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What are the best free Tumblr photo editing apps? 2022 list

What are the best free Tumblr photo editing apps? 2020 list

Today, Tumblr is one of the most famous social networks, which is based on an ideal blogging platform for photography lovers, animated GIFs and videos In this way, it allows all its users to follow those blogs and share what they are most passionate about.

In this sense, Tumblr has more than 357 million blogs that host various topics, so it can be coupled to all tastes. Whether fashion, design, memes, tattoos, cats, etc.

For its part, one of the aspects that most attracts the attention of this social platform is the style of all the photos that are available there . Therefore, many users have been interested in knowing how to edit the Tumblr photos and the effects that exist for it, as well as the best apps that facilitate this process and here we present them to you .

What are Tumblr-like photos and effects and how to make a ?

fotos y efectos tipo Tumblr

Whenever you see a really perfect picture on any social network, it’s because you’re in front of a Tumblr-like photo . Basically, this concept is given by a fashion that is here to stay, given that it has infected the vast majority of users of social networks in the world.

That is to say, it can be said that Tumblr-like images and effects refer to those illustrations that look flawless in terms of photographic aspects, making use of the most creative ways to place themselves behind the lens.

In this sense, the Tumblr style is also very outstanding today . Thus, this is to maintain a unique clothing style with truly attractive combinations. Like, keep a hair care, wear excellent makeup (in the case of girls) and of course, take the photos from the best artistic perspective .

What, in short, means that having a Tumblr style both for taking photos and dressing, is synonymous with looking perfect. Thus, there are also Tumblr effects that are responsible for optimizing, to a large extent, any picture taken and regardless of the quality of the camera.

Since, with a simple camera, a lot of creativity and style, as well as relying on these effects, you can achieve a phenomenal illustration and thanks to this, upload the best content on both Tumblr and other social networks of great power today.

So, you will wonder if there are some tricks to make Tumblr-like photos and to this question, we answer yes! Beyond using these types of effects, you can perform some steps that we indicate , below. In addition, in the next section we show you some of the best applications that allow you to create and edit photos with Tumblr effects from the comfort of your mobile.

But well, before that, we present the main steps to take a photo of this type on the social network:

Join the social platform Tumblr

Únete a la plataforma social Tumblr

If you are interested in taking photos like Tumblr and you are not registered in the social network, you must start with it. Luckily, it is a very simple and fast process, in which it will not take you more than a minute. Since, you simply have to fill in three spaces (username, email and password) and with that, you will already be a member of Tumblr. You can see how to create an account on Tumblr from here.

In addition to this, you can customize your board as you like, by going to the section of your dashboard and from there, it is where you can publish the best photographs with the tricks that we recommend right away .

Enable HDR mode to take amazing pictures

Habilita el modo HDR para hacer fotografías alucinantes

In case your Smartphone’s camera already has it, you simply have to access that application and activate the HDR mode so that the photographic results look great.

On the other hand, if your mobile does not have this function, you can make use of a wide variety of free apps, both for Android and for iPhone, which te facilitate the use of HDR mode in photos (For example, the Snapseed editor that has been developed by Google). That is, you can locate them from the main app stores, either through the Play Store or in the App Store.

Basically, HDR mode means “ High Dynamic Range ” and this allows photos to be viewed with greater depth ; with respect to the darkest parts, bright areas, contrasts, etc. Which means that, this mode guarantees to obtain a better photographic quality . Therefore, the difference between a normal photo and another one taken in HDR is completely remarkable and this is what most characterizes Tumblr-type photos.

Proceed to take the photos you like most

Procede a tomar las fotos que más te gusten

Once you activate the HDR mode or download an app that facilitates this option, you can start taking your photos and in that sense, select a natural contrast , as well as edit the photo of the more detailed way. During the editing process, it is valuable that you make use of a contrast of -20 or make the background look very well blurred . This, mainly so that your silhouette, object, landscape or whatever you want to stand out, can stand out in the illustration .

In short, what you want to get is a kind of photo effect “ vintage “, where the old or with a certain age, can not be classified as an antique but rather , as something that has been revalued over time . This being the kind of effect that reigns in Tumblr photos.

We also recommend that you make use of specific effects that allow you to highlight the color , that is, you can leave a black and white photograph, and only highlight an area with color that looks like something else special than the rest.

Finally, access your Tumblr board, share your photograph and tag

Finalmente, accede a tu tablero Tumblr, comparte tu fotografía y etiqueta

Unlike other social platforms, it is not necessary to use the recognized hashtags (#) on Tumblr. Therefore, to tag Tumblr photos, you only need to type in the word with which you are interested in your creation . For example, “ fashion “, “ flowers “, “ animals “, “ landscape “, etc. And after that, press the Enter key. Subsequently, the same platform will convert that chosen word into a tag.

For your part, if you want to share photos that can take great power on the social network, we indicate that there are triumphant the photos of ancient objects, black and white illustrations, images of animals, vintage themes and fashion Hipster.

and Android List of the 12 best iPhone for Android edit photos with Tumblr effects

Now, if you’re looking for the best apps to take Tumblr photos, you’ve reached the right post. Next, we announce you the most optimal alternatives that exist to be attached to the new trends of photo retouching that, basically, are summarized in creating and editing photos with Tumblr effects.

