.

Inventory control.  The best Google Sheets templates according to their style and design

Resulting in a third table where, based on this evaluation method, we can obtain the final result of our inventory.

Download Inventory Control Excel

List of the best Google Sheets templates according to their usefulness

We are now going to focus our analysis on Google spreadsheet templates, but based on its utility and not on its design as we did in the previous point.

We will show you the best templates that we find for you based on Google documents, because we have already shown you that Google Sheets brings a template booklet in which we can find the one that best suits our needs.

Next, we show you according to its function:

to keep accounting

Expense control: In this spreadsheet you can load all the expenses assigning them to each one in the main column according to the date each one was made.

The spreadsheet will allow you to control each of these expenses in summary according to their disbursement date, being able to filter by date or by expense. It also presents the alternative of being able to automatically create a graph with them.

Download Excel Expense Control

Cash Sheet: One of the most used spreadsheets is to be able to control the cash flow that companies have. In this practical template that we present to you, you will be able to charge all the income and expenses that you have had of money according to the date on which they were made. Once everything you want is uploaded, you will be able to get a summary at the end of the day in a detailed way.

Download Excel Cash Sheet

To manage resources

If what we need is templates oriented to the human resources of a company, then you cannot miss the ones that we recommend below:

employee assistance: With this spreadsheet you will be able to control the attendance of each of the employees, for this you must upload their name and control by day the activity that they had.

Employee assistance.  The best Google Sheets templates according to their style and design

Download Employee Attendance Excel

payroll: When we need to control how much salary each of the employees receives, this spreadsheet will help us to achieve our work.

For this, we will dump all the data of the employees, their identification, address, position, in the end we will be able to obtain a very detailed result of our payroll.

Download Excel Payroll

to take inventory

When we need to have an exact control of the merchandise or inventory that we have in our company, it is necessary to control the inventories periodically and to be able to detect any deviation.

To be able to carry out this task we will need some of these spreadsheets:

Inventory control: It is a spreadsheet where we will load the code of the products and it will return its description, thanks to a formula of controlling and searching vertically that exists according to a database that we have in another sheet.

Once we load the codes we need to dump the initial stock count plus inputs and minus outputs. This will not give the theoretical stock which we must control with the physical count to obtain or not missing.

Download Inventory Control Excel

Inventory Template: It is a spreadsheet very similar to the previous one, with the difference that we can load the physical discount according to the procedure of visual inspection that we have carried out. Once all the data is loaded, we will simply have to see the reasons for these deviations.

Download Excel Inventory Template

to organize your day

If what we need is to have all the tasks we do during the day organized, a calculation template is the best tool for these tasks.

Here are some examples that you can download for free:

Blank Calendar Spreadsheet Template: If you need to be able to modify the calendar of your tasks, this template can fulfill these functions, since it allows you to load all the activities we have on a monthly and weekly basis.

With a simple glance you can see if you can perform tasks or not on certain days.

Download Blank Calendar Excel Spreadsheet Template

Homework: You will be able to put in a column all the domestic tasks that you want to remember and organize. The template contemplates the load for the different days of the week, in addition to the incorporation of those tasks that we have to carry out every day. It is a simple and very practical spreadsheet at the same time.

Download Excel Homework

for games

When we need to relax from our daily tasks, spending time playing with friends or family is one of the best ideas that can occur to us.

There are different templates that contemplate the possibility of organizing different games.

Some are:

List of video games: With it you will be able to load each of your video games in the different sheets of the spreadsheet and relate them to the home page.

In each of your games you will have to write down the degree of progress you have, you can also include the date and the time you dedicate to it.

All this data will be reflected in a sheet that will contain the summary of each of your games, thus being able to have control of them.

Download List of Video Games Excel

monopoly: You can download the legendary monopoly game and play it in a spreadsheet at the link we recommend.

Download Monopoly Excel

Sudoku: Another classic board game where numbers are the main component of this crossword game, you can play it easily with a spreadsheet.

Download Sudoku Excel

To health

Among the spreadsheets that we can group for this topic, we recommend the following:

weight loss training: You will be able to load in this spreadsheet not only the individual progress but also a group progress, if you have decided to take care of your health in this way.

In order to work with this template we will need to load in a column all the repetitions of the different exercises that we have previously established, detailing each one by the day of completion.

Download Workout To Lose Weight Excel

Evolution of weight and measures: when we go on a diet or get into an exercise routine, controlling the evolution of our weights and the size of our body is an important factor in these tasks.

In this form you can upload data on the weight mass of body fat, waist measurement, hip measurement, among other data. Once loaded you will be able to have an analysis of your progress in a special sheet for this topic.

Download Evolution of Weight and Measures Excel

For classes

For all those teachers or professors who need to organize their classes in order to keep track of their progress, or for those teachers who simply need to plan their future tasks, a Google spreadsheet template is ideal.

Next, we present the best tools to organize your classes:

Attendance: It is a fairly complete spreadsheet, it includes the name of the teacher, the course and the classroom for each month and year.

The names of each of the students must be put in a first column, then they must be put according to different preferences, the situation of each student daily.

Download Excel Attendance List

For classes.  The best Google Sheets templates according to their style and design

Class schedule: In this template we can organize the different activities of the teacher.

For this we will have to add, the period of analysis and the different schedules in which to weaken classes. In this way the person will have a clear picture of how to control their classes.

Download Excel Class Schedule

for housework

When we don’t have much time in our house and we need it to be tidy without missing any important eventsyou need to write down all those activities in a Google template.

To make it easier for you, we present the most important spreadsheets that you can download for free.

housework: To have an organized home we need to put the different tasks on this spreadsheet, which we will order by days and we can also assign them to different people.

Download Housework Excel

checklist: When we have less time than the previous case, there is this form in which we will have to put a list of all the tasks that we need to be carried out, next to it we will add a box that we will have to check as they are fulfilled. chores.

It offers the possibility of adding extra information to each of these domestic tasks.

Download Excel Checklist

All ready: In this spreadsheet template, we will have to dump more information than in the previous two cases. The first thing that we will name will be the tasks that must be carried out in which we will add the state in which each one of them is found, in an additional column we will assign to each of those tasks A person in charge, with the ease of being able to add notes to them .

In this way we can have a very complete panorama of each one of the tasks that were carried out, those that are in progress and those that could not be fulfilled, determining for each one of them who was responsible for them.

Download All Ready Excel

List of Free Google Sheets Default Templates

As we mentioned before, Google Sheets is the extension that Google provides us for free when we register.

There are a good number of templates that are separated by the destination of their use. This set of templates is called “Template Gallery”, we also explained how to access it earlier.

List of Free Google Sheets Default Templates

Here is the list of default Google Sheets templates:

  • Staff: Which includes task lists, annual budget, monthly budget, calendars, planning, travel planning, wedding planning sheet, list of team players and advantages and disadvantages.
  • Worked: Google divided for this category the following templates, Invoice, Time Sheet, Financial Report, Annual Budget Control Sheet, Expense Notes, Purchase Orders, Employee Shift Planning and Customer Relationship Manager.
  • Project management: Templates grouped in this category are Gantt Chart, Project Timeline, Project Tracking, and Event Marketing Timeline.
  • Education: If you need spreadsheet templates for this item, Google Sheets offers you the following, assistance, report card and task control sheet.

Where can I find more free Google Sheets templates?

If the Google spreadsheet templates we’ve reviewed don’t meet the requirements you were looking for for some particular reason or because we haven’t mentioned your activity, don’t worry.

We bring you, next, the best sites where you can download many other templates for free and that will surely adapt to your needs.