Taking into account that, these apps are available in the Play Store and in the App Store and beyond allowing you to edit photos in the most fun and professional way, they also give you the ability to share the results directly in your social networks :



Among the main solutions that exist to create and edit photos with Tumblr-style effects, is Afterlight, which refers to a application based on the fast and direct editing of any photograph . In this way, it has excellent tools that guarantee the best results. Bearing in mind that, mainly, it offers around 15 adjustment tools to optimize your images perfectly.

Added to this, it has more than 59 filters that are divided into three categories. The first of these are adjustable and original filters housed in 27 options and 14 other filters that exhibit a trend more in the style of Instagram . In addition to 18 filters that can also be used to suit each user to obtain a more original photograph. Apart from that, it contains around 66 textures , it also has clipping and transformation options, as well as several types of frames.



As we indicated during the previous section of the post, this application is an ideal photo editor that in addition to having HDR mode to capture your best photographs, contains other tools and functions of interest to obtain Perfect illustrations to share on Tumblr. That way, it has more than 29 tools and filters , including Structure, Perspective, Stain Remover, Brush and many others.

Added to this, supports JPG and RAW format files , it has very precise controls to retouch the photos, it has the main functions of photo editors (crop, rotate, white balance, exhibition, vignette, color, text, etc.). Contains functions to expand, includes focus effect , frames, face enhancement, facial poses and double exposure.



It is also an excellent photo editor, which ensures a great result from the numerous filters and effects it offers . In this way, it provides complete assistance from its two versions, since it has a free and a paid one. In reference to the free one, it shows a very simple operation and adds several types of effects and settings through 10 VSCO presets . Like the basic editing tools and the ability to share your photos.

On the other hand, regarding the paid version of this app, we detail that it reveals a much more complete assistance, since offers more than 170 presets . You can explore among a variety of tricks and manuals to make better creations and also share your work.

Camera 360

Camera 360

It is considered one of the most powerful photography laboratories worldwide and thanks to this, it has more than 500 million users . Which, make use of the wide variety of professional editing tools that the app offers to allow you to get the most fabulous photographs and images. That way, contains customizable filters and comic effects that you’ll want to try one by one.

In reference to its main features around photo editing, we highlight that the application includes a camera with special beautification for portrait selfies . Thus, it has skin whitening and smoothing, rapid repair or contouring, enlarged eyes and shine on them, elimination of facial acne, etc. It also allows you to adjust the matrix, the sharpness, the temperature, the exposure, the saturation, the vividness, the contrast, the lights and shadows, it has a blur function, color balance, inclination correction, etc.



It refers to another of the best options to create and edit photos ideal for posting on Tumblr. In this sense, it is valuable to note that it has more than 200 million users around the world and these, make use of hundreds of functions that allow obtaining the best results. Since, it is considered that the features provided by Snow allow for a professional edition. In addition, it offers you the tools to create your own beauty effects .

Among other details, the application also has exclusive filters to fill any artwork with originality, offers hundreds of stickers updated day to day to decorate your photos and even offers you the ability to take the best selfies in the style of AR makeup . In addition to this, it is considered a perfect app to edit your videos using some effects of old movies, VHS, etc.

Pic Collage

Pic Collage

This application is based on an ideal mechanism for editing those images that show a repetitive pattern , in a way. Since, in a very simple way, Pic Collage offers you the simplicity of selecting the photo you want to repeat, proceed to crop it as you want and after that, just simply create the copies and voila. Therefore, it is a good option to make perfect creations for Tumblr.

It has extraordinary features like create automatic photo collages with the press of a button and choose from hundreds of designs and templates that allow you to decorate your photos to your liking. In addition, you can use the large number of stickers and exclusive backgrounds offered by the app, make instant frame designs for your photos, crop images in line mode with your fingers , among other features.

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio

Another ideal alternative to create and edit perfect photos for Tumblr, is this free application that allows you to make use of incredible tools to get the best results through effects , filters, collages, integrated camera and more than 5 million stickers to customize the photos to your liking . Thanks to this, today, the application has more than 500 million downloads.

Around its features as a photo editor, we highlight that it has the main functions for this, such as cropping, adding text, cloning and perfecting your selfies with the “ beauty mode “. In addition, you can use layers with transparency, blending modes, lots of artistic filters , borders, frames, backgrounds, etc. Like creating collages and sharing them on several social networks directly.

Photo Grid

Photo Grid

Also available for Android and iPhone, this photo editor is one of the most popular worldwide and therefore, has more than 300 million users currently. Even, although it seems incredible, the app supports more than 15 million photographs edited every day. As for its main features, this app adds more than 100 animated and exclusive filters , with which you can get really amazing results for Tumblr and all for free.

For its part, the application has more than 300 templates to combine photos and customize them, in order to attach them to your tastes. It also allows you to design your own creation and make presentations over 50 images in a single creation, adding animated filters and even a personal signature. In addition, you can use its function to blur, resize, crop and beautify photographs.



With more than 330 million downloads by both Android and iOS users, this application is ideal for editing any photo and sharing it on Tumblr. Since, it has all kinds of effects, from those that stand out for being analog filters, to those of beauty in real time. In addition to this, has a camera with beauty effect to maximize the quality of your skin in the selfies and has numerous embellishing filters that do it naturally.

On the other hand, has about 130 different preset filters , it allows you to save your favorite filters in order to simplify the editing process and you can also download popular filter packages to have more options when optimizing a photograph. Among other details, it has several camera lenses for varied results, you can create the mirror effect in collage with this app , combine up to 9 photos, share your results on Instagram and other social networks.